The Space Shuttle (Narrated by William Shatner)

An idea born in unsettled times becomes a feat of engineering excellence. The most complex machine ever built to bring humans to and from space and eventually construct the next stop on the road to space exploration.

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  1. I know what the world needs, it needs inspiration, to have a common goal that will only be achieved by forgetting our diffences, that goal is something that all us humans could be proud of: eliminating global hunger, educate every single child, peace, reach the stars and make our most unbelivable dreams come true.Inspiration that is what we need, inspiration that will move mountains and people towards a better future.The space race should be not between countries it should be against mediocrity.

  2. Did NASA just put the cancelled Ares V rocket into the video and say "soon America will again send astronauts into orbit"…ooooh…on a cancelled rocket that is? Its great to see that America has to rely on Russia to ferry the astronauts to the ISS.
    We lost the space race in the end… such a shame..
    With a strategy of a low cost vehicle like the SpaceX Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy years ago America could be on Mars by now, but now we cant even make it into low earth orbit.

  3. Space: The final frontier
    These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise
    Its 5 year mission
    To explore strange new worlds
    To seek out new life and new civilizations
    To boldly go where no man has gone before

  4. @Sweetheart12922 the rocket shown in the video is the cancelled Ares V cargo lifter… if you are confused go check it out…and btw Constellation and Ares cost American taxpayers billions og dollars with absolutely nothing to show for it… oh wait thats not entirely correct because theres erected a 500 million dollar monument at KSC praising the glory of the NASA subcontractor cost plus financial structure in the form of a launch tower… 500 million for a tower used once!

  5. @MrAnalpfropfen First of all NASA do not develop anything at all. They are forbidden to do so by law. The government must not be in competition with private space contractors like ATK, Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Thats why NASA is hiring those firm to run the shuttle program and to launch its satellites. Like Orbital that recently dropped a 400 million dollar satellite and a 50 million dollar rocket into the ocean. Again! Making it twice now.

  6. @Sweetheart12922 Watching American taxpayers pay 1.5 billion dollars pr Shuttle launch is actually even more painful especially in todays financial climate. If you buy a Ferrari and you actually cant afford it and the payments on the damn car is keeping you from acquiring an affordable car which actually can serve your needs then its might be painful to let it go but the real pain is that you made the wrong financial and technological choice. America could have been on Mars with a low cost model

  7. @MrAnalpfropfen Its called realism..Nothing get developed without money. A lot of money if NASA keeps on going to the conventional contractors with the conventional cost structure. We can only hope that ATK, Lockheed Martin and Boeing dosnt succeed in shutting companies like SpaceX down like they have every intention of doing and actively trying to when they make cost 1.5 billion pr Shuttle launch. SpaceX is aiming at about 100 million with the Falcon Heavy with twice the lifting capability!

  8. The song in the background is "Passacaglia" by Bear McCreary. You can find it, as well as his other works, on the "Battlestar Galactica Soundtrack: Season 1" album. I also recommend McCreary's "The Shape of Things to Come" from that same album as well.

  9. @MrAnalpfropfen Space flight is solely commercialized and monopoliced by ATK, Lockheed Martin and Boeing- that the whole problem. Commercial interests stand above the national need for innovation and space exploration. Why do you think when president Obama cancelled Constellation suddenly congress found a bag of money to carry on some parts of the program?Why was that?
    Why would anyone pore billions into a cancelled program waisting taxpayer money? because they buy politician with taxpayer money

  10. Why don't we see this on TV anymore??? Instead of the feats of human evolution all we get is fear mongering and trivial entertainment based on lesser human emotions…

    Blessings to the men and women who worked and sacrificed in the cradle of science, for theirs are the laurels of human spirit.

    sorry if my english isn't clear as i would like it to be, it's not my native language.

  11. When I was young (about 1982 I think) we watched the launches live on TV in school here in Sweden and I still remember the thrill and excitement we all felt.
    I have followed the space program closely ever since and it is with a tear in my eye I now watch the final voyage of the shuttles.
    I am proud of us humans who have achieved this and still aiming for greater adventures in the name of science and understanding the universe. 🙂

  12. I like the final words "To do what NASA does best….explore" only proves that NASA is comprised of a bunch of expensive kids exploring space! 🙂 Wish I was one of them!

