This Kayaker Had a Close Encounter of the Whale Kind #Shorts

A kayaker got up close and personal with a southern right whale, commonly found in the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere, who had some fun as the animal mingled with the boat. The encounter was filmed via drone by photographer Maxi Jonas in Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

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  1. stunning drone caption, perfect timing
    I would have literally started dying upon seeing and and would have literally fell over dead after it touched the kayak. Seriously!! But I really have nothing to worry about because I would NEVER get in to a kayak and NEVER in the middle of open water – so scratch my initial reaction because it just wouldn't happen to me. lol
    Still, Unbelievable footage!

  2. pretty sure i would be scared probably let out a scream and assumed i was about to die anyways so jumping out and trynna do some free willy fin ride was my first choice anyways about on how to handle my whale encounter…

  3. I love whales. They're so gentle and intelligent. They love people and routinely swim up to boats for help when covered in netting or rope. Naturally curious and playful, they love showing off for people and swimming up close to see what there up to. I think all nations should come together to ban whaling. It's an extremely painful and slow death to inflict on the gentle giants of the oceans.

  4. Smartest, beautiful beings!! Such grace and finesse. I've never seen video where any whales tried to intentionally hurt a human. Like dolphins, most save lives, then have hurt. How do we return the kindness????🙄😒🤐

  5. yes that big guy was graceful..but that guy on the kayak is the real chap, he didnt even budge, like nothings happening.i would be freaked out id probably drop off the kayak.

  6. Honestly I would have got that close to I mean it won’t try to eat me it might hit me with it’s tail but I know it wasn’t on purpose so people forgot only killer whales would try u cause they basically sharks with black an white skin

  7. If I knew ahead of time that the encounter would be just like this one that would be fine no problem I would love to be next to well like that. You're just so beautiful if I didn't know if that buys will was going to be so calm 101 of the things you could be doing like crashing the kayak then I'm not going

  8. How amazing is that….that whale was so very gentle with the person on the paddle board….it's like it knew to be gentle with the person. This is so very beautiful….nature at its best.


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