This is what happens if you never leave spawn in Terraria

This is what happens if you never leave spawn in Terraria. My poor Hermit went mad within minutes.


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  1. I think the journey mode works the best for new players but.. This game is just fun. My biggest thing about never leaving spawn is some of your NPCs are at the ocean, or the dungeon, and some of the major bosses are off in the Jungle, etc.

  2. I was worried, having not seen Kevin's upload last night, only to be blessed with this lovely song. Glad you seem to be doing well! This was really fun!

  3. There’s a chance for the Eye of Cthulhu to spawn at night if you have have 200 health.
    You’ll know Eye of Cthulhu is coming if you see the text, “You feel an evil presence watching you.”

    Just remember, you’ll need a bow.

  4. Day 3 of asking for BattleBlock Theater
    Hey Kevin, BattleBlock Theater is a Jump & Run Game with small puzzles. I'm sure you will find your ways to mess with it.

  5. On this Terraria video, I got an ad for the Terraria and Don't Starve Together. I own both of those games. And enjoy both of those games.

    And so I shall play neither. Such is the way of being too lazy to redownload Don't Starve Together on my PS4. And too lazy to redownload Terraria on Steam.

    Hail our Dear Leader, Jim Pickens. And Sithis, I suppose.

  6. I'm pretty sure you don't need an altar to spawn the eye of Cthulu, If I;m remembering it right you only need the craft to be able to spawn it at night.

  7. Thank you for the song Kevin, my mum just asked the other day 'why don't Kevin sing that often nowadays?' 😂 ❤️ shared this with her, she will probably don't understand any of it

  8. I was gonna say this wasn't as good as the minecraft one but then the music started and now all i can say is that this was long overdue and i'm glad it's finally here


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