This Is the Army (1943) Comedy, Musical, Romance, War

A soldier wounded in the War (WWI) becomes a producer and stages a show for the forces.

Director: Michael Curtiz
Writers: Casey Robinson, Claude Binyon
Stars: George Murphy, Joan Leslie, George Tobias
Genres: Comedy, Musical, Romance, War
Gross Box Office (US & Canada) $20,831,178

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  1. This is about as close as "Lt. Ron" got to the actual "ARMED FORCES' of the USA in WWII. Hand to hand fighting with Kate Smith for a chair at the make-up table. ,,,

  2. One of my favorite Parts in a movie filled with excellent scenes, is the part where the poor Colonel's sees that his son has enlisted in the Navy! His glance at his own ancestors in Union blue is priceless

  3. God I wish women today would sing like Kate Smith instead of warbling, screeching, ululating and searching hopelessly, haplessly and cluelessly for the notes. I wish they would button up their shirts and behaved like ladies instead of trashy skanks. Today's female vocalists absolutely


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