Things You Didn’t Know About Ragdolls! – Simon’s Cat | BREEDS

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  1. I have a ragamuffin, (only difference is litterally she's just bi-colored/tuxedo and has green eyes) and that little box thing is 100% true.
    I'm now using a rubbermaid storage bin as her litter bin because the biggest in the stores wasn't big enough for her.

  2. I saw an episode a number of days ago and although it had on it a title or subtitle saying Thanksgiving I had a gut feeling that this was a British production and now it’s been confirmed. Way hey!

  3. A former breeder told me another negative trait about this breed is they also don't have the normal self righting ability so they might not land on their feet when falling or jumping. To me this is a good reason not to encourage breeding of these cats.

  4. I cld watch all these Simon cat's related vids millions of times, they are always fun and pleasure to watch just like Simon's cartoons. You're never bored with Simon's cat or facts about his life/from his life.
    I also love ragdolls . For now I can't unfortunately have any pet , my dog stayed in my home country with my mum and I miss them so much
    However I do hope get ragdoll as soon as I can , here' s the question: do they get on well with dogs? Or other cats? Or are they jealous and don't want to share their "human" with any other pet? Tx in advance.

  5. They look beautiful I have a tabby male and a mainecoon cross girl. Her dad was huge, she's a long hair blue smoke. Both lovely but when I'm ever ill she knows and doesn't leave my side. X

  6. I have a ragdoll. She's 19 this year. I have not slept or gone to the bathroom by myself in 19 years. She gets worried on waking and she doesn't see me, crying until she finds me. She is very much a puppy cat, I like that term and it fits her well. Her mane would make a lion jealous. fiercely loyal, she doesn't like strangers. I was sick for a year, unable to get out of bed, and every time I opened my eyes, she was there. She thinks she saved my life and I totally agree. I highly recommend ragdolls. Simons summary of them is accurate.

  7. My cat princess is a rag doll loves to sit in my lap purrs wants to be picked up demands being petted when my nieces pet her she flops over limp lol 😆 for being a rag doll she loves children and females

  8. Thanks for this informative segment. You’re right that rag dolls should be indoor only. Not only because of the fluffy fur and inquisitive nature, but mostly because their namesake feature, makes them quite vulnerable. It’s a genetic mutation that causes them to go limp at times. Especially times of stress. This is not a good thing for an animal that can be prey.

    This is just another example of why I am against breeding. Most (not all) cat breeds are just genetic deformities that are enhanced by inbreeding.

  9. are they a pure breed. or are they crossed with the main coone cats.? love them as well.
    what beautiful cats though. love their eyes and colouring. a bit like Siamese cat colours some of them. thanks simon.

  10. There's more color combinations than the traditional seal point. My son's is a gray mitted cat. If he hadn't had papers I'd wonder. I think we bought the runt of the litter, he's only 10lbs. A couple of my heinz 57 breed cats are bigger.

  11. I had a ragdoll. She lived to be about 21 years old. She had gotten so old she lost all her teeth and because she ate just fine, we didn't know for the longest time. She was very smart though and sassy. She'd wait by the edge of the road and when cars came down the road, She'd sit in the middle of the street and come back once the car had gone around her

  12. THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCHHHH I had two cats that came at my house on two separate occasions; both looked to be the same breed and didn't show any caution approaching me. They even purred as soon as they saw me!
    And each time I thought maybe they're friendly because they are house cats? (both had collars on) but still I was skeptical cause my friend's cat whose a Saimese breed is quite reserved around strangers. Now I know why haha.

  13. Hi my Ragdoll is anything but what the typical breed, she loves being outside, attacks any other cats, doesn’t like being picked up, but she does follow me around….sometimes, quite a personality.

  14. Most long haired cats, especially Ragdolls, should not be fed dry food at all. It is no good for cats. I saved my 2 ragdolls dry food and wet food, the dry almost killed them. Urinary probs are cats achilles heal, dry food brings it on. These cats are adorable, but the older they get, the worse dry food is for them. I had two die of it, till it finally dawned on me that carnivores (cats) cannot tolerate dry food. Now my two lived to be very old, almost 20. Love your cartoons.

  15. I have a rag doll and she isn’t that much bigger than my other normal cats (though my cats could just be fat) 2:29 like she some what looks like the bottom right cat but slightly darker grey. She didn’t have the right color so her breeder threw her away and we rescued her but she really isn’t that big wait hold on are kalico’s big cats? Because she’s like same size of my kalico (that’s like 15 years old and fat)

  16. I have one named Neko! I agree, their very floofy! But he's very annoying! Also I never knew its one of their traits to follow you around! I thought my cat was just weird XD

    also I named my cat Neko before I noticed it means cat in Japanese XD

  17. My ragamuffin is very curious. My neighbors told me he once got in their van when they were headed to the store. The reason I have him is because he opened the screen door and let himself in when he was a kitten. I put up posters, but no one ever claimed him. So guess Kyle owns us now. Very smart and curious creature.

  18. i'm impressed with this. My two sisters "mutt cat" are exactly like a ragdolls (including personality), but small, and tiny heads.

    all this time I thought they were a mix of snow shoes and angora, or siamese and angora…

  19. My ragdoll wants attention but at the same time not too much, in the mornings she walks in on me in the bathroom and and lays belly up in front of me making me stretch to pet her belly (which she likes) and whenever I get off the toilet finally she walks out and has me follow her to another room and lays belly up there instead. When another person walks in she gets up and walks away. My ragdoll is bicolor but she’s brown white and really dark brown on the ears, face and tail are really dark brown and a mid brown and has a really light brown back but only with on her paws and whole legs, she has this stripe going up her nose and it’s adorable. (•´ω`•)

  20. I've got one British long hair (also called highlander) with deep orange eyes and green highlights. And also I got a British short-hair with aber eyes too.. maybe you could make a fact video about them too in the future (if u haven't already t dunno) the British have their own mind 😉

  21. The friendliness is SO true! We had someone bring flowers to our door a couple weeks ago and my ragdoll slipped out and started rubbing himself on the flower lady's legs 🤦‍♀️ haha

  22. Ragdolls and Siamese type of breeds are also temperature controlled by their fur.

    Their coat goes light when their warm
    It goes dark when they are colder..

    I own a half Raggie. 😁

  23. My neighbour has 2 ragdolls. I kitten-sit often. He feeds them junk (AKA: "Gourmet" food; AKA "This is just a supplement…")… I tried to get him to stop. One of his cats is now on a strict diabetic diet. The other sits on a window sill and calls to me…

  24. wish you would continue with the "BREEDS" series, I did a search and this seems to be the only one. I have a tuxedo cat btw. (In case you feel like making more haha)

  25. Well My Boy is a British Short Hair Mix. He has Eyes yellow Like the Sun,His White Fur is sprenkled With orange-red Dots and He also has Red Socks.❤️ Hes such a cute One. He also follows me and meows when i come Home💗💗


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