The woes of a YouTube streamer…

Welcome back for another episode of ThirtyVirus Rants! Today, I talk about why YouTube is kind of trash for streamers. The algorithm that is made for videos effects streams, which pigeonholes us to a very specific niche, autoplay voids over half of our viewership when connection issues happen, we can’t raid or gift memberships, among other things. Twitch is a platform which treats streamers SO MUCH BETTER, but as a YouTuber, my audience isn’t quite there yet.

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Comment (336)

  1. thirty you shold try playing ark survival evolved in my opinion it is one of the best games out there and it has really good graphics. I also think that your veiwers would love it as it is very interesting to watch, it is also multiplayer so if you want you could play with fezzy or Akin or someone like that.
    Its also really ez to clickbait.

  2. The reason why people watched your bed wars video is because it doesn’t say if it’s skybox I or bedwars, since I you’re a sky block youtuber, people automatically assumed that they were watching a sky block video.

  3. Dear thirtyvirus the reason they think everybody has a perfect Internet connection is because they think most people have there Internet with Google fiber

  4. It's weird… I only get notified on youtube but I have your twitch notification on. So I never see your twitch streams… only your youtube ones… am I a unique problem?

  5. Wait what if someone’s not big enough to be verified on YouTube because me and my friends are smaller creators so does that really effect for the stream?

  6. Are you going to stop youtube soon? because by the complaints of your vids it sounds like it, i really hope that that is not the case because i love your vids and i like binging solo skyblock

  7. In my opinion there isn’t much problem it’s just the internet problem and the stream not showing up but majority of times my opinion people get more bored of streams because it has no edits

  8. The only problem I can see with the raid idea is that someone that is family friendly like you raids someone who is not or not as much people that want to say in a family friendly environment would be thrown into a non family friendly. The only ways to fix this that I can think of is to be able to have a setting for /raid or whatever to effect you, which would need to be auto set to false. The other option is a prompt whenever someone uses /raid to make sure that you agree to go their channel which would probably render the /raid feature useless.

  9. Honestly thirty states facts that YouTube need to know but I think that thirty is probably not YouTube's biggest priority which is kinda annoying as these suggestions would help a lot for YouTube and everyone on it.

  10. Thats a comment for the no hub challenge you can buy diamond blocks from the ah so u can fosh the collection and then buy diamond blocks

  11. lol this is not gonna get a response but thirty could i record with you or something as i just started youtube and it would help loads as its my dream to hit 1k i dout you would but it would be awesome

  12. I also think that because skyblock is well, Minecraft and a lot of the Minecraft/sky block community is made up partly of children. One thing about children is that they have very short attention spans, and when your stream lags and goes ‘offline’ they lose interest and click on a different video without knowing that it will be up in a second.

  13. thirty just want to say I really agree and like your opinions and your say in what and why twitch is better I really like you as a youtube and I am now trying to get to all the streams I can

  14. just an idea, but you could make a channel and post a video saying im live on twitch so that people just watching yt can see it (or u could use ur main and delete the video after, but that limits notifications.

  15. thirty you do realize people are lazy people like me dont want to swap to another platform to watch streams youtube has streams and vids where twitch only has streams im not searching for streams all the time i just click on some when they pop up in recomended

  16. hey thirty, when you make a video like this, you should record the commentary and gameplay separately so you dont have to pause when you start pvping

  17. From someone who streamed on twitch for 3 years and has recently switched to streaming on YouTube I’ve found it to be way more reliable as someone who is just starting a channel. And those features you talk about on twitch are very very new and I think YouTube is in the process of fixing that. Also donations through a 3rd party are always going to be better but at the same time you run the risk of chargebacks with intergrated dono’s you won’t have the fear of that and that’s why YouTube takes their percentage. And with bits the user pay’s twitch in advance that’s why you get all let’s say 100 bits or $1 because the user already spent $1.40 to buy them. These are just some things I know from streaming extensively on twitch and with switching to YouTube streaming as of recently! All in all a great video hopefully YouTube listens and fixes some of these key issues

  18. fourums: ohnoh he made da rant how sad ban pls he attention seek very sad i want paid for the crimes committed by thirtyvirus

    also fourums: guys someone scammed me 200 entire coins in skyblock i feel robbed ohnoes whatever will I do


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