The Secret

The Secret IT HAS BEEN PASSED THROUGHOUT THE AGES, TRAVELLING THROUGH CENTURIES… TO REACH YOU. This is the secret to everything — joy, health, money, relationships, love, happiness… everything you have ever wanted. In this astonishing film are ALL the resources you will need to understand and live The Secret. For the first time in history leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret, a secret that utterly transformed the lives of those who lived it… Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein. Now YOU will know The Secret, and it can change your life forever.

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  1. It amazes me how every speaker is ONLY making money by selling books and putting butts in seats at seminars. They don’t do anything else, they talk big like being able to accomplish anything, but all they do is regurgitate the same crap that somebody else says. This stuff is pure bullshit.

  2. My recommended brought this upon me, perfectly in timing.
    I needed this. I need to stop "i don't want to be late".
    I need to start "i want to arrive on time".

  3. same daily mental picture. daily do stuff, mostly by accident to crop the edges. …soon fits into the frame of the picture becoming tangible. don't break the frame.

  4. I was so skeptical when first I heard of this. But bro it works. And it's the secret to my great success today. All my life I had one dream, and that was to be a Super Saiyan. I know I know I can already hear y'all. "You can't be a Super Saiyan dummy!" "You're too fat to be Goku" "Quit screaming motha fucka!" We'll look at me now! All I had to do was believe in myself and say "I am a super Saiyan" "my power level IS over 9000" "I ain't no bald ass Krillin, give me them golden locks" and one day it just came true. Now here I am drinking beer with Master Roshi, hitting the clubs with Yamcha, and slapping that fool Frieza upside his pale head. And you too could do this. All you gotta do is really believe. Say it with me now! "I am a super Saiyan! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

  5. I remember when this first came out and lots of people were trying to get me to have this new wonderful life ,…. LMFAO Well their lives haven't changed any since then ! What a croc of shit ! just like I told them back then !

  6. "The Law of Attraction" is Satanic. It may work for you once maybe twice; but then it will wind up stabbing you in the back and ripping your flesh to pieces.
    PS. totally eliminate the God who Created You and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who died in your place and paid for all of your sins by the shedding of His Precious Blood. Yeah, what does He know?

  7. I created my own happiness separate from all other people by focusing on myself
    It worked
    My feelings have proved themselves to be omnipotent

    Above all others

    Go with the Flow! LOL! 😂😱

  8. I use to share this print (author was unknown) but I kept it, used it, shared it many time's for many year's. (It's MIA)
    I'm glad I came across this video, watched, & listened all the way through. I feel we all sometimes need to be reminded of this very inspirational Thought Process!
    Though I believe I have lived by this more often than not. Periodically, we hit a brick wall (figure of speech).
    Thank you for sharing this video! I appreciated it. 'Needed this reminder.
    I shared it in multiple ways!! <smiles>

  9. you I think that's BS because I tried that thousands of times but dosnt words with me,I think this video just a business commercial, they get paid to post this video, the brain and the body is only responsible for success or failure, study, graduate, live experience, your body's type sexy, beauty, attractive, use it to like ( get hired in job, sports, model…..)
    it's a failure philosophy, hey not on this planet 🤚

  10. Then how do u explain positive vibes thoughts motions and meditation and yet everything still goes to shit? Cause it isn't for lack of trying I can tell ya that. I've always been a law's of positive attraction subconsciously or consciousness. So after a half a century year old I understand laws of attraction. Heck it's even in the Bible. But why then do some people just get a shit hand?

  11. BS things don't happen magically you just have to be optimistic there for you act different towered the world positively but I do believe there are positive and negative energies at work and such. They always tying in bs in all these documentaries. trying to make it look like a miracle for u know what reason. Like the rock n understanding how it works after seeing a picture of a house u cut and put on some shit 5 years ago. That must be a miracle bc u didn't know u were doing it but u did it lol.

  12. This is all so simple, and it’s definitely no secret. You’re changing your thought process. If you start to think positively little annoyances don’t bother you anymore, instead of being negative and little annoyances sending you into a tailspin where things get worse and worse. It’s all about perception.
    The hard part of all of this is actually changing your thought process. I KNOW that if I wasn’t so negative (and I saw the silver lining instead of the grey cloud) I’d be happier. But, changing a lifetime of knee jerk reactions take time. I’m a worrier. I have a low threshold for stress. I’m so worried about attracting negativity (car issues, health issues, just about anything and everything I worry could go wrong) that I’m afraid the worry alone will cause me to attract those things! How do I change my naturally anxiety riddled mind?
    So, really: The Secret is not so simple. If it were we’d all be happy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. OMG! thank you so much, universe!!!!! I have been thinking about manifestation all day and I thought to myself, "I am going to watch the secret today for some help" so I went to Netflix b/c it is usually there and it wasn't!!! Then, I went over to my trusty dusty Youtube and typed it in the search bar! Lo and behold, I found it here for free! Halfway through the video I noticed that the date uploaded is TODAY (4/5/2022). I couldn't believe it. I immediately went to the comments to see…. I see comments posted only hours ago….. Yo…. I manifested this for us, y'all! lmao 😀 Heck yeah! You are all so great!

  14. Wow…. I was recently introduced to "The Secret", manifestation, Law of Attraction, etc. and have been wondering 'The Secret is a film?' and never insisted to search until now, i randomly JUST NOW thought "Would it be on Netflix?" And searched, not on Netflix so I tried YT, first thing I see is $13.99 and thought "okay if I dont find one online for free I'll pay to watch" but BAM! Here is a free version, just posted 13 hours ago!!! I have attracted this video!!! Wow like wow!!! Thank You Lord thank you Universe, it was meant to be!!! I will finish watching tomorrow. Good night, world! BLESSINGS ARE COMING OUR WAY!💞💞💞

  15. Does the universe/god punish you? I asked/begged for something that I believed I wanted. I truly believed I wanted it. It took me years to come to the decision that I wanted it. And the universe/god (what I call “The Essence”) gave it to me…. And then I changed my mind. I didn’t take it. I couldn’t. I KNOW The Essence gave me what I begged for. It wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t luck. It was an answer to my prayers and thoughts. And I didn’t keep it. I changed my mind. I didn’t want to, but when reality hit I knew there was no way I could keep the gift. I’m so, so afraid that The Essence will punish me. Or, that it will never answer my prayers again. I’m so awful. I can’t even ask for forgiveness because I can’t forgive myself. I don’t know if I deserve forgiveness. I feel like even asking The Essence for forgiveness means it’s kind of ok to do what I did: to receive what I asked for and then turn it down. I’m not ok with that. How do I repent? Honestly, I’m open to suggestions or help. This weighs heavily on my soul, and I’d do anything to be humble enough to just ASK for forgiveness.

  16. 1:00:09 The placebo effect: Not to keep commenting, and not to be inappropriate, but the mind absolutely does have control over the physical body. Think about wet dreams! While you’re sleeping you can dream yourself into an orgasm. How powerful is that?! It blows my mind every time I think of it. If my mind can make me orgasm (cause a giant physical reaction to just thoughts, albeit deep, subconscious thoughts, that I feel are more powerful because they’re more connected to the mind/body/soul trio, and therefore more connected to The Essence/The Universe/God), why couldn’t it shrink a tumor? Why couldn’t it help regrow nerve pathways? On another note, I watch ufc fighters take such beatings, and usually they don’t even bruise! Not only are their bodies conditioned, but their minds are! (I mean, come on. How do you condition blood vessels to not break and cause a bruise? It’s not like conditioning your muscles. You’re doing that with your mind!)
    Our minds are so powerful!


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