The WORST thing I’ve done to my 911 Turbo S!

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“Porsche weight feature description

How does adding weight actually affect performance?

Well today we’re going to find out using Mat’s daily, the Porsche 911 Turbo S. We’ve lined up a number of tests to find out what effect adding weight has on the car.

We’re going to launch the car from 0-60mph and over the 1 /4 mile, do a brake test, a slalom and measure the car’s economy. We’ll be testing with just a driver, with a single passenger, with three passengers and with three passengers with 150kg of weight in the boot!

How do you think the added load will impact the Porsche? Stick with us to find out for yourself!

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Comment (1,744)

  1. You have to mention the adaptive suspension and active anti-roll. Most cars, even sporty or performance ones, do not have Porsche 911 Turbo levels of active suspension.

  2. Honestly this makes manufacturers look stupid when they say oh 1 lb weight saving on this part as an option for $5000 when this video shows that even huge amounts of weight do very little to slow down a car of this caliber

  3. I’m 60 years old and have never, ever, ever, ever…seen a 911 with more than two people in it! I’m not saying people don’t shove their kids in the back, but seriously get a grip! These tests aren’t worth the effort you e put into them. It’s a shame, as I really like what you guys have previously turned out. Just saying!

  4. This would be more interesting if you used something less balanced. Do it again with a rwd and fwd wagon, and demonstrate the weight differences. Likely to be far more drastic than the 911.

  5. When you launch the car in your drag races it usually gets a 10.1 quarter mile but in this kind of videos and in its revue it’s get around 10.4-10.6 is there a reason for this difference?

  6. Do a video showing the effect of heavier or lighter ROTATING MASS. Meaning the effect of heavier or lighter road wheels. Also bigger or smaller brake discs.

    The 0-60 times would be interesting.

    Rotating mass makes a bigger difference than people realise/expect.

  7. no Matt, the ballast did not improve the braking performance. The carbon ceramics was reaching operational temperature. when they are hot, they brake harder thats how carbon ceramics work. so if you've kept on going, the braking will keep improving up to a limit

  8. 6:24 that is 14.3 Km per liter of fuel at speed about 110 Kmph, in a 650 bhp / 800 Nm car. Quite impressive! However, my 97 bhp / 120 Nm 1.3L Daihatsu Xenia did better. At similar speed, it managed (as tested) 15 Km per liter of fuel 😛

  9. So what? Forget the engine sound or the performance, you should be ashamed to rave about these features. How about how much pollution is producing? Or are you a petrolhead who prefers to stick his head in the sand!!!!

  10. So then, what have we learnt from this Car Wow science..? – that if you want to go on a road trip through France with three of your mates and a load of gear, you hire Matt's 911 Turbo. It's silly 😉👍😎


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