Thoughts on Youtube Removing the Dislike Button // Ever Been Forced to Turn off the Camera? // Recap

Canna & Calla Lily Storage + Olive Tree Update! –
10 Evergreens Every Garden Should Have!-
Decorating the Garden Center Windows for Christmas!-
Planting Spring Blooming Bulbs in Containers! –
Flea Market/Antiquing/Garden Center Shopping with my Mom! –
Putting Together Two Easy Winter Centerpieces!-

Landscape Hand Truck –

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  1. I agree not everybody gets a trophy life is real there are losers and winners . Can you imagine sports without any scores or points ? Constructive criticism is good destructive not.

  2. Laura and Aaron. You both are so wonderful! And you are wonderful parents, with the sweetest little ones. I enjoy all your videos. But today just touched my heart. If I could have one wish, I would wish all children could grow up with the love you both show and give to your children and to each other. I am so blessed. I had loving parents. Never did I see my parents choose themselves over us. Were we spoiled, no. But so loved. Just like Benjamin and Samantha. Thank you for sharing all you share. You have blesses us so much. Thank you. Blessings to you.

  3. So when is this supposed to happen? Or did they change their minds again already. I can still see the dislike counts. (Which right now on the video from youtube on
    November 10th, is at 17K likes and 255K dislikes.)

  4. i love the "everybody gets a trophy" comment.. YES.. even my son, at 6 or 7, said, "Trophy?? We don't get a trophy! We lost!", lol… losing is part of life, and it teaches a lesson – and yeah, you know, no one is "required" to watch a youtube video, right??? i mean, ever??? if you don't like it, move on… who has time to sit there and work on a negative comment??? sigh.. people… i enjoyed the discussion – it's interesting to hear about some of the 'behind the scenes' issues y'all face… your job has a lot of fun in it but there is also a lot of work involved, and i'm sure some days it's stressful… you never show that on camera though – it was a great week, i love that we get to see glimpses into your life and the amazing things you grow and create – i have learned so much from you, and you inspire me all the time – even if it's not about gardening, there is a joy and grateful attitude behind everything you do… so thank you!! 🙂 <3 and thanks for the video!! 🙂 <3

  5. I’m still seeing the dislikes. It always surprises me people do that. Your such a sweet and kind family channel with great educational content. I’m like Laura, if something is not my thing I just move on. Since there has been so many suicides from vicious feedback, I think maybe YouTube is trying to somehow soften the blow but since the majority of the negativity is in the comments I don’t see how doing away with dislikes will really make a difference. Anyway I’m glad I found such a wonderful channel that I look forward to viewing. Thank you for all your hard work. Blessings.

  6. So very agree with you on the dislike button. It feels like you tube viewers are being manipulated by the you tube maintainers. Their reason doesn't pass the sniff test. Really love your videos.

  7. Constructive criticism is good. One can't fix what one don't know is broken. I don't have the heart to give anyone a negative opinion, I believe everyone works hard at what they do , if I don't like it, I move on.

  8. Yes people just need to move on if you don't like something or someone !!!!! This is not the outset for YouTube though I believe ! Constructive criticism is ok but it can get out of hand. This is the way of our woke society and everyone gets a trophy !!!!
    God bless you Mr. Aaron and Ms Laura.

  9. We really enjoy the two of you talking back and forth! You are definitely a good team. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in such an enjoyable way. Also your family interactions are great to watch. I am sure not all days are rainbows and unicorns but your respect and affection for each other is obvious. The variety you do is great, not just plants but also arts and crafts, antique trips, visits to other nurseries, holiday decorations. I am stuck home with Covid and am enjoying trolling thru some of your older videos!

  10. Please don't feel weird about companies sending you stuff. It's a way to help up and coming companies. It also helps us keep from buying a product that may not work well b/c it hasn't been tested by someone like your Garden Answers that gives the product a workout and a solid review.

