The Secret Technology Helping Driverless Cars: Remote Control

Even the best driverless cars today have problems with tough driving conditions like recognizing uneven terrain or navigating difficult weather. One startup is developing technology to serve as a missing link: controlling the car by remote control. Phantom Auto is hoping its technology could help autonomous cars reach market later this year. Photo: Jake Nicol for The Wall Street Journal

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Comment (87)

  1. Why would the passenger be "stranded in the vehicle"? Do they not know how to drive? There's no way the lag delay makes this safe, ESPECIALLY on a cell network! 3 HD video feeds over 4g??? This is batshit crazy. Imagine that giant truck losing a connection and just plowing into everything. Where do they even see a cost savings? You still have to pay a driver, is he going to be that much cheaper if he sits in an office? Is this going to get outsourced to India to keep the costs down?

  2. This is a very scary prospect! Let’s face it America has some of the worlds worst drivers that really have no concern for safety and concentrating behind the wheel! Having someone drive remotely is even worse and is surely an accident or death trap waiting to happen!
    This needs to be stopped immediately as there are way too many people dying in motor vehicle accidents without adding to them!!

  3. I am a control engineer and I want to do some research in remote driving applications.
    So, could you propose to me some articles and documents/books in this field? And what challenges do we face?

  4. I had this idea to develop since several years but i am neither a technical guy nor an engineer. But, i got this idea to save the lives in india. Many accidents in india happened due to sleeping while driving. So, this idea helps for sure. If i get a chance i want to buy one and run it on my road in india.


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