This is Why Man United Want Cristian Romero! 2021

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  1. Why are man United just roaming after defenders one by one just stick to the signing for varane. He's got experience to the highest level. Just sign varane problem solved in defense for 5 years.

  2. Honestly why can’t United just develop Tuanzebe and Mengi. Mengi is obviously younger but he still looks talented, and as for Tuanzebe, the kid is clearly good enough to start consistently and he’s improved fitness wise. If United do buy a CB it should be Varane, Torres or this guy tho

  3. another left footed crazy argentinian defender who is rash in the tackle, goes down too quickly and seems to misjudge the ball quiet a bit. yeah. we dont want a marcos rojo 2.0 for even more money. rather we spend money on a defender who can first and foremost do the job in the name "DEFEND". fuck if i care about ball playing and skills.

  4. Too many rumors..but ole won't buy this CB..he still insist to get varane,Ramos,koulibaly someone that not hungry anymore,already won everything in his career..well that's how mufc doing's like Disneyland for pensioner too,when we called them stupid..they don't like..but they honestly seems stupid,same goes to ole,great players doesn't mean they are great in management,only just a few of them

  5. United should either sign an experienced player like varane but he might be using their name to get a massive pay rise so united or united should sign centre backs like botman and romero who are emerging centre backs that are going to be top players in coming years.

  6. He reminds me of a more rounded Marcus Rojo. Very physical and engages is duels, unlike Lindelof. Heading ability also looks like a major strong point.

  7. No, i don't think MU need Romero, who MU really need bring to OF is Seven Botman. He's high, strong and play by left, who may support for Maguie.

  8. I'm sorry but he looks like an Argentine Lindelof…Not what we need. He's not a bad player, clearly, but Utd need a Rolls Royce of a CB to partner Maguire. Someone who is cool and calm under pressure with pace. Utd need to find someone comparable to VVD and Dias, that's the sort of CB we need. Romero reminds me more of a Vidic, when we need a new Ferdinand instead.

  9. Between Varane, Romero and Torres,, definitely Varane or Romero but at this moment I don't care we just need to buy a defender asap.

  10. All the argentinians don't know about this man since he played for Argentina and he is SO GOOD, he even scored a goal, he is an elite defender (sorry Bad English xd)

  11. He looks good but my question is all these players kounde torres romero botman are they much better than tuanzebe if better at all. tuanzebe when given the chance looked solid he only made mistakes when he started out of nowhere even dias was making mistakrs in the beggining

  12. Direct style of defense with 95% interceptions, one-touch passing from defensive headers and surprise counter-attack threat – is why every club should want Cuti Romero.

  13. Have VIDIC shape off the ball , I don't know how long he will take to develop into that top notch , I would take him but sign verane too ,because he might be a risk


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