THIS will end the shortage…!

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0:00 Tech News Shopping
0:06 Ford, GM solving chip shortage
0:58 NFTBay
2:03 Choose Your Facebook Algorithm
2:57 Samsung Experience Stores
3:54 Phil Spencer, love that guy
4:39 MediaTek Dimensity 9000
5:09 Apple autonomous car
5:41 Multiversus
6:06 Crypto teen arrested

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Comment (1,277)

  1. I think its funny how people think partnering will solve the shortage. They MAY or may not get more chips at a higher quality due to the partnership but the issue is manufacturing. They can only produce so many with the silicon and factories they have.

  2. Wow @ the Leaf Teen. Managed to be bright enough to figure out the SIM spoof and swap, but couldn't think far enough ahead as to the digital paper trail he leaves behind.
    Kinda hoping he had a partner, and just decided to be the fall guy. Any decent criminal would launder the money; it's almost too incompetent to be believable.

  3. NFT's, they let you know if the person you're talking to is an idiot or not…
    If they mention owning a NFT, i know i could probably sell them a week old subway sandwich as "vintage" and worth $1000.

  4. Technology in cars is way too much. How in the world can it be a unanimous sentiment that using your phone while driving is dangerous, but a gigantic touchscreen on the dash isn't? You have to make sure you got the right icon to go to the right menu and futz around with making sure you're accurate with more taps – all to just adjust something like the heater. Whereas physical knobs build up muscle memory to perform these tasks with minimal distraction, delay, or error. It's insane this change is so prevalent.

  5. "Legal emulation". How Microsofty of them. Just like "legal turnip" or "legal underpants". I'm sure there's ways for turnips and underpants to break the law, but normal people just call them emulation, turnips and underpants respectively.

  6. Here’s an idea to make NFT’s useful: store a personal identifier and the serial number of an electronic device on the blockchain. This would stop a lot of people from stealing electronics.

  7. Hamilton I'm so proud of you you gave the world Tim Hortons, Martin Short and hosted the first WWE/WWF Royale Rumble. Now you've given us all the dumbest crypto thieves. It's moments like this that make me proud to say I'm from Stoney Creek. Which is still technically Hamilton but wut ev STFU.

  8. I wonder what this would have sounded like if you hand run the audio through the new Nvidia noise canceling thing. Whatever it's called. Not saying the audio is bad, I'm just curious.

  9. Gotta be honest, the perfect lighting on Riley and people not reacting to Riley made this look like a green screen until the 'phill' chant, and also Riley just running into the expo

  10. Will the internet get better? Nah, the internet is brilliant and amazing in so many incredible and unique ways, but yeah still often just the worst.

    So you know, sort of like humanity.

    Funny that. I wonder if there is… a connection… somehow?

  11. Car manufactures still use cheaper plastic for an off brand PS3 controller, AND more laggy then a galaxy on a bootleg version of the latest unsupported OS, it just needed more ram riley.

    All said, why the heck are they just now trying to advance features? Like my 5 year old $50 fire tablet is more smooth then a $80,000 car with a 4G subscription.

  12. I will always love xbox for the fact that when I put my OG halo CE disc in my xbox one, expecting the "please place in an xbox console" screen, the xbox instead asked me if I wanted to install the game so I'll always have it without the disc! And then I played Halo… obviously

  13. I would guess that they (auto manufacturers )need to trial a lot of manufacturers in order to validate them in a variety of use cases to prove they'll survive the rigors of being in a vehicle environment.

  14. Apple stores are where Apple really won against Samsung. Sometimes I actually want the 1st party repair experience (Just like sometimes I want to bring my truck back to the dealer). My friend Broke her samsung phone and couldn’t find a place to get it fixed first party in-person and had to mail it in. (The Samsung authorized repair centres couldn’t get parts for weeks they said)

  15. I can save high-quality images of rare sports cards but no one will buy those. Having the original is what matters when selling assets. If you just want to collect the images for fun go for it, because the image is not where the value is. Just like a piece of art I physically purchase, it might have had photos taken of it but I have the only original oil painting.

  16. 4:00 I believe we should force game developers who developed online games to either give host licensing to other companies whenever they want to shut down the servers or make it possible to play without an internet connection whenever they quit and allow users to mod the game whenever development completely stops.


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