The Sims 4 But The End Is Here | Not So Berry #9 FINALE

Today Kelsey Impicciche continues a challenge called The Not So Berry Challenge! It’s a challenge created by lilsimsie in the Sims 4 where you play as 1 family for 10 generations, with each generation inspired by a color! Season 3 is YELLOW

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  1. Ahh! I LOOOVED that longer hair with the side braid on Sky that it automatically assigned her! It looked so good!! Maybe for her older childhood look, or teen look?? I'm going to miss Yellow gen!

  2. Okay not to be rude of course that song had the rock in it but technically it was tech nines song and im a huge tech nine fan so I was just bummed you didn't mention him 😂🥲

  3. Hey Kelsey! Can Skylar keep darker eyebrows with her light hair, since her parents had such contrasting features? I ended up with naturally dark brows and blonde hair, so it doesn’t always turn out matching!

  4. My gray gen we chaotic growing up! My yellow gen was a male sim who got abducted by aliens and ended up having triplets! I had them be black, grey, and white berry Sims.

  5. Not sure if you will see this before you build skylars home. Maybe it would be cute since she's gray gen it may be cute to have pops of minth, poppy, and summer colors in her home since she is family oriented 🙂

  6. I'm not sure what point it was in CAS but I was like I feel like Skylar would be Bi/lesbian and adopt her children 😊🥰 which could be cute!

  7. I really hope Kelsey brought Kakeru with her to Summer's new home…when she was talking about the rocket I was like…what about your husband's urn?

  8. hey kelsey, you should do all of your mods haul to show s what youve used in the not so berry challenge. Share this to get the message around

  9. Summer was very chill and homey confiding I mean after her grandma loves for brinks and her mom sassy and wild dating life it was the perfect break and now I can’t wait to see the drama and crazy rollercoaster back with gray gen

  10. I was just thinking about this: Minthe actually had a greater impact on Summer than Summer thought she did…. Minthe married a coworker and so did Summer. So sad to see him die 😭 I agree that Skylar should have a dog! She can go jogging with her dog too since she’s going to be an active sim.

  11. Jade's hair keeps switching because it's gray in her human disguise! She wears the same things in alien and human form but has different hair colours on them

  12. Summer should adopt her cousins if Jade and her husband die of old age, it would be nice to have her extended alien family in the household and would probably fuel Skylars family oriented trait

  13. Does anyone else notice the toys Skylar got were basically kinda the previous gens? There was a green (Mint), red, and yellow one. For Skylar, I definitely think that she should have at least one pop of color in her room/house for the previous gens. I think it would be cute with the grey.

  14. Kelsey, whenever you do Winterfest in the sims I notice that you always buy a box/stack of presents to manually put under the tree, and I always wonder why you do that. When you press the tree, you can press “Place a present pile” and your sims will place their own presents under the tree! It looks better and it’s free, also for the gameplay aspect of it, it’s way cuter having the parent sims place presents under the tree for their kids ☺️

  15. I dont think any of my sims thus far in the Not So Berry challenge ended up meeting their grandparents sadly… Even my Mint Gen died when Yellow was just a toddler 🙁

  16. I understand that the clips in the beginning are to set the scene and get us excited for the episode, but honestly the yelling the first second the video starts is often too loud, especially when using headphones ^^'

  17. I wonder if pleading the death ever works. I watched sims do it many times and it didn't help even once, it's just so disappointing and heartbreaking every time i can't


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