The Peripheral Season 1 – Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

Watch the teaser trailer for #ThePeripheral starring Chloë Grace Moretz – streaming exclusively on Prime Video October 21.

The Peripheral centers on Flynne Fisher, a woman trying to hold together the pieces of her broken family in a forgotten corner of tomorrow’s America. Flynne is smart, ambitious, and doomed. She has no future. Until the future comes calling for her. The Peripheral is master storyteller William Gibson’s dazzling, hallucinatory glimpse into the fate of mankind — and what lies beyond.

Flynne Fisher lives in the rural American South, working at the local 3D printing shop, while earning much needed extra money playing VR games for rich people. One night she dons a headset and finds herself in futuristic London—a sleek and mysterious world, alluringly different from her own hardscrabble existence.
But this isn’t like any game she’s ever played before: Flynne begins to realize it isn’t virtual reality… it’s real. Someone in London, seventy years in the future, has found a way to open a door to Flynne’s world. And as utterly beguiling as London is… it’s also dangerous. As Flynne searches to discover who has connected their worlds, and for what purpose, her presence here sets dangerous forces into motion…forces intent on destroying Flynne and her family in her own world.

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  1. I was with it until he said “it just hasn’t happened yet”.

    Maybe it will work better in the series but both a virtual world and seeing into the future is too much sci-fi in 2 minutes for me.

  2. I like the production. It looks very creative and thorough in craft rather than just some big studio product that burns money without a shred of actual ideas and hires shills instead of skills. Good music too.

  3. on october 21, this show has a 50/50 shot of going one of two ways. Either a really well written, interesting scifi thriller… or a lazily written flashy but ultimately dumb light-action teen show. With Amazon, i dont feel certain enough to change those odds. They've had some stellar stuff… but also some really poorly written lazy rubbish that looked good in trailers… Hope its good but wont get my hopes up too high.

  4. Looks fantastic. This is refreshing. MCU and DC can die at this point. We are over saturated with the same thing over and over again. We need more Sci fi and fantasy

  5. This looks pretty good minus the painfully fake southern accents. As a southerner myself it seems like no actor can replicate a southern accent authentically.. I wonder if other people feel that way.. like is every fake English accent as bad and we just don’t realize it? Any Brit’s wanna chime in? Lol

  6. So is it time travel or alternate dimension or Matrix stuff… Don’t get me wrong I love Chloe being back an think she’s a great actress but this looks like some kind of Matrix reboot show. This trailer isn’t giving me big confidence in this project but Altered Carbon didn’t look like much from its first trailers.

  7. William Gibsons Best Book in Decades and it deserves a TV Show. Best Book i read in Years!
    Thank you to Nolan and Joy to do this. If if you are still (WW) competent, this will be OUTSTANDING


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