  11. Lol “you catch more bees with honey” you guys are too cute you definitely remind me of my hubsy and I. I’m new to your channel I’m really really enjoying it you guys are just like such a calming force in the world that it’s just so so stressful right now✌🏽💚🌱

  12. The wacky tuber/corm/bulb/perennial November wake ups have been happening across all of zone 6 this year. Many members in the FB garden groups I belong to have been surprised by bulbs, irises, etc. popping up like it's springtime. But, it has been about 20 degrees warmer this month than normal. I just know that this happens in spurts between a fair number of years, (from my 60+ years of experience). : )

  13. I understand what they're trying to do but I like it because I don't always want to report a video but sometimes people give wrong information or whatever and I think it should be known to the public

  14. I get the noticing thing… my son is the chief meteorologist of where he lives. Oh my people just fawn all over him. I get a good giggle out of it but every time he goes out he has to kind of watch how he leaves the house…never goes out looking sloppy. I am glad I am not in his shoes. But he also has perks from it. So it’s a trade off sometimes. You all are great. Love your videos!

  15. Your children sound exactly like mine when they were little. My Son was just like Benjamin. Very quiet and such a good baby and toddler. My Daughter who is also named Samantha was polar opposite. At 10 months old I found her standing on kitchen breakfast bar. From that day forward she was in something, on something and never stopped. She was tested in 1st grade and had an IQ of a 148. Keeping her safe was a challenge.

  16. I agree with you that if I don't like a video I just move on. Don't watch that channel anymore. Always love what you guys do!! You should change your name to garden and home answer.. then you can feel ok including cooking and decorating and remodeling. Everything!! Love it all. Love you guys!

  17. Life is funny that way. We do all this decorating and gift buying to make everything magical and perfect for our kids. Then you see their little faces light up and you realize they are the magic and your soul is renewed with wonderment and joy because our children.

  18. I’m with your Mom. I have bistro sets and benches all over my 1 1/12 acre garden. You can never have too many, especially as you get older and need to set down and rest more often.

  19. The dislike button is to show the negative response to our wonderful president following. I have seen this stated more than once on some folks that I follow. They are hidden the people’s dislike for his performance. All you need to do is go look for some of his videos. Which at this point it may not should anymore.

  20. Please could anyone suggest how I can keep my tubers/bulbs. I don’t have anything like root cellar, green house, basement… I tried last year to store them in my outdoor shed (in uk) and ended up all mouldy and mushy so I’ve bought all new this year. Could I use my loft ? X

  21. Laura, here's a question about your grow lights behind you. Do you leave them on 24/7 for the succulents? My succulents indoors get so leggy, if they even survive at all. I'm in Oregon's 8b zone, so we don't get as much light as you. Do I need to get a grow light for them?

  22. You both are so charming. Thinking your studio is a disaster made me chuckle. And Aaron's expression when he suggested making deer from scrap was a hoot.
    I use you as an inspiration. If Laura can do it, get things buttoned up and still create beautiful things, by golly so can I!

  23. I’m afraid the comment section will include a lot of negatives now. Just love it when you mention the zones of something I’ve liked and it included zone 9!!!

  24. I can understand some of YouTube's decision behind the change.

    The like/dislike ratio is, more often than not, a mob popularity contest rather than a measure of quality or accuracy of the video. Often viewers and creators see that non-representative ratio and read more meaning into it than there actually may be.

    That said, I do understand there are troll videos where the content is just garbage with fake thumbnails and the dislike count can give you a heads up. That seems to be more of an edge case though.

  25. There are many anti White propaganda creators out there who need to disliked. You two are not that naive about what is happening in our culture.

  26. I live in a small city near Charlotte NC. We live very near Creekside nursery. Jerry and Jinny even go to my church. When I go to Lowe's plants department. I meet people that watch you. We talk about you as if you were our friend. It's great. I got one of your sweat shirts with Garden Answer on it. I know I'll get a lot of attention at plant stores if I wear it because lots of people watch your videos. Everybody here loves you.

