Three ways to use a USB drive with your PS3 – CNET How to
Those USB ports on the front of your PS3 aren’t just for charging your controllers. Sharon Vaknin offers three ways to use a USB drive to transfer media files, game save data, and more.

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  2. I have ps3 super slim and i used an hdd from my verry old laptop(50gb) and it worked perfect.The metal case from laptop was compatible with ps3 hdd place,like an original case.Now i am so happy that i can play gta 5 :))))

  3. when i connect my hard drive to my ps3 superslim when i open my ps3 and go to save data i see usb device i open it it says no saved data i want to get games for free with hard drive and i want to download multiman to my ps3

  4. i was asking for if normal USB work…people who smart in those things tells me that there is another USB work only on those way's….so my question is normal USB can work or not …please answer

  5. I've just downloaded a film to my USB from my mxq box, when I plug in in to a PS3 nothing happens and can't even find the USB stick, anyone help

  6. My usb is detected, but when I try to copy save game into it, it did not show in the destination of copy to, it's only show 1 folder of Online Storage, Thank in advanced for any help

  7. I want to burn cds with a Ps3. Just like you use the computer to put music on the flash drive you can do the same when you right click on the dvd/cd drive the sync it to the Ps3. Can someone let me know will it work so i can burn cds with a Ps3. I have about 4 different cd burners and i thought about hooking 1 of them to the Ps3 ???

  8. i want to download CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS III but when i download it and i go into saved data utility and then my usb stick it says no saved data AND I AM USING CURZER BLADE USB



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