The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Speak On It Toronto Pt 3

The Toronto finale is finally here!

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  1. I am divorced because I was cheated on. The female’s relative who I did not know, called me and told me what was going on behind my back. Although it hurt, I am glad she told me. I would have preferred that he told me himself but that did not happen. I don’t care who lets me know, I want to know the truth and it will be my decision what I do with it.

  2. Yes I would want to know for the simple fact black women are diagnosed at alarming numbers of HIV I just had this discussion with a group of business women. Those that don’t tell are selfish there only reason is to keep the “friendship “ you find that no one want to lose u…. don’t worry if we still friends worry if she got Gonorrhea of the mouth 👄. Use your power wisely Kandi not just speak on it

  3. Tanya has been extremely nice to everyone. If Kenya is bold enough to talk to Tanya about her egg and uterus in privacy, then why couldn't she tell Tanya about her man in privacy? She was never a friend to begin with. Kenya is just miserable in her own marriage so now she wants to spread her misery into everybody else's relationship. That's why she low key tried to ruin Cynthia's surprise proposal. There is a time and a place for everything. JMO

  4. Cynthia does not attack she knows how to defend herself!
    Porsha is loyal depiste Eva's mean spirited behaviour towards her.
    Kenya is smart, she knew NeNe made up the recordings and leaking story to B.Scott.

  5. Marlo said the truth y’all was adamant about Yvonna when a year ago you and Cynthia were Mic’d but never was CLEAR and being upfront about Kenya coming to Cynthia’s wine cellar

  6. It’s a different side to everyone hell if you piss them off lol🤷🏽‍♀️ Porsha wasn’t sensitive what they was talking abt didn’t have shit to do with Dennis. I would’ve slapped Yvonna bc she’s messy as f!

  7. Kandi I usually rock with you because you keep it real but you are so far up Cynthia's and Kenya's ass now you don't call bullshit at the right time to the right people. You peach is turning sis, you may want to get back to being you.

  8. Talking to a woman i already feel like is on some funny shit in heated environment anything could set her off! Especially something as out the blue as that! Everyone handles different situations and relationships differently!

  9. Kandi I know you lying why would you want porsha to jump up on Eva like she not pregnant huh ? Sis the next thing we know ohh porsha is jumped and bucked at a pregnant woman like sis really

  10. Really Kandi !???? I’m pretty sure if someone said something about Todd like that you would be the same way Eva and Porsha have/had a friendship that’s why she didn’t pop off like that….

  11. I absolutely love the show but I thinks it ridiculous that you are all guilty of being shady to each other or saying things that you shouldn’t but the cast mates are making it seem like Nene is the only one who does it and it’s not okay for her to apologize and move on. Can we please see something new this season? Love you kandi!!

  12. I think Kandi is being kinda messy this season. I understand she’s repeating the information that was given to her, but she definitely stirring the pot. It could be the editing but I hope she remains the logical one in the group

  13. Kandi!! You are the bomb girl a literal boss ass Momma and Wife 🙏🏼 Just wanna give props where they’re due!! Been a fan since I was a teenager and can’t wait to see what else you have in store for the world ❤️💯

  14. Hell yeah i wanna know, so I know who leaving this world with my husband I mean I do love him and since they want to be together why not go to the here after together!!!!! just playing kind of but I want to know .

  15. So far the season has been bland. Nene is acting weird or she does Not want to be their anymore.
    Cynthia seem as though she is tired if Marlo's mouth.
    Eva & Porsha they are enjoying mother hood and being in love and having a family- Kudos too them both.
    Kandi is just being Kandi love you Girl!
    Kenya Moore is trying to hard & What I mean is she is doing things how she did before she left BRAVO! Kenya New Reasons, New Season your a married woman and a mother lets see a different side of you but you can still Twirl on them.
    Tanya she Brings in the ray of Sunshine to the group pp

  16. Kandi why were you laughing at the tea that Tanyas man might want the cookie lady, and saying does anyone want any chocolate chips, if that was your husband would you think it was funny?

  17. That whole different side of Cyn is a bunch of BS..y'all are all reaching for dear life. If a MoFo talk crazy 2 u long enuff u will eventually come outta yo face and get their ass all the way 2gether. She did it Porsha on the boat and kicked her in her stomach AS SHE SHOULD HAVE for straddling over her. Cyn not about to keep giving y'all passes…PERIOD!

  18. Porsha got in YoYos face bcus she has no friendship with her (unlike Eva being CLOSER to her and PREGGERS) and YoYo shud have stfu if she wasn't going to tell the whole truth. She needed her face slapped for talking trash the whole trip…calling folks fake…chile u just wanted a moment.

