The Takeover: Daddy Daycare

Ace and Todd took over my youtube! Daddy Daycare

#kandiburruss #Ace #ToddTucker #DaddyDaycare

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  1. Awww.. there is NOTHING wrong with that little thing brushing his teeth there. I use to bathe my kids in the sink when they were babies way back in the day.. People need not be so uptight. You don't lay food in the sink and you put dishes in the dishwasher.. Don't worry about the nit pickers out there Todd. You doing a good job. I want to know when will the twins be delivered? If things are rough now what is going down when they are born??

  2. Yr a good Father Todd not surprised tho you were a good Son To Your Mom..💜💜It seems like she would just light up when she see's you.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  3. This is the second video I have watched of y'all and y'all already killing me dude stop caring about what they saying about y'all sink that's your baby a clean baby it's not like you're washing animals in the sink. Please stop caring what morons think…. and yeah it's your boy Brooklyn from Troy Alabama

  4. Look, when I was a kid, youngest of five, mother was a single mother, … we had one kitchen sink. We bathed babies in the kitchen sink, washed our hair in it, cleaned meat in it, washed dishes in it, and more. And we were just fine. Stop acting ridiculous if you think brushing Ace’s teeth in the kitchen sink is nasty. That’s what it’s for…to Clean and wash things. It can be bleached and reused. That’s why it’s metal. Get over yourself.

  5. Ya"ll worried bout what these people that don't even own a sink got to say. I used to bath my baby in the kitchen sink. So glad I'm not a celebrity, I can live me life & not give a damn what anyone else thinks.

  6. Theres alot of people ino who do the teeth at the sink all u wierdos complaining on something thats NOTHING do to with YOU !! Take ur big arse nose out of there buisness they can do wat they want just like wat all u haters do in ur own home atuff u wanna do n if someone complaine to u on what u haters did in ur own home ud av none of it so shhh to the haters 👍🏼

  7. Daddy Daycare…..No, No,No….Daddy Duties. Loving every minute. Some men still need the knowledge behind being great dad/father. Your responsibilities are 24/7 to include Holiday's.

  8. Your child u do as u please and ur house. People kill me speaking on what someone else is doing. Especially people who don’t know u. No explanation needed.

  9. Todd, why are you dressing him in the dining room and brushing his teeth in the kitchen sink, with your fine self?  Tell Kandi, hey for us and that we LOVE this cute little series.  Blessings!

  10. Oh my God. You are a sweet daddy, but just one problem. The Tv has to be turned off when eating meals and he’ll eat a lot more. He looks just like you. It’s ok to use a sink for washing up a toddler or baby, no problem there. You guys are awsome with this little boy.😊

  11. When I was dating back in the day a guy came over and decided to brush his teeth in my kitchen sink because I was in the bathroom. I almost had a heart attack…lol. He said we used to do this all the time at my mom's house. I said NOT HERE. It's not the best look when you own a restaurant. Ace is cute.

  12. That is your house, your son, your routine. Until the people pay your mortgage and bills, they have nothing to say about what you do. Or where Ace brushes his teeth.

  13. Very cute family. Maybe see if Ace likes something nutritious at breakfast like fruit. He'll probably like some sweet red grapes. He seems to like something sweet at breakfast. 😊

  14. gm tod thanks for acknowledging hard working mothers like your wife candis and like my self its a 375 days a year job and your wife candis is a wonderful mother and your a wonderful dad I love yalls family

  15. Good job Todd it's okay I understand it's okay for Ace to brush his teeth in the kitchen he's still a child it's okay like you said you clean it out.😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Keep feeding your children wisdom, knowledge and understanding through faith in our Lord 🙏
    Without Christ it's impossible to please God 🙏
    Todd keep focus on your Savoir and family!
    Set an example for others to ask you how your doing it.
    Proud daddy to your children.

  17. Not to worry todd what people have to say about the sink it's your property u do what ever u want in it & its convient while u finishing up with ace instead have going all the way upstairs, u doing a good job as daddy day care we love over here in England ace so sweet .we luv you.

  18. Don't ever waste water, water is the best commodity ever besides, many third world countries, especially in the Caribbean do not have water privileges like you do. Just save on water please 🙏


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