The surfer not considered hot enough for sponsorship – BBC News

Being the best female surfer in Brazil wasn’t enough to secure Silvana Lima the sponsorship she needed for her surfing career. In an image-driven market, she wasn’t considered beautiful enough to get full sponsorship until 2015.

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  1. first off her inner is better then her outer.
    second, to say no to implants and hair colour and all the rest is awesome she in the end will be better for that then those do (stay true)
    third, if bbc is going to run the story they should step up and sponsor her, shit I would if I could no question about it.

  2. How about she cool as f**k and has boat loads of talent, i'm not watching Brasil's next top model, i'm watching a super athlete do her amazing stuff like nobody can !I would definitely buy a board 🏄 if she recommended it's quality, hell i'll even buy the same waterproof watch⌚if she wears it, what do you mean not pretty enough to sponsor,…looks to me she's pretty talented, i respect that way more then something you were born with or had done by a doctor.

  3. A lot of sports people struggle for sponsorship. Having great physical beauty clearly helps as does a great personality. The rest just have to work their arses off. Life is unfair, but for those that get their through hard work and talent there are rewards. My advice to this woman, who is not at all ugly but no super model, is to win a few surfing tournaments, be nice and be humble and your rewards will come.

  4. Sponsorship is about the bottom line. If companies don't feel like association with her would bring in profit or increase their public image why would they sponsor her?

    Is it because she's not pretty enough? Quite possibly. Is that wrong? No. I'm sure it might disappoint certain sections of society who wish to alter human nature, but human nature can't be altered. Thus it isn't wrong that the more beautiful female athletes receive increased sponsorship. It's perfectly logical.

  5. I swear, some of the comments on here are just so… full negativity. I for one applaud her for following her dreams and doing whatever she needs to do to achieve her goals, maybe if others followed her lead they would be happier instead of jealous.

  6. There is so many tennis players that make more money than Serena Williams that never won a major tournament let's face it beauty counts Serena claims race but the fact is she is not attractive. This surfer has got it right

  7. I call BS on this. There are plenty of average looking sponsored athletes. Sure it doesn't hurt to be "attractive", but it's safe to say other factors were in play. (edit: apparently i'm not alone in this sentiment as i scroll down and see multiple replies of the same notion)

  8. Sorry girls get by on there looks.  Not getting sponsors?  Either girl up and stop looking like a feather weight dude/dike or get good enough that they can't ignore you, or better yet do both.

    The guys on the other hand only have one choice: they have to be good.  If they don't have that it doesn't matter how pretty they are, they'll never get a sponsor.

  9. I wish Roxy would pick her up. It would be a game changer. Shes right though. Ive never seen a sponsored female pro surfer thats unattractive or, rather, doesnt look like a model. Shes beautiful.

  10. Shes on the tour and winning prize money, so I dont see what the problem is. Okay she is plain looking but life is like that, good looking people attract our attention more than ordinary looking people in all walks of life, not just this sport, so possibly companies with commercial concerns may feel the same.

  11. You are such a Great Surfer. I don,t care if people say you ugly………I am ulgy, But am a good person. Best of Luck in upcoming season……FROM AN ULGY CANADAIN.

  12. the thing with surf companies is that they don't sponsor you unless your a model because it's good publicity, or you have to be on the CT. they do it for money

  13. Where was her not having sponsorships related to how she looks? Ignorant that she thinks she's entitled to sponsorships. If she was the best female surfer in Brazil, she would have gotten a sponsor, simple as that. Now she's gotten better and may actually be the best for Brazil, and now has sponsors, exactly how it works. You dont have to bring how someone looks into everything. Over half the women on the WSL right now would NOT be considered "Model Surfers". Post some real surfing.

  14. All this looks like is a sort of decent surfer, who is trying to shame an industry into supporting her. The two biggest hurdles for her are
    1. She is not that good. She couldnt hold a candle to Courtney Conlogue, Tatianna Weston Webb, or the majority of the women on tour.
    2. She is not that marketable. She is very dude like, would you buy a swimsuit if you saw it on Hulk Hogan? No! Companies sponsor people who can bring them brand recognition, they sponsor "pretty" women because honestly, nobody wants to buy products endorsed by an "ugly" chick. It is what it is. You can cry all day about it being sexist, racist, or any of your other 'ist's" but you are in the minority if you think otherwise.

  15. Is everybody kidding!? this chick rips tough! She's constantly undersored in comps,,,,and in my opinion i dont find her ugly! That woman has a smile to die for! And furthermore,,,,,,i'm sick of fake ass blondie surfer girls who look like they were spit out of a barbie machine!!! This chickbis way hotter because of two things,,,one,,,,,she has a rad personality, and two,,,,she's real! Fuck those sponsors,,,,,get'r done chica!!!

