The Secret Life of the Stanley Cup

Official Cup guardian Mike Bolt describes the endless adventures of the famous NHL trophy, which has traveled to Afghanistan, been strapped to a motorcycle and even used to baptize babies. Mike Richter, winner of the Stanley Cup in 1994 with the New York Rangers also talks about his experience with hockey’s ultimate prize.

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Comment (136)

  1. What makes it the best trophy in all of sports is how there is only one. Something about there being 52 Vince Lombardi trophies cheapens the impact. The Stanley cup has that history.

  2. I love how everyone on the team gets to do whatever they want with it for a day. Like the guy said, unlike other sports trophy’s, this one gets to go all over the world. I think that’s really cool

  3. I remember when I went to Milan hejduks jersey retirement peter forsberg brought it out and I legit shat my pants seeing it in real life. Now I've seen the cup and Lombardi trophy. But I dint think I'll see the MLB and NBA trophy since the Rockies and nuggets suck

  4. The Stanley Cup, Le Coupe de Stanley, Lord Stanley, The Cup, whatever you call it, it’s our holy grail, one of the all time great trophies in sports.

  5. I often wonder which is harder to fall on ice for skaters such as Nathan Chan, or concrete for skateboarders? I can personaly vouge for concrete, it doesnt budge and rips skin. But the ice appears bone breaking! B

  6. After i saw the avs dent the cup and nobody react tonight I knew my childhood dream of eating a bowl of cereal out of the cup was possible, this video confirmed it!!!


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