The Voyager Golden Record: A reminder that we are all connected

The Voyager Golden Record shot into space in 1977 with a message from humanity to the cosmos – and decades later, it stands as a reminder that we are all connected.
The United Nations displays a replica of the Golden Record at its Headquarters, and shares a deep connection to the process of creating it. A NASA committee asked the UN to provide materials to include on the playlist, and the first words on the Record itself are those of the then-UN Secretary-General expressing hope for peace and friendship with whoever discovers and plays it.
Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” CEO of the Planetary Society, walks viewers through how to decipher the Golden Record, its significance today, and how reverence for the universe can inspire action for our planet.
This aligns with the ongoing work of the United Nations to promote international cooperation in the peaceful use and exploration of space.
The Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, Simonetta Di Pippo, explains the significance of the Golden Record in our world now. “The undertaking of the Voyager project reminds us of who we are, where we came from, and that we should treat each other with care.”

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  1. Bill nye

    Just support

    India and Us


    Hearty kind lovely


    Hamara bhagwan




  2. Sad and creepy to think that if our world is gone and humanity has become extinct, both voyerger 1 and 2 will be traveling in deep dark space alone and will be the only thing that will be left of our existence.

  3. we send a golden record labled with a hydrogen atom explaining where earth is
    oujmaya was a a cigar shaped rock that entered our solar system from interstellar space comprised of pure hydrogen

  4. Forget golden record for aliens. Revive the stone tablet technology and store global knowledge in them in a secured place in case a nuclear war happens.

  5. Oh ya like the united nations give me a break a corrupt bunch of intellectuals who are anti-sementic and havnt helped all nations in trouble unless the chinese or the arab emirates agree the united nations who cant agree on climate proposals and are unrealistic in there goals the un which america has pulled full funding to your corrupt agenda

  6. The elocution of what this project was, The fact that we decided to include something like these artifacts of ourselves, to, in some small way say to the universe: "we were humans, we lived on a planet we called Earth, and we are reaching out along the vastness of time and space to let you know we existed, and this is a very small part of who we were."
    This as always makes me tear up. Really.

  7. Wonderful, just wonderful.

    If however the aliens is hostile or insane towards humanity, We. Will. Fight.
    Our immortal creations and descendants will remember the bravery we withheld for our right to exist.

    No fire, nor fear will judge our race for being 'petty' or 'experimental'. Our unity and causality IS our judgement. All is One. One divides All.

    Humans are the TITANS to the Gods that aspire to be with us. All is granted to live with mankind as long as culture is either physical or conceptual.

    "Peace on Earth" is not an option, its a goal.

  8. 3:50 This hits hard :<

    Imagine an alien from millions of years into the future and found the humanity's work (voyagers) with a message of it that reminds about us humans that went extinct million years ago .
    everything is nothing but memory….

  9. On one hand this is a creative, hopeful and friendly gesture towards our alien neighbors. On the other, it is a classic example of "intellectual human" arrogance and presumption.
    Most humans would have no idea what he or she is looking at. Yet human scientists think that ET's would have the physical and intellectual ability to figure it out.
    Let's face it, there are hieroglyphs on cave walls and other artifacts made by our ancient ancestors they we can't figure out. ✌🏽👍🏽

  10. When an alien finds it, he needs to (1) know what it is and how it's played, (2) understand what is written on it, (3) understand the languages and the sounds and more. From that alone, it is difficult.

  11. Voyager's pulsar map is worthless, because they are only pulsars from Earth's POV.
    You have to be swept by the beam to even see a pulsar.
    An alien would have no clue, those dots would be meaningless.

  12. How are they supposed to know what it means or build a player for it…we're only starting to decode tree language and still can't speak to animals. And what about the aliens already here.

  13. Good thing it was Carl Sagan and not Bill Nye that sent out that record into space because "The Science Guy" would have placed one of his messages every other track asking for money. If you're subscribed to The Planetary Society, you know what I mean.

  14. The folly and fallacy of the golden record is that these people believe that if an alien finds it, that it will "recognize the hydrogen atom" and from there, decipher the entire message, including playing the record. Assuming the Voyager spacecraft somehow survives a crash landing into another planet and does not burn up entering the atmosphere, it will look like a carbonized piece of junk, found by a bum or a farmer, and end up in a market stall or left to the elements. The assumption that it will be detected and gently captured in space by aliens is pure fantasy.

  15. millions of years later, when the disc would have outlived our entire civilization, if some intelligent life somewhere out there finds this and looks deep into its trajectory to find our solar system and the earth of 1970.. and by that logic may have already seen our world a million years later before most of us were even born .. is amazing..

  16. I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to tell unknown aliens our location? It’s like they found the golden record in the movie Independence Day.

  17. God sent us a message using the stars!
    Google, the Northern Cross, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!
    Google, Hebrew Word Pictures, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!
    Can you read the message?
    I can!

  18. you know what would be depressing? that if somehow in the far future, our civilisation not only survives, but thrives, and we start to explore the universe, we find a strange machine. Hopeful that we are not alone, we examine the artefact inside, and find instructions leading to… home.

  19. I wonder if all the aliens record collection is only gold record hits ?
    They must have thier own record players…
    Cause we didn't send any lol..

    Is it a gold record or a record of gold information.

  20. Why gold ?
    What is the secret of gold to aliens need ?

    To power something obviously ..
    Could be galaxy currency is gold…

    Why send information of earth's wealth ?
    Why send information on man ?

    Why betray man ?

  21. The thought of Voyager 1 safely landing on a planet full of aliens who are still banging rocks together to make pointed ones always makes me laugh.

    I imagine them carelessly disassembling it to make spears or something

  22. NASA held back the information that the gold record had already been found and an Alien one sent back. The Alien record just had two words on it in response to our Gold record. It said. "Scr** You!" NASA experts are still trying to understand what the Aliens meant by this response. Have a nice day. 😎👽

  23. Can you imagine if the opposite happened? We, humans, find a "machine" that was sent, millions and millions of years ago, into the infinite space by a long gone civilization…

    I just want to live to see it all.

  24. First of all we are human beings and we can't save and secure our planet up to now
    I am from Afghanistan and I hope I not see war and bloodshed until end of my life we have to love each others and care

  25. So, what about PLAYBACK?
    is there a record player or reader/monitor included on the craft? I don't think Amazon or Best Buy delivers that far.

  26. And that crazy, scared and lonely but smart thing kept shouting, and shouting, and nobody from the outside world was interested. And one day a city-sized enormous slipper fell on him directly from the sky, spread him on the ground like a butter. May he rest in peace. His name was ANTbert ANTstein. Recorded by SocrANTis.


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