The village that confiscates plastic – BBC News

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged people to stop using single-use plastic across the country.

While many Indian cities are struggling to deal with plastic waste, one Himalayan village has shown the way in dealing with the problem.

Lachun, in the northeastern state of Sikkim, has successfully banned single-use plastic and showcases eco-friendly alternatives.

Video by Vikas Pandey and Anshul Verma

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  1. I strongly disagree with this. I don't think the ends justifies the means here. I don't believe in banning anything. I, as a human being on spaceship Earth don't want my freedom of choice taken away. This is a slap in the face of those who served, those who fought for our freedoms. Plastic is NOT the problem. The problem lies with those who do NOT dispose of them properly.

  2. I was so pleased when my husband brought home a set of stainless steel straws. No more plastic straws for us! We also purchased paper straws as sometimes we need them for emergency low blood sugar. Every little bit counts… bit by bit person-by-person straw by straw. Save the planet for our children's children.
    Mother Earth
    It's our planet.

  3. North East Indians share their genetics with Japanese and Chinese. No wonder they maintain cleanliness. But as soon as you step into the mainland India specially northern India you'll see real hell.
    UP and Bihar are prime example of filthiness, dirtiness and lack of discipline.

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  6. This is great! But for fairness sake I must say the last time I was in Sikkim more than ten years ago it was primarily the locals who were using plastic, they were buying some cheap ramen noodles, wrapped in plastic, throwing the plastic into the landscape and sometimes even making fun of us Westerners when we collected the thrown away plastic lying around everywhere. But that was not in Lachung, and like I said it was more than ten years ago. It's great to see that they are now banning plastic, also, Sikkim is the first countries that has banned pesticides. That's really amazing. We should all follow their example.

  7. Has anyone else noticed that BBC athletics sports has degenerated into a chat show, complete with banal questions, and occasionally mitigated by a sporting event?

  8. "We only have one planet to live on." It would be so great if people really start thinking about the ongoing issues. Thank you everyone in Sikkim for coming up and cooperating with this initiative.. until and unless we don't start to take measures these things will go all downhills.

  9. News that is hidden from you by Soros media !!!
    The European Union is killing France.
    More than 20 thousand policemen marched on the "March of Anger" in France. The police are in solidarity with the yellow jacket and are unhappy with the low salary and the deterioration of living standards in France.

  10. If only it were that simple. He (and other villagers) are wearing clothes that are mostly made from petrochemicals (essentially plastics such as polyester, rayon, nylon etc.). His jacket is almost fully 'plastic' with plastic zips. They're much cheaper than clothes made from natural fibers. These types of plastics are just as tenacious in the environment as bottles, it's just that they're usually buried in landfills or burned when they are discarded.

  11. Ham jaha se chale the Wahi wapas ja rahe hain, ye sankeet hai ki prakriti maa se bada perfectionist koi nahi, hame bs uski chaya ke neeche Rehna chahiye she will feed us protect us aur hame bs uske charano me rah ke seva krni chahiye uski. Wo prakriti thi jisne pehla living cell Ko apni good me jagah Di ham usse hain wo hamse nhi.

  12. Plastic production will only increase over time.Given their only intention is to build more factories,they should fund Ocean cleanup projects.It's our only hope.

  13. Is it Lachung a village in India??? under the Delhi R S S rulers??? B B C focusing Modi is cruel??? Modi is against environment??? ecology??? Modi R S S ruling??? against The Paris ??? starts new nucliar plants in Kudangulam in Tamil nadu
    against the people ??? new hydro carbon plants inTamil Nadu???
    distroys the pady lands???
    etc… etc… where B B C???

  14. The government should be doing these things and funding pepsi and cola to switch to glass and open up small glass producing companies aound the world in different towns to boost the economy.


  16. Remember, saving the Earth means removing more harm than is being produced. Humankind's plastic and air pollution habits are slowly coming back to the human body and making us sick/killing us slowly. The government's policies and big corporations are the one's who can make a big impact. Us as consumers can pressure them to value sustainability over profit.


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