The Warlords – Trailer [HD]

The Warlords (Kinostart: 08.01.2009)
Englischer Trailer in High Definition.


Schaut auch bei meinen anderen HD-Trailern vorbei!

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  1. hey guys, thats not funny! only because i'm german, it dosen't mean im a nazi! and that what happend in germany was terrible. you're all idiots, if you think it was funny

  2. @TheJojojowi Also, don't forget that stuff with the Africans and native Americans. There is undoubtedly not a single country with more mass murder and slavery in its history than America.

  3. @justfor559
    wie ich sehe schreibst du deutsch, mädel!!! also entweder hast du es bei googleübersetzer übersetzen lassen, oder du bist selber eine deutsche!

  4. The most pervert thing is, that all the Americans, which say that all Germans are Nazis, don't know that there are much more Nazis in there own Country!


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