In this episode, we bought a new welder and connected our shipping containers to our DIY foundation. We also decided to do a little experiment and test out the welder on our solar system to see how it would do! Now that our shipping containers are connected to the foundation, it’s time to build the roof!


1. Foundation site prep: />
2. Digging holes: />
3. Building rebar frames for footings: />
4. Pouring concrete for footings: />
5. Leveling posts and making rebar supports: />
6. Pouring concrete for posts and finishing touches:

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  1. Welder here! No criticism here brotha, a little bit of porosity but looks really good and really steady for a beginner. You should really look into dual shield. It burns hotter and you get more penetration. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me anything.

  2. Just found your channel, subscribed, and binged watched a few of your episodes. About half way through, I found my new favorite drinking game. Drink every time you hear the word "literally". Now I'm drunk…literally. Still love your show. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi I have lost count of questions. I am a subscriber to your channel and try to keep up with you both. I have a few questions and would be great full if you would respond On the foundation how wide and deep did you go ? How high off the ground are you ? Do you have a well or do you catch rainwater ??? Oh why 48 volts and not 24 volts thanks

  4. Hello, I am too lazy to scroll down to see if this was asked already… apologies if you already covered this in the comment section!!! Did you get your containers tested before purchasing them, for toxic substances???

  5. you did not put the container on load bearing I beams like you Sade your wear going to do and because you did not put the container on all 8 corners you now have to shim up some other piers and that's not the only  problem that you are goanna have because the issues of the not level and unstable  corners like doors roof and inner walls

  6. wow them cows are pretty..Dosent it mean when cows lay down its suppose to Rain ?? im living in PHG PA .no idea bout farm animals ..Bit I've been watching you crazy pepole.& its GRATE 👍✌

  7. I just want you to know that I have binge watched all your video's and now going back through them. My brother and I are doing research to build our own container homes linked together with our office in the middle. 3 shipping containers Yeah, How cool is that. This will also be in West Texas so we are excited about your solar ideas and information. It's great watching you both and Thanks for even the mistakes shown.

  8. I wouldn't swim in the pond. Cows urinate and defecate in the water and now a days we're hearing more and more about flesh eating bacteria growing in still waters. If that pond had a fresh stream feeding it, maybe, but it looks like it's fed only from rain water. Also, a little known fact, water moccasins CAN and DO strike underwater. You know if you step on a stingray (being from Florida) how they can sting you? Well, step on a cottonmouth (water moccasin) and they'll turn under water and bite you.

  9. Looks good Spencer! Your a natural bud! Love y'all's channel, great can do positive attitudes for the win! And your wife is awesomeness personified! Keeps me smiling and laughing!

  10. But for God's sake … this gentleman knows how to do everything, it's incredible !!! I am watching ALL THE VIDEOS FROM THE BEGINNING … and every time I get more surprised. Good bless you🙏

  11. That was a nice overview of the property at the beginning of the video. Spencer, did you consider placing the solar panels on the barn roof but decide that the angle wasn't good enough? Just curious, thanks

  12. I know this is a very early video and you're already done and in your house. But you would really ride a rope across that water and fall in that pond knowing that there are Water Moccasins in it 😱

  13. You guys are so cute….. Nice welding…oh yea you need to go back an check the vlog of the snakes over Spencer head cause there was two on the limb above his head…

  14. I am wandering if settling next to this pond is a good idea.I see a lot of snakes for your kid to play around and a lot of mud for your dog to rub his coat on.Also the stagnant water is a good environment for moskitoes and other insects to lay eggs on.

  15. When are you going to be done. I try to watch your videos and they keep going back and forth I'd like to see current progress. We too will be building our own house. Progress videos in succession would be appreciated!!! Thanks and keep up the good
    work !!!

  16. Shipping containers are typically made from corten steel which is a self-healing/weathering steel.

    may be worth looking into a welding process for shipping containers. if you dont want it too rust over again. keep in mind rust starts from the inside.

    ps. i hope ur pilings will be ok… i would not have welded dirctly to the pilings. alow for expantion and contraction and shifting.

    … nice job guys , tx 4 ur vids 🙂

  17. I been watching your videos for 3 days now and I love the and tell me where to find a hard working lady like your spenter … plus get her a machete so she can kill those snake or you kill them

  18. I am watching all from the beginning to Candida Barros, and I am so surprised at Spencer's skills and Mackenzie is no slouch either. She is a wonderful help to Spencer. AND Bear is so cute too.

  19. Spencer awesome job on anything you do man but a safety tip from a welder please protect ANY exposed skin you can burn yourself easy and quickly. No criticism just safety from learned experience lol !

  20. It does all the graphics one would need to display an idea to a container home lover. Easy. Effective. Must have. I especially enjoyed the auto-roofing option. It made a long story short, and did it with amazing lines.

  21. Love all the Critters that you have befriended around the place!!! Wish that you folks had bought a small water pump and garden hoses to pump water from the pond to use where ever you needed water instead of your green watering can!!!

  22. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  23. New to the channel. You say that you are off the grid, yet you have a street light attached to a power pole. As I said I’m new and started from your first video and I have not heard you mention them

  24. I have watched so many episodes of your journey yet this has to be the earliest one. It is nice to see how you started off and someday I may find one episode that is earlier than this one, anyhow I look forward to many more new videos, take care and God Bless.

  25. I am really enjoying y'all's videos I got it on my TV and my phone y'all are doing such a wonderful job you're a beautiful couple I don't live far from y'all I'm close to clear lake

  26. Go Spencer! Jack of all trades. Your really doing a great job 👏 My husband could never 🤣🤣🤣 or I for that matter! Comic relief from Mackenzie is definitely needed. If y’all choose to have children, what a perfect place to grow up! Y’all are truly living the American 🇺🇸 dream. I truly hope you build a stone fireplace and use one of the many trees you have to make a live edge mantle. ( my dream fireplace) 🤣🤣

  27. Watching you guys from the beginning starting a few weeks ago! I am in awe at all the skills you are putting to work! I would love to do this but do not have even a half percent of the skill you are showing here! My hat is off to both of you! Amazing. …..By the way, love your dog and all of your pet water snakes..hahaha


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