  27. Removing the dislike button is a terrible idea and is entirely so they can further manipulate the masses. Just like you guys said. It will totally skew people’s perceptions of certain things.

  28. I loved this recap! You and Aaron are such fun yo watch and give so much positivity to us viewers. Also, your mom is also fun to watch. She adds a special element to your videos, as your children and cats do as well. Keep doing what you do best! Love you guys!❤️

  29. Hi Laura and Aaron! Watching this video and the pine cone hanging and noticed the top of you’re counter! Did I miss a video of the redo? I really love it! I think every time I watch question and answer, I look forward to the next one more and more! It’s so much fun to hear you’re conversations together! The love of each other comes thru so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving to you and you’re family!

  30. I am so grateful for all you do. I look forward to each video. Your enthusiasm for gardening makes me feel like I can grow more than I thought possible. Have a fabulous day!

  31. Hi, I am going to be honest, I always hit the like button, because it's shows that I watched it, and besides
    I enjoyed every single one of them.
    Now I do purge my list and unsubscribe from some, add others.

  32. You asked what people were doing: I'm trying so hard to get our garden ready for winter. I bought 200 bulbs and our weather is just not cooperating to get them in the ground lol very wet. Mulching leaves and spreading them in the flower beds, taking a length of rebar and poking holes everywhere to put juicy fruit everywhere trying to get the moles to go AWAY, and potting up amaryllis up late 🤪😂

  33. I actually found the dislike button discussion very interesting. I do think that if people are being thoughtful about their dislikes, it would be good to make them articulate their reasons in the comment section—then creators could use the constructive criticism. But if they’re just venting random spleen for no arguable reason, as so many people seem to do these days, I’m not sure we’d want to see their “thoughts” in the comments.

  34. I watch these videos for the “inside baseball” of Garden Answers, aaaannnnnnnddd the dislikes conversation totally fit that! I love the conversation the both of you had. It was authentic, real, and shows the reality you as creators experience! Laura you are a gardener and Aaron you are a video maker, I want to learn both of your challenges!

  35. My guess is that YT's decision to remove the dislike count is entirely political. They're not concerned about gardening channels, or knitting channels, or… insert any other benign subject. They're more concerned with videos concerning certain political figures and related subjects. Just my two cents. ~ Lisa

  36. Laura, I understand that as far as aesthetics go you may not prefer the grow lights behind you or in the studio. I love seeing the plants behind you and it feels very true to brand.

  37. I think the reason you’re snowdrops are coming up and blooming, is because you’ve had such a mild fall and I have them too and their coming up and so are my freesia! I’m in zone 8a Texas. We’re just now getting anywhere near freezing weather! Lots of wind!! Still having to water nearly everyday! Very weird! Climate Change, maybe?🤣

  38. The longest I've had a plant in a bonsia container is 28 years, every 4 to 5 years I lift it out of the pot trim roots and add new soil. There are bonsia that are 300 years old, they are handed down from one generation to the next. A lot of pruning and fertilizing. I purchase regular nursery plants, usually in gallon containers, style them, prune the roots, then put them in bonsia pots. Definitely maintenance but I love it.

  39. I was surprised to hear someone had mentioned Junipers as smelling like an old cat box, maybe it depends on the variety. I’ve always loved our Junipers and use them in Christmas wreaths and other decorations. The English Boxwoods are what I find particularly smelly (like cat pee.) They always remind me of trips to Williamsburg VA and while I love the look, I use Japanese Boxwoods near my porch since they don’t have that smell.

  40. Laura, I am with you on the dahlias. I have about 100 plants and love them, but I work full time and oh my, four of my treasured weekends to cut, wash, store, etc…didn't divide yet. My husband asked me-how much do these cost, because I think your time is better spent enjoying your garden and not be a slave to these beautiful monsters-what a guy. I can't do without my dahlias, but buying new might be in my plan next year. I don't buy jewelry and not a clothes horse, so my garden is my splurge. Sounds decadent, so I am glad that you are thinking of the same.

