The Ultimate WWE Survivor Series

Matt Camp, Ryan Pappolla and Sam Roberts create their dream Survivor Series teams consisting of past and present Superstars, pitting them against one another to make the ultimate Men’s and Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Matches.

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Comment (94)

  1. Obviously Matt Camp doesn't believe Undertaker belongs on the Mount Rushmore pretty strongly but it's his opinion. But choosing the Rock over the Undertaker at the mount Rushmore is BS which shows Matt Camp is an attitude era mark because during the attitude era the Rock was better than the undertaker. If you compare their entire careers undertaker is better than the Rock. What's up with wwe trying to forced the fans that John cena is the goat because cena isn't better than Hogan, Flair,Undertaker,Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold just to name a few.

  2. i have a hard time believing that they don't talk about rey that much tbh, its really annoying like you can't talk about the best luchador of all time in rey mysterio and not put him in the argument of being in the wwe mount rushmore

  3. The fact that Roman essentially eliminated everyone is blasphemous. I get he’s doing extremely well NOW but it’s kinda ridiculous. I mean who are you guys, Vincent Kennedy McMahon 😂

  4. ज़मीर बेचकर अमीर बन जाना
    इससे बेहतर है फ़कीर बन जाना।

  5. "अच्छाई-बुराई"- "इंसान" के "कर्मो" में होती है ।
    कोई "बांस" का "तीर" बनाकर किसी को "घायल" करता है….!
    *तो कोई "बांसुरी" बनाकर बांस में "सुर" को भरता है..

  6. WWE The Ultimate WWE Survivor Series ,seriously u all didn't have Naomi name on the list of Ultimate Womens Survivor Series Team?? Trifling. Here's My List: The 1st Ultimate Womens Survivor Series Team(UWSST) Captain of Glow Time and/or Team BAD(Beautiful And Dangerous) Naomi, Bianca Belair, Jacqueline, Chyna, Sasha Banks all of these Beautiful Lovely Ladies do a clean sweep win @ 1st Ultimate Womens Survivor Series Main Event Match v/vs 2nd UWSST Captain of The Furious Bayley, Asuka, Luna Vachon, Rhea Ripley, Sensational Sherri. Now can u dig that…??

  7. On this the rock month I am presenting documentary of the rock's whole career named as "the rock says". Part 1 is uploaded. Now u can know everything about the rock's career, every rivalery, every storyline, every catchphrase, every behind the scenes stories, and many more. U will know the old times of WWE also by watching it. See it if u really wants to know the rock's career.

  8. WWE Ultimate Mens Survivor Series Teams: 1st UMSST Captain of Guardians Of Power… All Mighty Bobby Lashley, WWE Heavyweight Champion BIG E, Batista, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, The Rock. v/vs 2nd UMSST Captain of The Agression… Brock Lesnar, Warrior, The Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton. Survivor Series Winners Guardians Of Power the WWE Heavyweight Champion BIG E and All Mighty Bobby Lashley are the soul survivors.


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