  13. @vel1303 It's from TDK. In fact, the very name of it is "A Dark Knight" . The piece of it playing (it's 16 minutes long) is from the ending scene from that movie.

  14. Americans don't dream anymore. Americans don't try anymore. Americans don't care if other countries are ahead of us technologically.

    I guess it's time for NASA to get with the times.

  15. To be honest, even though the Space shuttle was quite the engineering achievement it was…i think it was the wrong descision for us take after Apollo.

    We could've set foot on Mars as early as the 80's if we tried for an Apollo successor, but Nixon wanted the shuttle specifically for lost cost AND military applications. It was designed for some military uses, but it was NOT low cost.

    Sure a Mars mission would've been expensive, but we would've gotten more out of it than to be stuck in LEO.

  16. Thats not entirely accurate. President Obama has been a staunch supporter of the COTS program, and his administration created CCDEV. Not to mention he signed in to law the construction of a super heavy lift vehicle SLS.

  17. yeah, too bad that Bush flushed all your money down the toilet, with the iraq and afghan wars. And by the time Obama came in, there wasn't enough monies left, so he had to cut back on NASA.

  18. I actually studied economics at arbiter, but it doesn't take much of a brain to know that going to war twice in a couple of years, takes a lot of money. With your national debt being so high, you can't afford to be spending money on space programs. If Bush never went to war, you would probably have more of a budget.

  19. Nixon didn't start the vietnam war…. Kennedy sent the first troops there, Johnson greatly expanded are forces in the country then Nixon worked on getting us out. He openly campaigned about getting us out of the war. I am not saying he is the greatest guy he certainly had corruption in him but he absolutely didnt "initiate the war in Vietnam".

  20. At first when they retired the shuttle, i was very upset because NASA was basically getting out of the business of manned space flight. Now, I'm glad it has been retired, LEO(Low Earth Orbit) was achieved prior to the Apollo program, and it was a step backwards into complacency. It's time to go out and explore.

  21. I was a freshman in college for engineering when they launched the first shuttle. Dennis Mikeska at Wharton County Jr. College in Wharton, TX had a hand held transistor radio listening to the event. You brought back great memories. Thank You Peter Engstrom !

  22. Peter I work for NASA in Houston and if you find me on Facebook you can see my shuttle photos. Cheers !! Look for my nickname Jody Muniz, my father named me after his friend who helped him learn English in school.

  23. The leadership and funding was to beat the Russians, but that's not what NASA wants. NASA actually wants to explore, but the sad truth is they can't do that without the funding of the leaders.

    It is a big difference in what the leaders want, and what NASA wants.

  24. This time, we are going to make deep space vehicles to further into space than ever before. I think we are launching one in 2017 or 2020. Not 100% sure but they are upgrading the crawler(the thing that carries the spacecraft from the VAB to the launch pad) so it can carry the new spacecraft so im guessing the new spacecrafts are going to be ALOT bigger than any spacecraft we have ever seen.

  25. They are. The Space Launch System is taking its first unmanned test flight in 2017, with its first manned flight in 2021. The first manned flight will take humans back to lunar orbit for the first time since the Apollo missions. Also, the Orion space capsule (where the astronauts will actually be in) is taking its first unmanned test flight next year on a Delta IV Heavy.

  26. stop putting fisheye lenses on everything dumbasses. billions of dollars in space but none of it in camera technology apparently. we can go into space but can't seem to find a camera that can deal with apertures like the human eye can. maybe inventing that type of camera is just as impressive as going into space? come on impress me we've been going to space for 30 years. MAKE A GOOD CAMERA NASA! You're camera technology is PITIFUL!

  27. Easily the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life so far, was the launch of STS-4 from less than 5 miles away …it was a fine morning..a huge and very happy crowd…an awesome sight truly….and the sound…..good god !….it hammered right through you…God Bless And Preserve the USA…..LOVE FROM CANADA!!!


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