  16. I've seen her surf. She's not great. Her lack of sponsorship has nothing to do with her looks. If you look at the world tour, lots of the girls there aren't great looking but they do have sponsorships because they have the skill to back it up. Silvana here does not

  17. It is the same for men, sponsors are businesses using an athlete to market their products, blame the shallow consumers, who buys more surf fashions? Walk into a surf shop these days and you'll find they mostly hold products for girls. Yet another case of women blaming someone else for a problem they themselves are creating.

  18. I find the comments section sad as usual. I have been surfing for 17 years, and follow the WSL. Silvana Lima is my favorite surfer, her style and ability is amazing. She is heavily underated and what she is saying is no doubt true. She has been second in the world two times and has been in and out of the WSL for years now. I know of surfers who barely compete in the WQS and never get into WSL who get better sponsorship. As a woman surfer who is inspired by woman surfers, I would much rather see a good surfer on a cover of my surfing magazine and pushing product than an attractive surfer. I am sure a guy would say the same about guy surfers.

  19. Whoever made this is an idiot. This video never gives you a good look at her. Always weird angles, and constant cuts to a different shot. Trash ass production value or some jackass who thinks they're an artiste

    Seems to me like she's not bad looking at all. Her eyes look good, and she's in great shape. I don't see what the problem is.

    You want to see an ugly female athlete, google the UFC fighter Cyborg. She's taken so many steroids over the years she's transformed from a slightly ugly girl to a hideous monster that looks like a man. And sounds even more like a man than she looks.

  20. thank God attitudes are changing in women's surfing and women like Tyler Wright and Silvana Lima who don't fit the 'typical' idea of beauty finally have a chance to compete equally. Silvana charges and rips and THAT should be the reason for sponsorship, not her face, the shape of her body or her boobs. I'M the target market for women's surfing advertising and I will pay attention to an ad with Tyler, Silvana, or Keala Kennelly as much or more than someone like Alana Blanchard (no offense to Alana, she's doing her thing) because THOSE ladies are the ones who inspire me. Anyone who rips and has courage inspires me, I don't care how they look.

  21. but dude… have you seen Carissa Moore???? I know Alana Blanchard set the standard for bikini models capable of forehand bottom turns and backhand cut backs but there are plenty of less attractive pros

  22. What a role model for both men and women. I only wish i could achieve the same heights in Longboarding. Great Video. More of those type of video's is always welcome. Cheers. 🙂

  23. I don't buy it, she still better looking or maybe the same as Carissa Moore, then again Carissa is second to none, and now has sponsors coming out of ears.
    Silvana try winning some heats and quit blaming your looks, Dust yourself off and do it better

  24. She's an attractive woman. She's not Gisele or anyone else who is a model with a model body. She's an athlete with an athletic body. I don't understand why brands would not want to sponsor her. She's an amazing talented surfer with a great pear and work ethic. I'm glad she has one sponsor who was smart enough to know that women want to read about real women. She can be an inspiration to all of the girls who think they must look a certain way to be accepted. Anyone saying that the fact she receives prize money for her competitions doesn't have any idea of the costs associated with being a full time athlete. Prize money helps, but it alone won't pay the bills. She needs to be able to focus on her training and competitions instead of where the money for traveling to an event will come from. I hope her and her family will now reap the benefits of all of their efforts and sacrifice they made to get her to this level.

  25. All the people commenting on this about how it’s money and we shouldn’t care are men who aren’t affected by this standard :’)) and that’s the tea

  26. Even though I agree that if that is the reason that’s wrong and sponsors should be only looking at talent but it could also be that a lot of sponsors like to give sponsorships to young surfers and it could literally be luck? There are a lot of female surfers who aren’t what society would say is beautiful that have sponsors. She does deserve a sponsor tho🏄🏻‍♀️

  27. This unfortunately is why I hate this side of the surf world aka the industry. Bunch of snobs believe it or not. Destroys what surfing is supposed to be.

  28. Cool story and she is beautiful, she deserves a good sponsor, too bad these "surf" clothing companies are all about the dollar and not giving back to athletes that have helped create there business in the first place.

  29. She is beautiful. She's just not white. And stop fooling yourself, not all those white girls on tour are supermodel type. Lol. Just remember surfing started in Africa and Hawaii. White people taking what never belonged to them. They don't like to share. They would rather white wash. That's why they are scrambling to find a way to beat these Brazilians.😄 Go Italo. Go Hawaii. Go Japan. Go Africa. Any people of color. Take what belongs to you.

  30. Imagine the impact she wouldake on whatever company would sponsor her. There are more regular looking women than skinny, model (who aren't that beautiful anymore, just different) types. They'd make a huge profit. Idiots!

    Se eles usasse ela, ganharia mais fãs e dinheiro. Tem mais mulheres "normais" do que modelos. Idiotas!


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