Thousands protest over COVID lockdowns in Europe

Author Douglas Murray discussed the backlash in Europe, calling the COVID-related policies ‘insane.’ #FoxNews

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Comment (2,251)

  1. Look in Wonder at chines Industries latest bio-weapon and what it's capable of doing to your nation I think it just did a global economic meltdown mission accomplished maybe for the Chinese

  2. European countries should learn from their history including Germany. Remember when they made all the Jewish people where Stars and ban them and treated them as second class citizens. When people do not learn from history it is bound to repeat itself. That is same thing with treating the unvaccidated a second class citizens over the vaccinated. That's why they came up with the Nuremberg code after world war II.

  3. In Germany & Austria, anyone who hasn't been fully vaccinated will be required to wear a large yellow covid effigy sewn onto their sleeve and be prohibited from entering shops, libraries, parks and other public places…

  4. Greatest news in a long time-the incomparable Douglas Murray has now made his home with us here in the USA. Please,Europe,send us everybody who thinks like him and doesn't want to live under your authoritarian regimes.

  5. Remember there are only a few in the government but many many more people that have the power to overthrow this totalitarians who are taking peoples’ rights away. Stand up to them don’t be intimidated there is more people then the government.

  6. Ìt's good to see some people protesting against this global fascist takeover.

    Governments have to stop being the servants of the medical cartels and remember that we are humans! Being human includes having the right to make our own medical decisions to the best of our knowledge. Without that we are just cattle devoid of agency.

  7. I live in Canada, can’t leave the country as of the end of November, as well second class citizen with no dart as no restaurants or events, it could get a whole lot worse quickly as in Austria, we have guns here but are very spread apart

  8. FDA Nov. 8: "From Dose 1 through the March 13, 2021 data cutoff date, there were a total of 38 deaths, 21 in the COMIRNATY group and 17 in the placebo group." Success!!!

  9. How come the real numbers of "hundreds of thousands" of protesters of Vacks Dictates and Lockdowns are reported as "thousands" in various places all over the world??? How come Covid protesters are labeled "extremists" but BLM/Antifa protesters are labeled as "peaceful protesters"???? How come the double standards???? Why doesn't Mainstream Media give fair and truthful journalism anymore??? Asking questions people are wondering about.

  10. You where mis informed about the riots in Rotterdam, the police shot adleast 4 people. Including a news reporter that's was helping a person that was shot, while he was helping the shot down person he was shot in the belly and long. A 3th one was shot in the lower leg. A 4th one was shot in the main artery in the upper leg.
    Bystanders where helping him and the police did not help, the police where 5 feat away from victim, he blead out in 10 minutes and is dead.. the all where shot randomly by police.

  11. When tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty.
    He is right about Rotterdam WE'VE HAD ENOUGH.
    We see where this is going and we are DONE.
    No QR dictatorships

  12. Respectfully toward all. Opinion only Has anyone every seen during past deadly Pandemics which by the way were far far more deadlier where whole families were wiped out in one day and not needing any media, for all communities and families witnessed such, yet ended like the 1918 Spanish flu, virus weakened, all returned to normal and without a Vax also?? Who Scientifically years later document that the Spanish Flu was a viral bacterial pneumonia and wearing mask contributed to more loss of life doing so?Search this out maybe who this dr was, one will be surprised maybe?? 
    Never seen so many Healthy people being forced into getting Vax or lockdown like this ever??? If it was not reported 24/7 in the media would we even know we’re going through a deadly Pandemic??? 
    Unbelievable you would think everyone would be happy to witness so many strong healthy people out there protesting all over the world? We are now in another Flu season, which effects all age groups and even children die from the flu, are we going to give last 2-3 yrs Flu Vax, for this yrs flu? 
    Scientists teach us viruses change and mutate quickly, are we even dealing with the same original virus even or has it ended this Jan Feb? Now dealing with Delta and 4 other viruses are we not? 💞💞💞

  13. Oppression must be overcome and defeated for ever . We've had enough now , and not just the present ,it's been going on for centuries . We don't want your Monarchs , your governments , your police , your taxes , your corruption ,greed and filthy lies .

  14. Europe has always been like this America is different with a different past that’s another reason why it hasn’t happened America is based off mistrust of everyone which has worked pretty good so far

  15. Europe is full of leftiest and autoritarians that is the problem… and the moment the UK enters full lockdown again I will go out no matter what. Enough is enough this stupid vaccine don't even stop the virus… IT JUST DOESNT!

  16. I am also here in Australia.
    I can't wait to take my family out of this communist country we call Australia.
    We have Well Camps being built, labelled by our Politicians, for the non-vaxxed citizens of Australia.
    What the hell is that saying?
    You can't even buy yourself a takeaway coffee unless you prove you have been double vaxxed.

  17. Civil disobedience is the way to end this pandemic and saga the vaccines are out and new medication in pill form is getting out so no need to lock down things time to move on for Christ sake he needs to hurt up and do his second coming 😗

  18. This guy Author Douglas talks very annoyingly. People in the Netherlands do not protest because they are being treated as second-class citizens. They protest because they don't want the fcking vaccine!

  19. Quit my job over the mandate. No one gets to use coercion and the threat of joblessness to compel me to do anything related to my body. I'll be poor and with my integrity intact, thank you very much.

  20. I am from Austria and already got the letter for my vaccination. They kicked out our Kanzler with a dirty trick (like communists and dictators always do), Socialists came into power again and the first thing they did is to force us to vaccinate.

  21. At the moment I feel it's unlikely this kind of tyranny will reach England. I like to think that if the Government try it with us, we'll give them so much trouble they wont know how to handle it. In fact, we'll make this country un-governable. If the Europeans want to be bullied that's their problem. Dont try it with us.

  22. And they splittet the country in half. Friends, who you know your whole life or family members will not talk to you if you are not vaccinated. The Socialist TV belonging to the state did a good job


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