The Shuttle’s Last Flight | An End. A New Beginning.

Ten years ago, the last shuttle mission (STS-135) dropped out of the predawn darkness and landed at Kennedy’s Shuttle Landing Facility Runway 15 for the final time.

Over the course of the more than eight days, Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim had spent much of their time delivering a stockpile of supplies and parts to the space station.

The end of their mission aboard Atlantis may have been the end of the shuttle era, but it was the beginning a new stage of exploration.

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0:00 – Intro
0:24 Preparing to launch
2:48 Launch delay
3:34 Launch
4:01 Arrive at the International Space Station
5:51 Returning Home
7:04 Landing
8:51 New Beginnings

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  1. 7:49 “engine powers down” what? I thought the shuttle was completely a glider on return. That’s what the captions that seem to have been made by nasa said. It also does sound like an engine powering down. Maybe the plane taking them home or something powering down elsewhere on the ramp?

  2. There is no excuse for the US shutting down the Shuttle program. I remember the first flight of the Columbia. It was real euphoria. Finally, I thought, a REAL spaceship appeared … And now – everything ended so disgustingly …

    Humanity has taken another step back on the path of progress. Everything that do today and call it "spaceships" is a pitiful parody of real spaceships – Shuttles. It's a pity. It's a pity…

    From Moscow, USSR …

  3. I remember as a small kid thinking that Space Shuttles were a "normal" thing, just like planes but knowing that this wasn't the case and that there's just the Space Shuttle is crazy!

  4. As nostalgic as the Space Shuttle Program was, let's not forget that 14 out of the 18 deaths caused during a rocket launch or re-entry were caused by the Space Shuttle Program, if it was as successful as we want to remember, it wouldn't of been discontinued.

  5. I remember the Space Shuttle a lot. Even though I'm excited for Artemis, I really miss Discovery, Atlantis & Endeavour….
    At one point, I kinda thought Nasa was gonna buy those 2 Buran Shuttles that are still in a hangar in Baikonour & 1 in a random airport (Ptichka, 2.01 (3K) & OK-M); If the latter 3 didn't retire, Nasa would have 5-6 shuttles again 😀

    Anyway, good luck with Artemis, Beoing Starliner, returning to the moon & many more accomplishments in the near future!!

  6. The shuttle was one of the greatest achievements in human history, and we must have something like it again (but better obviously, need to take off and land without extra boosters) if we are to truly make space accessible to all.

  7. The Space Shuttle was truly a sight to behold on takeoff, orbit, and landing. It's honestly a bit sad to see them go to monuments. But the space shuttle monuments will never let us forget all the memories the space shuttle made over the past 30 years. We're all going to remember Space Shuttles Columbia, Challenger, Endeavour, Discovery, and Atlantis throughout history to which they were a major part of.

  8. To believe that nasa went to the moon that truth is slowly becoming a myth for me because nasa cant even lanch astronauts from earth or from usa all the work was done by russia and now as spacex comes they have full support.just somebody prove me that im wrong please

  9. As a little kid, the shuttle ignighted my passion for space and planes, I'm not becoming an engineer anytime soon but I'll never forget this for being such a vital part of my life

  10. The shuttle is a great accomplish and NASA you did this hard things to accomplish things that is not possible in the past and we love u all the parcipated in the mission of this awesome machine live you NASA and astronauts u made us happy (goodbye space shuttle ur a good machine) we wont forget you great machine we wont forget you like the mars rover spirit,opy goodbye space shuttle u made us happy 🙋.and u would make better machines that will make us even more happy thank you NASA love you and we support you.and accomplish things that u dreamed off great job NASA we support you 🙋.

  11. Great NASA. I hope to work with you and be a trainee. They achieve this dream for me. I hope to be the youngest astronaut. I want to be with you, please.

  12. I still remember when one of the shuttles flew over and the sonic boom shook my whole place. Didn't know what it was at the time but once I turned on the news they mentioned it was the shuttle landing. One of the best memories ever 🤘

  13. I, like many, grew up watching these incredible machine fly. In July 2009, I was fortunate enough to be down at the KSC during the landing of STS-127. While I didn't get to see the actual landing, standing in the main visitor center, hearing the radio transmissions, and ultimately the sonic booms before landing was incredible. I'll never forget coming back from the Saturn V center and seeing the shuttle parked outside of the processing facility hours after it returned from space. It's a memory that I will never forget.

  14. NASA should have kept the shuttle. Fix the foam shedding, retire the old shuttles, and make new lunar capable shuttles that could carry a lunar lander in the cargo bay. HEY NASA!! ITS NOT TOO LATE!! YOUR STILL SHUTTLE PARTS for SLS!

  15. The icon of an era. The iconic outline of the Space Shuttle's beautiful delta wings will remain a symbol of human spaceflight for years to come. Hail Columbia, hail Challenger.

  16. this was so cool like fortnite rocket event🚀🌠🌟🔥💧💧💧💧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  17. Does anyone know why Chris Ferguson says that the shuttle flew "ever since" he "was a little kid or even before" he "was born"?
    The guy was born on September 1st 1961. The first shuttle flew when he was almost 20 years old! Does he not know that?

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  22. Talk about a BEAUTIFUL ship. It was a pleasure to have witness two launches in person, and having lived through the ENTIRE shuttle era, as a baby when STS-1 launched to my time at the police academy when STS-135 landed, I was moved by its legacy. 🚀

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  24. I remember visiting the Kennedy Space Center in 6th grade for an overnight trip in which STS-135 was scheduled to launch the morning of our second day. Unfortunately there were delays due to weather and we did not get to witness it live in-person. My heart is still sad knowing I'll never get see one of the wonderful feats of engineering take to the skies. However, I feel so inspired by the legacy of the program that I'm pursuing a degree in engineering and hope to one day work on the teams that will help explore Mars and deep space beyond. Thank you nasa for inspiring myself and many others to dream big and believe in humanity and our capabilities as a species. We salute you

  25. I remember the first shuttle launch. I was 6 years old, and not quite old enough to grasp the greatness and impact our unique American achievement would have on our history and mankind. But I grew up in the shuttle era, cheering its successes, mourning its losses, and wondering often, "what comes after?"
    I've enjoyed watching NASA and our country making a comeback in space exploration with Spaces and Crew Dragon…and I'm beyond thrilled to be part of a generation that brings us back to the moon to call it home. And I get to share it with my kids and grandkids. And, God willing, I will be there with my family watching the first human stepping foot on Mars.


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