The Painstaking Art of Luxury Watchmaking

The Swiss watch brand Arnold & Son builds all its own movements and tools in-house and from scratch. Each timepiece is a painstaking work of art that takes hours to come to life.

Read more about process here:

Video by Zach Goldstein, Brian Schildhorn


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Comment (614)

  1. Still built today as it was in the last century. YEAH SURE….. with your row of brand name CNC machining equipment. You know the CNC machining equipment you MADE IN-HOUSE. Like you do with all your tools. Like I say, if you're going to lie, at least make it believable….

  2. it’s something i would be so into but it’s so small. if it was like hand sized or larger id be down to do it, but working for 8 hours a day with pieces as small as a hair would make me literally physically aggressive.

  3. ¿¿¿ En EUROPA existen «Carreras Universitarias» relacionadas a la Relojeria como por ejemplo Diseñadores, Técnicos y Creación de Relojes ?????… En este video veo DISEÑADORES 😳😳🤔🤔🧐🧐 de ahí mi Consulta… GRACIAS por Responder.

  4. Why do we never see how the parts are made? All we see how they are assembled. We'll there are hundreds of people in Swiss factories doing that. Monotonous work.

  5. A true billionare don't need luxury items to convince people that he is billionare,
    only fake billionare do that … But fake billionare can't afford this , so .. he get a FAKE one instead.
    So … who's buying this ?

  6. I would be great some of these jobs… i have a nasty case of OCD and it makes me absolutely crazy when everything isn't perfect. they loved me at Boing when i was testing flight software but they gave my job to a diversity hire who was struggling to get her high school diploma.

  7. They are not worth what they are asking for. Especially now most of the hard work is done by machines.

    It is mad to think there is more work put into this than an S class benz. Considering they cost the same

  8. I respect all that effort and all but as soon as I heard they pre assemble some parts I felt cheated, if they werent all assembled by one watchmaker then its not art, In the past even the parts were made by the watchmaker themselves, at this rate they will have it all made by machines soon from start to end and still call it art. Just my opinion but its not like anyone cares about opinions anymore so whatever.


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