The TESLA Model A is REAL – here’s everything we know so far

The TESLA Model A is REAL – here’s everything we know so far

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Comment (227)

  1. Personally, I really dislike these 'conjecture' videos. It's excited optimism about fresh (or stale) products from the Rumour Mill. So some guy in SoCal is good at desktop "what-if"s? Might as well put the monkey with the Tesla-implanted brain chips at the wheel playing 'PONG' and call it a day! Taking orders now!

  2. Model A? Probably owned by Ford.
    Lambo doors? Expensive? Complicated? Heavy?
    There's actually a perfect "prototype" / template for this concept.
    The Uniti One.
    Swedish design that went quiet when supposedly breast for production, not helped by Covid?

    3 seater (Mclaren style) suitcase "top up" battery, 150- 300 km range.

  3. Crumple zones can be outside the car, using airbags which deploy just before a crash, so these airbags could be as big as anyone wants to make them, even the full length of the car. Especially the full length of a mini sized car. That would be game changing. It could mean replacing the airbags instead of totalling the car. It can also mean protecting pedestrians, cyclists… deer or moose. The time could be right to introduce this idea. And I'm betting if anyone does this, it will be Tesla.

  4. 🙂🌎 A Mini ❤ 🌏. Hot hack awd
    Great if Tesla also offered a narrow 2 seat 💺 car like the Tango of early 20s great fun 2 cars side by side on a single lane. Great for city's and country lanes 👏 👍

  5. I predict early '23, and it won't look like those ugly bumper cars. Not aluminium or egress doors either – it'll be a keep it simple, fun tech EV with great battery technology, including charge speed, something you can charge during your lunch break. They'll use these cheaper cars to finance the next big thing – outer space, so they can't afford risky designs such as falcon type doors which may eventually need a recall. Tesla will not copy any other car either. Sell for 26K. Initial roll out will sell at about 23.5K though. A no frills cheaper model will come out later.

  6. Hello, I hope Tesla is working on a small car. If they are I suspect they are also working on, let's call it the ability to make a mega casting. Cast the entire under structure of the car,,, the front the back and the middle all in one shot.. it's not outside the realm of engineering to be able to do it because they're getting a lot of experience with what they're doing on model y and I'm certainly already working on cybertruck.
    Think about it man. If you could just cast in one piece that foundational structure. Think about what that might do for your cost to produce a vehicle. I do hope they are working on it.
    Cheers from John L in Fairlawn Virginia USA

  7. Name is not important, bring it to market , at 22000 to 26000 $, they will sell like hot bread ! That’s what we truly need to see adoption peak like never before

  8. Fugly. They need to change look of all thier cars. They are holding themselves back with looks. Best tech in an ugly pkg. Imo. Alot of the chineese offerings interior and exterior look waaaaay better

  9. The paradoxes have solutions, when considering purchasing a smaller size RV most all are rated as only hauling up to 5,000 lbs. + additional weight in the RV. However, also we have to consider that EV’s are not a flat towable vehicle. So the solution might be the manufacturing of a light weight tilt car trailer specifically tailored for the dimensions of this Tesla A vehicle. Keeping both the combined weight of trailer + vehicle way under 5,000lbs.

  10. IF, BIG IF, they build THIS CAR, they will truly be unstoppable… as this checks off all the boxes, the last being "Affordability!" Also, it's a very Smart business move… as the Luxury Market is getting very crowded… As far as the name goes "2" works best as in "2 S3XY!"

  11. Sam, l'm liking a ton of the details!
    Let's hope they build the 21st Century Peoples Car! In an earlier comment l made somewhere, l proposed it would be called 'Model A' for 'ALL' (Aero Little LIGHTSABRE)
    Bring it___witt Lambo Doors!

  12. If Elon said it would squeeze in an adult, that does not suggest a 4 seater to me. It sounds more like a Tesla 2 seater smart car. This would be a great vehicle as a commuter or a second car, or a car for students, if the price could be around $17k with a subsidy.

  13. There's no chance the Model A will have a vertical screen, as shown or a driver-side binnacle. The Model 3 showed one horizontal screen works great and is cheaper. And I can't imagine they'd bother with fancy doors on a cheap car; not worth the engineering headaches. Musk regretted it on the X, where he can charge extra.

  14. Thanks for finding that "squeeze in an adult" tweet; I've mentioned it many times, but not found where I read it … turns out I wasn't imagining it … though these voices in my head are still a little troubling.

  15. Nice model. I don't think Tesla is going that small with the 'Model A' – I think more like the image in the CN recruitment poster, which is a little bigger, and more like the Model 3, with bigger crumple zone, larger wheels, etc. I think it will be between Models 3 and Y in height.

  16. I’m also betting they’ll go with LFP—which is much easier for mainstream folks to understand (e.g. you can charge it to 100% and run it to 0 as much as you like). Most folks aren’t going to understand or want to bother with concepts like not charging your battery above 80%, and always keeping it above 20%.

