The Rear Seat Experience of the New S-Class

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  1. everything is amazing about this car but when will car manufacturers work on their TERRIBLY outdated screens as well as infotainment system? Why can it not be like the iPad?

  2. God you're telling me this this is the 2021 idea of luxury? People throw money at this? An outdated UI with redundant features. The UI looks like something from 2012, and having a separate personal assistant isn't really simplifying anyone's lives. Everyone's daily lives are either hooked to an apple ecosystem or an android ecosystem. If the UI can't behave as an extension of either the car's whole software features like setting reminders and sending emails become redundant in addition to looking like shit. Don't get me wrong the car is great but they should definitely get some fresh minds on their UI/UX team.

    Edit : Also what luxury are they showing off with an ancient samsung galaxy tablet xD

  3. Mercedes Benz has been in the forefront of automobile innovation for decades setting trends on how cars should be engineered and designed. This is what I call true creativity!

  4. The tablet UI looks very outdated. I feel like I‘m looking at an iPhone with iOS 1. Sometimes simplicity really has to be considered.

    The upper heads at Mercedes should retire the current UI designers or at least give some young people higher positions so that they also have something to say. The EQS also has this cheap looking UI, which is quite sad considering how much a car like that actually costs. My Seat Ibiza FR has a way better looking UI and that car doesn‘t even cost 20 bucks.

  5. Everyone's complaining that the UI looks outdated, but that's probably as far as they can push it without having Apple/Microsoft lawyers on their backs for UI patent infringements

  6. What's the feeling that you have when you're watching a foreigner video in english and at 3:32 plays a song in your native language?Unexpected..

  7. I will go for the old version, my dad went to the retailer place and saw the new s class, he didn’t liked the big screen in the front seat instead of actual buttons, so he got the old s500 instead

  8. Love the car- already have a deposit on one- but would prefer a serious Mercedes engineer explaining the car to me. After almost 5 minutes I still have no idea if the backseat package has tables and he didn’t talk about the wireless charging.

    Instead he talked about how voice command can heat the seat. 100% of people will just hit the button on the door because it’s far more convenient! (unless you are actually driving) which this feature would be good for.

  9. New S-Class with brand new weakness? For example 2018/19 models got two problems(or even more, oil leaks ect) but mostly dangerous thing are driving off from street at 120 kmh when pressing gas pedal and steering wheel vibrations during the drive then saying to clients “Look sir it’s a future that’s a normal thing!”

  10. Quick question can you connect your iPhone through the infotainment system ? I wanted to see if I play a music video on YouTube on my iPhone would it show up on the screen as well ??

  11. Yeah there is space for so many kids back there with the front passenger seat folded all the way forward for a kid they wouldn’t even be able to reach the foot rest they can just use the card rest as a foot rest yeah


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