The ULTIMATE Rolex: Day-Date 40

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  1. Hey Adrian, I really like your videos and I am always very happy when I notice a new upload. Would you consider making longer videos? Your storytelling is fantastic and I am sure people wouldn’t get bored if your videos were longer 😉

  2. Adrian, could you do a video of the Datejust 41? I’ve been looking at the Datejust 41 in everose/stainless steel with fluted bezel and Wimbledon dial and find it very appealing.

  3. Agree this is brilliant watch. However, there is a bit of douchey-ness to it. I worked for a very large consumer electronics company that partnered with major music labels and film production companies. And the men who wore them (gold Rolexes) were just the type of person one would think would wear them. Before working for this company, I always thought that the gold Rolex was either for celebrities, drug dealers and/or d-bags. This opinion was only strengthened during and after working there.

    Yes, the gold Day-Date is a feat of luxury and engineering. But, there is no ridding of the stigma that comes with it. Particularly, in today's world of social media and its endless self-promotion. Here the the States it's call "flexing". There's so many dudes that flex on social, it's a little sad.

    It's like driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari, it's an awesome car, but you will always draw those sideways glances.

    Finally, good luck wearing that in any big city here. You will get mugged eventually.

  4. It is indeed an amazing watch. It is my grail, not because I like it myself but also because my dad would love to have this watch, knowing he would never be able to afford it.
    The AD let him wear it and he was reduced to tears.

  5. Great content. If it was me and I had the money I get the white gold model it's less flashy then the yellow gold. If I could afford it I definitely would get the platinum model, looks more like steel then platinum.

  6. No it wouldnt, it's just a touch too 'old manish' or 'american rapper' feel for me. Far prefer a two tone or gold sub/GMT/Daytona. I probably even prefer a two tone datejust to it. also that hidden clasp just comes loose way too easily, very annoying. It needs a better clasp especially for 40k!

  7. The everose gold really adds a touch of class that is somehow more reserved and subtle than the in-your-face yellow gold finish projects. Nice subject for review, thanks for sharing!

  8. A stupid question from someone who has very recently got into watches, when something is quoted in its accuracy as being +2 seconds a day, does that mean it is losing time by 2 seconds (i.e. getting slower), or gaining time (getting quicker)?

  9. Good video as always.

    For the Day Date, dripping in gold is simply not a good look in my opinion and I'd never want to show up that way even as a CEO of the company. It oozes ego and small-man syndrome to average people around you.

    I still think the Ultimate Rolex if one has to pick one is one of the Explorer II with white dial or a stainless OP with a dignified dial colour. After that, there is an hounourable mention to the Stainless Daytona with white panda dial.

  10. Sorry Adrian but you are wrong. As a Rolex hater the only, and therefore ultimate, Rolex I would wear (only if my life depended on it) would be the Sky Dweller. End of, I am right you are wrong, 😛😜 Each to their own and keep up the good work.

  11. All subjective of course, but I still feel Rolex’s best watch would be a combination of my 124270 and my 214270 with added bits: 37.5mm Explorer with 20mm lugs, ‘Explorer’ back at the bottom, decent AR coating, OTF adjustment and a crown logo that sits upright. Otherwise it’s a gold Breguet Classique that sets me off every time.

  12. Yep, beautiful watch. For me i'd go for the classic gold with a champagne dial. I currently have a GMT 2 (Black bezel with the green hand). Adding a gold day date would be my ultimate 2 watch "collection". Love the channel, keep doing what you're doing.

  13. This is ironic because if i could pick ONE watch, it would hands down be the audemars piguet double balance wheel openworked Ref. 15407ST.OO.1220ST.01 but thats only if i could pick one watch

  14. The ultimate Rolex? Bit of a loaded question of sorts. Their entire range, new and vintage, is like a Swiss army penknife. Something for all occasions. At the top end this model has always been the retirement watch for me. It looks silly on anyone under 50. Like you’ve borrowed Dad’s watch. Or Grandad’s. For me the ultimate Rolex would possibly be an all gold Daytona. Or the platinum Daytona. But that is silly money. And these days where exactly would you feel comfortable having such wrist candy on open display? An American state where open carry is legal? Texas maybe. Perhaps a golden gun to match the watch. You want my watch, but tell me punk, do you feel lucky?

  15. When I think of Rolex, I think of a strong brand that appeals to the lay person and the enthusiast. Thus, my choice for the ultimate watch with that persona is the Datejust.

  16. I can't answer this question in an unbiased way. It has to be the Daytona 116523 in steel and yellow gold with a mother of pearl dial. I saw this watch years ago and I've never stopped thinking about it since.

  17. When I think non-sportswatch Rolex I think OP or Cellini. In this price range Vacheron Constantin or Patek would be first choice. This is just a bit too blingy for me.

  18. The ultimate Rolex is the Explorer 1016 with any subsequent 36mm Explorer taking second place. The 1016 design is entirely unique to Rolex without all the derivative designs, unnecessary bling, and status-driven baggage of many other Rolex models. I’m not a fan of Rolex, but I deeply love the Explorer because it stands on its own.

  19. It’s a stunner in rose gold with that chocolate dial for sure. I’d probably lean more towards a vintage yellow gold 36mm, perhaps on a croc strap. Elegant and classy.

  20. The Breguet Marine Royale Alarm 45mm in white 18k gold (including bracelet) with black dial is that moment that your own personal success ultimately is founded on those who came before you.

  21. Rolex Heavy Hitter . I’ve seen some On Strap – Leather .
    ! 😲 !
    It Blows my mind that the Bracelet is Home Alone . Very Un-Presidential ☝️
    The Dial is to die for 💕

  22. Individuals who believe a gold Rolex is flashy are those without class style or any regard whatsoever what owning a Rolex means….in other words those who believe that Stainless Steel is more valuable than Gold. A Gold DayDate says more about you than any over hyped tool watch.

  23. My very first luxury watch was a Rolex Day/Date Presidential in white gold from 1985. Looks almost identical to this in style 36 years later to look "new" today. Certainly a vintage watch at this point. Still have it. Always will. Unless it starts being worth the scratch as a Paul Newman Daytona. Then, all bets are off. Everyone has a price!


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