The Sharks Struggle To Understand Doorbot’s Value | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

Jamie Siminoff is seeking $700,000 for a 10% stake in Doorbot

From Season 5 Episode 9

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About Shark Tank: The Sharks – tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons – continue their search to invest in the best businesses and products that America has to offer. The Sharks will once again give people from all walks of life the chance to chase the American dream and potentially secure business deals that could make them millionaires.

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Will The Sharks Regret Not Investing In Doorbot Sooner? | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

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  1. Sometimes the sharks are too detached from reality to know a great product. They probably all live in mansions with tons of security cameras and personal security, so obviously they wouldn’t understand the value of this for the ordinary person.

  2. The door bot needed to raise 400Million USD in investment and with it the entrepreneur lost a decent chunk of his equity

    The entrepreneur's current net worth is 350M USD which is not ba but he did not become a billionaire

  3. craziest part of all this is a few seasons later he was a guest shark for a few episodes, don’t let a few people who don’t understand your vision decide your fate

  4. A lot of entrepreneurs who come to shark tank with a great product but end up not having a shark on board end up doing great because it's free advertising lol

  5. A royalty deal at 7% would have been worth $12 Million in 2016 and $29 Million in 2017. Not to mention the 5% equity would have netted him $75 Million in the Amazon buyout. Pretty greedy, and glad he didn’t take the offer.

  6. Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. RANGNICK'S (Ole 3.0) at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!!!!

  7. Guess nobody needs peep windows anymore. Its soooooo common just to look at a screen right? Next put one in every room, why not the shower. Then elon musk will link it into his Tesla's 👎👎👎


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