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What’s up guys! My name is Kevin Lee and I run the channel Cubing Encoded! I started cubing ever since 6th grade and I have been hooked ever since. The goal with my channel is to produce entertaining content that is seldom found in the cubing community. Here, you will find videos on all different aspects of cubing; such as skits, reactions, unboxings, and much more! Check out my socials to learn more about me and definitely subscribe for more content!


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Comment (387)

  1. The third wr
    Me: knows reason why he placed it the list
    Also me: Cuz it’s recorded by the best camera and cameraman in the world

  2. my TOP 5 favourite CUBING world record
    Feliks Zemdegs's 5.53 World Record Average
    Feliks Zemdegs's5.69 World Record Average
    Feliks Zemdegs's4.22 World Record single
    Feliks Zemdegs's 4.73 World Record single
    Feliks Zemdegs's 5.97 World Record Average

  3. Perhaps radical acceptance and subjectivity should be prioritized in your titles. Who’s to say what the “best” solves are; maybe a better title would be “my top 5 favorite solves”

  4. My top 5:
    5: Patrick Ponce 4.69 3×3 single
    4: Feliks Zemdegs 38.52 5×5 single
    3: Max Park 1:47.89 7×7 single
    2: Marcin Kowalczyk 41/41 multi-blind single
    1: Juan Pablo Huanqui 29.93 megaminx single

  5. In my opinion

    5. Fekiks 5.97 3×3 avg, basically the reasons in the video

    4. Maskow 41/41 multi-bld, this stood for like 5 years, considered to be unbeatable, and the fact that he go an n/n on such a large number attempt in multi is insane

    3. Sebastiano tronto 21.67 fmc mean, this was wr by a whole move (I believe), and included the wr single

    2. Feliks 4.73 3×3 single just the fact that mats was sitting right there was incredible

    1. Stanley chapel 5bld mean, he broke the wr single on each solve of the mean, what more can i say

  6. Finaly: After a Million years Colombia is a bit of cubing history in the record #4 because Feliks did that record in Colombia, if you saw the Colombian flag behind feliks and you saw the word Chía in a poster above Feliks. Finally my forgotten country has been in something important in Cubing history.

    Im from Colombia


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