  19. 9:45 Kandi you said you didn’t know until you got there that yovanna was leaving . Got where ? To the main area where you guys was going to be filming ? Or back to the hotel did you guys actually stay there?

  20. Kandi you may wanna rewatch the episode cause you obviously missed some things. Especially as it pertains to Porsha and Yovanna. Had Yovanna came at you about Todd like she did Porsha you'd of been ready to fight. Furthermore, Porsha and Eva have a friendship and a relationship so of course the energy would be different. Nothing was swept under the rug. It was addressed and you were sitting between them so how did you miss that? Also, you know full well no one is going to jump on pregnant woman. Porsha specifically said she wanted to address it delicately and that's exactly what she did. But I'm glad you agree that there is an aggressive side to Cynthia. And NeNe tried to handle this so you guys would know who snake gate was but all the chaos made that dang near impossible. All the freaking arguing was unnecessary. And clearly NeNe wasn't trying to expose herself, so for you guys to suggest she purposely did that was just ludacris. However, I'm gone need you to stop acting like you aren't privy to certain things such as the cookie lady scandal. Also, y'all need to get Kenya under control cause she gone mess around and find her ass snatched in the floor again for her mouth and putting her finger/hand in somebody's face. Guess she didn't get enough when Porsha drug her. Y'all got too much crap in the game to be grown woman…FRFR

  21. The difference Porsha and Eva and Hoevana is Eva and Porsha have more of a relationship/ friendship they are working on. Hoevana is a desperate wannabe. Plus, it was a more relaxed atmosphere when Porsha was trying to clear the air with a friend. Porsha and Hoevana were arguing, and Hoevana used it as a weapon in a heated moment. St thaaaat time, Andy SHOULD HAVE advisor Porsha that one knock out…. she deserves it

  22. Kandi is by far my favourite Real Housewive ever… she has climbed to the top, always up front and is the most wholesome housewive in franchise. Wish her and family every success!

  23. Now you're starting to sound a little biased my dear. Everybody has a fed-up point and Cynthia is no different. She gets pissed off like everybody else does when they push her button. And if someone was to talk about your family and your man Todd you know you would want to get real crazy like you did at the couple's night with Cynthia sister. You wanted to drag her Let's try to keep this and unbiased commentary

  24. I'm so glad Cynthia got in that ass like you can only take so much from a person. I love Cynthia's class because unfortunately I'm not their yet in my life I'll cus you out if you cough without covering your mouth….. But enough is enough Marlo has no ground to stand on to speak to anyone.

  25. Yovanna is trash but Eva had her response because she felt Porsha was being petty with Kenya and so it's truly different yovanna from Clark just all around messy.

  26. What about when she crashed Marlos event?? We just skimmed right over that Kandi. Right is right and wrong is wrong!! She deserved to be put on blast she has no problem blasting anyone else. I can't understand how you condone her behavior, friend or not if you are messy asl I don't want to be around you. This group has a double standard and I can't take it any longer.

  27. Kandi know damn well if someone talks about her husband Todd she would be ready to fight, so I think u need to talk about Porsch like that if that's your friend, you can be messy ass hell sometimes kandi smh, think before you speak on it

  28. You are all saying Yovonna recorded Cynthia. Well, listen to the words, "someone has an audio" which means Production. Kenya's messiness is going to keep her on the show, Mark, or whatever his name is, is not the man for her, that's obvious. Nene has really had her run on the show. Marlo is unnecessary, as she brings nothing to the show, Eva needs to think a bit before speaking so she can remember what she has said, this convenient amnesia is becoming too much. Porsche is just a woman in love, going through life's journey trying to figure it out and Dennis just keeps breaking her heart. Seems as though he might not be the man for her. Keeping her in my prayers and wishing nothing but the best for her. Ok, I have babbled on, must stop. A blissful day to everyone.

  29. When you have a relationship with someone you like. They can sometimes get away with shade.
    If you don’t have a special like relationship with someone and they throw shade.
    I think they should Expect to get a different response. (I’ll just say it’s crazy. Lol)

  30. Yes, I would like to know.
    I would like for my friend to tell me if they see something that isn’t right or appear to be awkward.
    It would give me the opportunity to handle it in private.

  31. Someone told Yavone or the snake, whatever her name is, to record Cynthia. I believe NeNe told her ass to do it lol…….or maybe Marlo. Marlo acting like she mad cuz cynthia has a backbone now

  32. I like Porsche but she acting real desperate. This dude cheated on you while you were Pregnant.😏 I get it you want your child’s father in the pic which he would be just not as me as your wife a mess! IJS I just hope he’s HONEST!🙏🏽

  33. No that's called grown ass friends that you rather them say it to your face and yall get it off their chest and move on real friends an enemy would want you even more after the heated situation


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