The Rebound

In New York City, a single mom captivates her new neighbor, a much younger man.

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  1. that was good, especially addressing the ageistness thing. It should be celebrated. It's common enough for a 94 year old dude to marry a 22 year old and we laugh and mock them. what about the 28 year old man that marries a 42 year old? why is that wrong? if she still looks that good at that age, she's doing something right. maybe if you're in doubt, consider it an education. add: typically, but not always, women outlive men, so they sit sad and lonely for 10 years or whatever the facts may be. the only problem with this movie is she doesn't look old at all, i'd peg 28 to 32. I'd be surprised by her kids and wonder if she got pregnant at like 12 or 15, that would be MY first concern, not her age.. like who's gonna kick my ass if I hang out with you?

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