The Ross Mathews Roast

The queens take part in a good old fashioned comedic roast, of Drag Race judge Ross Mathews. Dulce Sloan (The Daily Show) guest judges.

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  1. Jorgeous is so unlikable. She's pissed Bosco got to stay, but she's the one who should have gone home nine times. Not sure why she thinks she's one of the top queens who are "getting rid of the other girls". She hasn't been good at anything besides lip syncing and it's become so predictable and lame.

  2. Seriously Youtube, please get it together! A lot of us pay for the whole season hoping we can watch it ASAP once it is aired on TV. We shouldn't have to wait 13 hours for an episode we paid for. By then, the interviews with the eliminated queens are already up. UGHHHHHHHHH

  3. Y’all gotta get this shit together. Like I’m never buying another season of this show on YouTube. The fuck am I paying for if you don’t upload it till almost 2 days after it airs. Like damn 13h late???

  4. I was so sick of Gorgeous giving up she should change her name to ugly because that’s exactly what she began to look like to me! Go home girl! I was ready for her sashay away!!! I stopped rooting for her because she stopped rooting for herself! Wow! Now that’s a lesson. Never give up on u!!

  5. At this point I’m not paying for a season in advance. I may buy episodes individually. That’s if I feel like watching once the spoilers, Whatcha Packin, and Pit Stop have aired.


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