The Safe Hands challenge

There are simple things we each must do to protect ourselves from #COVID19, including 👐 washing with 🧼 & 💦 or alcohol-based rub. WHO is launching the #SafeHands Challenge to promote the power of clean 👐 to fight #coronavirus. Join the challenge & share your 👐 washing video!

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  1. This is overall excellent. Might I add a couple of additional suggestions for an updated video: 1) Show the person also scrubbing around each fingernail with the opposite hand and then switch hands 2) Use the paper towel or a paper tissue or something OTHER than your hand to open the door or you have 'defeated the purpose' of washing your hands if you touch the door or doorknob that everyone else has been touching!

  2. WHO Please also discuss the origin of this virus and the need for all countries of the world, including the poorest to have access to doctors and pandemic containment and treatment measures. This whole virus started because of humans taking endangered animals from all over the world and selling them for food and profit. These animals are stuffed in cages, totally out of their natural habitats and of course they get sick as their immunity is lowered. Then of course, because all of these animals who are from different geographic regions infect one another and they don't have immune defenses against these diseases because they are different than the ones from the ones they've encountered in their natural habitat. Humans should never be doing this to these animals in the first place. COVID 19 is the consequences of human actions that are totally harmful to these precious species and we end up in the end harming each other because of taking the earths biodiversity and ruining it. We have a precious jewel, our natural world. Let's stop wasting and destroying what is sacred. There are consequences to human actions and this hopefully is a 'wake up' call, not just to eradicate this virus, but to stop those actions that allowed the virus to originate in the first place.

  3. You didn't do the right thing. Stupid leader is terrifying people around the world. The secretary of the WHO was stupid and stared at China and missed the time. If you think the this challenge will stop blaming you, it is a mistake.

  4. God has instructed humankind not to be wasteful in the following verse: “O Children of Adam! Eat and drink but waste not by excess, for God loveth not the wasters” ( Surah al Araaf, The Heights 7:31 ).

    Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) exemplifies the “logical approach to sustainable water use” and advised “Do not waste even if performing ablution on the bank of a fast flowing large river” (Al Thirmidhi).

  5. WHO hand washing process depicts eleven (11) steps. In step zero (0) a person is touching the tap faucet to open it. This will make the faucet be contaminated. Then, the next user has to touch a contaminated faucet. All other steps from one (1) to Nine (9) depicts how to clean your hands properly. My humble suggestion is, it would be better to introduce one step more which would consider the safety and well-being of others too. Therefore, it is suggested to introduce one additional step to the existing WHO hand washing procedure, as Step “0” opening the faucet by using a disposable tissue/paper towel and put it into the waste bin safely. Or you can wash the “faucet” thoroughly for 20 sec with soap before wash your hands. Then you should wash your hands thoroughly for 20 sec or more by following WHO steps 2 to 11.
    Think on this point Sir.

  6. Tambien deberian poner el ejemplo a cerrar la llave del agua mientras se enjabona y talla las manos, porque con esto vamos a prevenir un contagio pero vamos a acabarnos mas rapido el agua del planeta, igual que al lavar los trastes o bañarse, cerrarle al agua mientras se talla, para no desperdiciar tanta

  7. A friend of mine told me that it is easier for white people to wash hands and afterwards see if the skin is clean, trying to rush his hand washing. While basically being in the right… I still hit him and yelled "You can't see the virus, you nutjob! Wash your hands properly!" And thus he got smarter.

  8. Mr. Ghebreyesus,

    Your advice, as you presented to the World audiences, is grossly flawed:

    (1) As pointed to you by others already, you’re advising huge worldwide waste of precious water. The valve during scrubbing must be shutoff, and there are ways to do it safely during the washing/scrubbing, but you failed to shutoff the valve, instead showing example of waste.

    (2) In addition, you recklessly left the faucet, particularly the valve contaminated with viruses from your hand you used, previously to open the valve before scrubbing

    (3) You failed to demonstrate a good practice of soap scrubbing the valve during hands washing, to disinfect the valve, and perhaps also the faucet, by washing and soap scrubbing it, in addition to hand. This little preventive effort and good prevention practice you did fail to inform and show the public.

    (4) You grossly failed to inform and demonstrate the need of washing the face.

    (5) You failed to inform that it’s imperative to wash the face frequently, especially areas around the mouth, eyes, and nose. Particularly approximately a quarter inch inside each nostril should be cleaned with soap, and then residues removed, for example by gently blowing the nose. Well soaped Q-tips or just the finger can be used, carefully, to not bring viruses and pathogens inside. The simple reason to do so: to help removing contamination accumulated after your mouth, eyes or nose has been touched, and remove potential viruses accumulated on your face during day/night with droplets and aerosols carrying Covid-19 viruses, which may potentially land on your face.

    (6) Through washing the face is particularly important, and especially before bedtime, to avoid transporting viruses from the face, via pillows to your mouth, eyes and other points of entry for viral infection.

    Mr. Ghebreyesus, because you’re voicing your message as an authority, it is your responsibility to promptly correct misinformation and errors from your message.

  9. Who are saying "he's wasting water" can for a minute understand it's an important video about hygene in coronavirus emergency? Can please stop complaining for 1/2 lt of water and start thanking WHO for his work and the suggest it's giving to you in order of saving lives? Thank you

  10. If you touch the faucet again after you have started washing your hands, you recontaminate your hands. The soap needs to be in contact with the virus on your hands for a minimum amount of time in order to denature the viral capsid and destroy the virus. If you touch the tap to turn the water off and then on again before rising, you just potentially recontaminated your hands without giving the virus at least 30 seconds of exposure to the soap that is necessary to denature its capsid and kill it.

    It's unfortunate that so much water must be used right now in order to defeat this virus, but there is a pandemic going on people, you need to stop whining about water usage right now in order to tackle the pandemic, lives are at stake. Anyone who works in healthcare and/or has studied virology or microbiology in depth at the university level is well aware of this.

    Anyone chastising people about the water usage necessary to defeat this pandemic is part of the problem, and will likely end up spreading the virus and keeping the pandemic going longer than necessary.

    Advice to all: listen to EDUCATED people in regards to viruses (like the WHO, CDC, etc.), not laymen on YouTube and social media. No one educated in viruses and bacteria and their spread would be telling people to turn off the taps mid-washing – because they actually know what they are talking about.

  11. Dr u put your mind in making vacine of corono virus , world know how to wash hand..u are useless on earth ..God pls give him corono virus 😂 because of you I was locked down in home

  12. This video is mercifully for the benefit of those who never made it past 6 years old, cognitively. Those who need someone in an authority position to remind them to wash their hands after they wipe their poopy butt or go pee-pee and many whose parents never taught them basic personal hygeine. (Sorry all you 6 year olds, at least you DO have an excuse)!

    P.S. These folks must be the same ones who choose not to obey the basic traffic law which requires a driver to come to a COMPLETE stop at the STOP sign- it even tells you what to do, in huge letters, viz, STOP! A toughie for many to perform, yes, but it's in every Drivers' Handbook.

  13. It was your fault that this pandemic happened you are a CCP puppet. You should have done your job and investigated properly what really happened in Wuhan. You should step down as WHO General.. The WHO is as corrupt as the CCP..

  14. Now, if only they would do a video of "How to Exit Restroom AFTER I Wash/Disinfect My Hands". Who is going to open the door? You will need to open a door handle, which is known to be handled by persons who do not wash their hands. And?

  15. It’s sad to see that Water is being wasted, I request advertising/ media firms to use touch less sensor based taps and not running tap. We have to condition the viewers to avoid wasting water while ensuring safety.


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