Three-Wheeled Vehicles: Waste or Worthwhile?

Polaris, Vanderhall, and Morgan all make three-wheeled vehicles. But just because they each have three wheels doesn’t mean they’re at all the same. In this face-off, we give you the highs and lows of each.

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Comment (95)

  1. Sorry but I'd rather buy a convertible with 4 wheels and it includes a top. My old 92 Mercedes 500SL would run rings around these death traps and for a fraction of t he money. 😉

  2. A Detroit Lion drives one of these around my hood. Looks weird.
    I wouldn't get in one or on a motorcycle. Won't get in driverless car either. I'd rather buy a 🐴 horsey and a trailer..

  3. For all of yall saying its a pointless and dangerous waste of money: sometimes you don't need a point. Sometimes its more fun if its more dangerous, like motorcycles. The point is, let people have their fun. If its not the vehicle for you, move on!

  4. Nice, concise evaluation, with great videography! Completely agree about styling of Polaris – designed by 10 – year – old's. Really liked the Morgan, but don't think I'd purchase a vehicle with the engine at the very front – seems like a bad idea.

  5. I was riding down the interstate last week and coming beside me and passing me was the Paloris thing. It cracked me up when I told my wife the dude looks like he is traveling in a bathtub. The rest of the week we kept seeing these bathtub things and cracking up. I am sure they are fun to rude in but do they come with soap?

  6. I wouldn’t say the Slingshot looks “cartoonish”. The same way someone shouldn’t say the other two 3-wheelers look like they were brought here from the 1900’s..

    They’re simply different styles.


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