The Sport of Cigar Smoking

A growing number of cigar smokers are competing to see how long they can make a stogie last. Photo: Rob Alcaraz/The Wall Street Journal

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Comment (2,893)

  1. FYI, competitive cigar smoking is not a sport! Who wants their clothes to smell like a dirty ashtray all the time and risk getting lung diseases and cancer? Not me!

    Also, stained yellow teeth is not cool!

  2. I smoke cos I Lowe cigars ,lowe flawores and competition is cigar first. Cigar is place of enjoyment its not puff counter I smoke cos she relax me. And to me time is ewrything and that pracius time to relax with my cigar is everything. Best regards from Crostia. Also sorry for my broken English 🙂

  3. The real prizes in competitive cigar smoking are getting lung cancer, mouth cancer, tumors in your mouth, emphysema, COPD, smelly clothes, premature wrinkles, and stained and yellow teeth and skin!

  4. Why do people smoke cigars at all? Even though cigar smoke is not inhaled, cigar smokers could still get lung cancer and other ailments as well.

  5. All cigar lounges should be banned in the United States like they are in Canada!

    Who wants to smell like a dirty ashtray all the time and get lung cancer, emphysema, and/or COPD? Not me!

  6. This is what somebody recently told me on YouTube from a cigar related video: “You don't inhale cigars. Cigars are way healthier and better than cigarettes which smoke like ashtrays and filth. You don't think ashtray when you're talking about a cigar they're made from 100% pure tobacco. Also you don't inhale cigar smoke which makes it impossible for you to get lung cancer. Even if you did which you shouldn't there aren't any chemicals in it to really give you lung cancer. Cigars from my experience have a wonderful smell.”

    Really? Smoking any type of tobacco causes lung disease, cancer, COPD, emphysema, and any other health problem that they did not mention here, even though cigars are not inhaled.

    Also, cigars are very smelly and gross! Who wants a smell like a dirty ashtray? Not me!

    Why waste money on a product that causes health problems, makes people smell, and stains teeth to be yellow?


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