    A lot of folks who aren’t car buffs tend to abuse their cars mainly out of ignorance. Like you’d be surprised to know how many people regularly miss their recommended oil changes, or don’t even bother to keep their tires properly inflated. For a lot of folks, after the initial excitement of getting a new car, the “honeymoon” is soon over and they can’t be bothered with things like maintenance!

    In terms of pricing, while I think we will eventually see these new Teslas at price points below $25K, I think they’ll need to start somewhat higher than that—at least initially, just to manage demand, which is going to be huge! Just as we’ve seen with the Model 3—originally announced with a price point of $35K (but only having ever been available at that price in a few instances), I think we’ll see the same for the Model “A”: they’ll announce a great price, but at first only the higher end versions will be sold, so long as demand remains high.

  17. Just another small car. In a segment that is ultra competitive and laser focused on value for money, this will make barely a ripple outside of the US.

  18. Because of huge demand, and the lack of capacity to meet that demand, the price will be higher. I’d say around $30,000. There will be so much demand, they won’t need to sell it any cheaper. Remember the $35,000 model 3?

  19. My first inclination was to say that it's fine for China but would never sell in the U.S. The U.S. doesn't like tiny cars. One reason is because we share the road with huge pickups and hummers and if we get in an accident we just get annihilated. However, if it's the same size as a Chevy Bolt it may sell because GM has sold some Bolts. At least here in California. But there aren't hardly any Smart cars on the road.

  20. 6:30 'fraid I'm with Lonnie on the head-up display. Not big on projection in general. Too many problems with geometric distortion, occlusion by stray objects, and most of all, where the projected items are, you need opacity to block what's on front of those spots, while leaving everything else transparent.. That could be done in theory, but today's optical tech doesn't really allow for it. Even if it did, I don't know if it wold look that good.

    I've got a small but growing list I'm developing, of technologies that sounded cool at first, but which haven't really held up well in reality. Thanks for giving me an item to add.

  21. Yep. Got slightly taken in for a few nano seconds by the mythical Tesla Pi smartphone blurb. I think it was my wish fulfillment gene overcoming my logic. In the case of the US$25K car, I believe it was Galileo Russell [Hyperchange] who first coined the name "Model 2", and it caught on. Elon stopped that by saying that it won't be called the Model 2. So I call it the "NOT Model 2", until I find out the real name. I wouldn't put it past Tesla to call it just that anyway, such is the enormous humorous streak that runs through Tesla. This mini car you refer to here may be an even smaller vehicle, primarily built for China, but suitable for city streets in many parts of the world [not N.America, I'm guessing]. Remember also, it may not have a steering wheel.

  22. The model a tesla should have two large doors to allow passengers to exit and enter the car easily. I see no need for gull wing doors on an economy car. Also I free the bill to fix a gull wing door when damaged. Four or two conventional doors much cheaper. Also with tesla price starting at fourth five I tesla needs to sell the model a at a base price of nineteen to twenty thousand before incentives. People making one hundred thousand per year are buying these fourth five thousand cars. If u want to make a tesla that will be the model a for the ev age u must be able to build an affordable car that low wage earners can afford. This means nineteen thousand range. This can be base price without all the crap that is added to cars like xotic sound systems….internet access…..watching DVDs….etc. certainly don't need automatic driving!!!!!!….. A bare bones car will help low paid earners enter the ev market. My first gas car had no radio, no air conditioning, not even carpets! It had rubber on the floor boards!!!!!!…… I think if tesla wants to create a model a like Henry Ford did u must offer cheapest possible car. Remember all that crap, computer access, auto driving etc can be extra cost options. If tesla does not create a model a it will be byd, or maybe wusan….or someone else. Better it be tesla….

  23. As soon as the design is confirmed, doesn't it make sense for Tesla to announce it? And then accept pre-orders? That way Tesla can guage the popularity. I suppose such an announcement though could take away from some Model 3 sales as people may decide to wait for the new car, but I think it would mainly appeal to those who really anyway can't afford a Model 3 or are looking for a second (or third) EV.

  24. As it has such a small footprint- don’t you think it would make more sense to use the litium ion batteries? – save the LFP batteries for vehicles that have lots of space

  25. I love small cars, but in USA, large size is more important than interior space & many are embarrassed to drive a small car. There are safety concerns (based on nothing) they don't even know that a 6'4" person fits comfortably in a Fiat.
    Maybe a 20% smaller, simplified model Y would have mass appeal.
    BONUS – power minivan doors that go front to back, 1 each side, practical and eye candy.

  26. Tesla is a subsidy factory, more than a car company. They have done good work in pioneering technology but the majority of their revenue comes from selling 'carbon credits' to other car companies wanting to sell their non battery cars in places where they believe in the man made global warming religion and want to sacrifice the economic future of their civilisation on the alter of carbon dioxide emissions. Have fun believing in Elon and Tesla and other mythologies. Reality may well be somewhere else.