  41. Great discussion on the dislike button – like you, I feel like if you don't like a video just move on – I would never dislike but if they're going to leave the button, they should show the count. Constructive feedback would be okay as long as it isn't nasty – at least then you know why someone disliked a video. I love you guys so any time I see a dislike I immediately get offended like 'How dare you dis our Laura and Aaron!' 😂😂😂 PS I need an Eddie in my life… and a Paul!

  42. Have Laura and Aaron considered also uploading their videos to other video platforms in addition to YT? It might broaden their appeal and provide backup options in case YT ever decides to censor or eliminate their channel?

  43. Enjoyed the recap video like always! Love the conversations between the 2 of you and it feels like it's between all of us, thank you for that! So good to see your mess, as soon as you turned the camera on to show us, I just about to turn my camera on to show you that you are not alone…lol. So funny that Aaron did not wanted you to turn on the camera to show the studo mess. Love your videos which feed my vivid imagination and give me so many more, of course only a small fraction are brought to fruition but at least some are realized! Thanks for being an inspiration, both of you! Hugs 🤗💜🤗

  44. I’m watching the video that Laura ate an olive… it reminded me of the movie under the Tuscan sun when the leading lady does the same thing eats an olive from the tree 🌳 Laura’s face looked just like hers it was so funny.

  45. YT is removing the dislike button for political reasons? The regime that was installed in the White House has had an issue with the overwhelming number of dislikes on their YT videos?

  46. Laura keeps on talking about the change to growing zones for their area…one thing that doesn't get mentioned, the elephant in the room, climate change. Growing decorative plants is probably the least of our worries overall. But maybe worth using your platform with 1.5m subscribers to make viewers a bit more alert to how their home gardening can damage the environment be it by overusing artificial fertilisers, too much single use plastic or peat. We can all make a positive contribution but many probably don't spend too much time thinking about how our garden practices can be kinder to the environment at large.

  47. I really think they are doing the 'dislike update' after all the negative feedback and dislikes on all the vaccination news report videos coming out. It's just as you said Aaron, when all you see is positive numbers, the mass majority can be ignored and not thought of. For quite some time, on every news report regarding vaccines there was a much, much larger amount of dislikes to likes (numbers like the example of the screenshot of the update). Now with boosters, they don't want the public seeing people's true feelings about it and what is even coming in the future.

  48. Loved the vlog as usual. We have some dahlias and gladiolus that I didn't like at all. We're in zone 6 here as well. So, I thought… I'll just let those suckers in the ground and the freezes will kill them off for me. WRONG!! Every one of them came back and brought their brothers, sisters and cousins with them. Guess I'll have to dig!!

  49. 33:00 Laura, I so appreciate you don’t feel pushed to keep a schedule. I think most of us use your timing in the garden to do what’s needed, like, trimming boxwoods, fertilizing, etc. Thank you for being true to yourself! ♥️

  50. You were talking about your knowledge of plants. I work at Corelle where we make dishes and I have been getting a reputation of plant knowledge myself. Most of what I know comes from your teaching. Anyway, the other day a women came to me and introduced herself. Then she sad she was told to ask me about pruning her Hydrangea. The first thing I told her is she should look up Garden Answer on YT, second she needs to know what Hydrangea she has. Then explained what to do with them. So I met a knew garden friend because of your teaching and I thank you for that.

  51. Aaron, I actually love your idea of making deer frames. I’ve had this idea for a couple years now. Buying box store reindeer can be costly as I want to have 11 (a herd) or so “walking/grazing” through the side and front beds of my property. Haven’t seen it done anywhere yet but it would make a statement, I think. Making them out of rebar and perhaps wrapping them in grapevine and maybe some clear lights would be ideal! I should probably locate a welder for next Christmas and make it happen.

  52. I hear you on the work with the tubers and hiring help to dig them up, BUT what if you take the extra tubers and sell them down at your parents store and recoup some of the time and money spent on the labor/digging/bagging/tagging? Just a thought.


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