  27. Agreed. Channels like the Tesla Economist still don’t get the fact that the untapped markets of lower middle class China/South America/Africa will never be able to afford anything more than a vehicle discussed here. Today’s impressive sales are mostly the luxury and upper middle class section of the market.

  28. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding. The 25K model is a 4 seater no steering wheel, no pedals, fsd light, but with a joystick for operator intervention for tricky maneuver and games, placed on the middle console, the same for right and left driven countries.🤔
    The mini will be a 1 or a 2 SEATER. $ 8,000 IMO😜😎

  29. That car looks AMAZING! I have a little white 3 dr Subaru Justy 4wd and the thing is fantastic. Fun and safe not to mention great on fuel with 3 cyl. but her day has come … (note the tear) electricity is here. Time to move on and this car would make the move MUCH easier. Wonder if a 4 wd would come? It would be GREAT for cruises in the trees I KNOW.

  30. The 4680 launch is very important to this particular small vehicle, and so the earliest this vehicle would launch is probably six months after the 4680 batteries show up in the Model Y/3 revisions. The reason is simply battery cost where the new battery design lowers pack costs by "50%" or more, especially with lithium iron chemistry. The likely range target is 80% of Model 3 so they will shave battery pack cost by 20% more in relative comparison. Exotic doors and rolling seats are too expensive, expect conventional subassemblies. However, look up the bed size of those mega-casting die machines and that might be the whole belly+battery+structure of this car up to the door sills — a single casting instead of two used on Model 3. Bolt on the canopy. Go check out your kid's Matchbox car construction for hints of how these will be built.

  31. I dont see them coming in that low at 22k and have say 250Mile range. As much as people seem to think that EVs will be less in the end i wonder as demand goes up. Inflation and endless lock downs. I got my money on not under 30k in the USA. Considering it should run say 200,000 miles and wont see a service near in those miles. tires wear out. suspension points. These alloy castings should not rot away like the steel used today, though strong is not to thick and rust never sleeps….many vehicles here in the rust belt can be dissolved in 5 years into iron oxide. be junk. even at say 30k its a win win still. dollar for dollar over any ICE today that break down enough to make this moot. If a model S-P can run back to back 1/4 mile runs week after week taking on down most everything brought to the track, even on trailers…A new dodge hell cat would blow up before it did that many passes and so will all the other ICE power. Fact is its rather amazing to watch. I want Tesla to make a one of Tesla Top E dragster and take on Top Fuel. Would be fun to watch. Ever stood near a 8,000hp ICE Hemi running? feel it in your bones just at idle, fumes like nothing most people will ever smell. Tesla, silent nearly. no fumes. Could run that 1/4 many times. The ICE might make it the 1/4, might explode. They dont get many passes and rebuild on the spot. Tesla guys plug in and drink beer?

  32. This is the news we've been waiting for.

    Congratulations on a presentation that for once didn't include 'awesome' or 'guys' but you s t i l l ramble on like a babbling brook. Jeez! There's far, far too much faff. >Examine< what you've said today and you'll find that most of your narrative is unadulterated waffle Mr Evans. Metaphorically, strip what you have to say down to the basic essentials and then you'll become way more interesting. You'll probably be able to squeeze in an extra video with the time saved and, as you clearly love the sound of your own voice, my suggestion should greatly appeal to you…

  33. Sam, thanks very much for this channel n bringing the world's attention to EV.

    Traditionally legacy ICE companies have the "annual model change" as part of their marketing strategy to increase sales.

    Are EV companies shifting away from this strategy? How is Tesla doing in relation to this "annual model change?"

  34. I like this concept except the doors. That would make this car too expensive.

    The use of the vertical infotainment screen in this concept, Tesla won't be doing that. It will most like be 15 horizontal screen. It's cheaper to use a lot of what already exist in the Model 3.

    I HATE that front fender. That would cause something drag on the car. If they smoothat out to be similar to the Model 3 it might look a whole lot better.

    The profile, the view from the top and the rear of the car in this concept look really nice. I like hi they did the seats since Tesla looks to integrate the seats into the frame of the car. And it's a cool concept to have them move forward but I'm not sure how practical that is if ou drive daily with no other passengers. Maybe instead of automatic they could put a button on the door for that and also it be a feature in the app.

  35. This is a cool design. It the real thing is anything close to this with those specs, it will be a super winner. I dont care what they call it. They’ll want at least a 30% gross margin so $22K is in the zone, but I’m picking they’ll go for a fraction under $25K. I disagree on timing: it won’t be Q4 2022. I’m picking Q4 2023. We’ve yet to even see a prototype and until we do, it will be at least 12 months before it goes into production. I think we will see a prototype in 2022.


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