The Oscars Are Awful. Here’s Why I Watch Them

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  1. Oscars is shit and I ignore it every year unless an actor/director I'm a fan of gets something or some big thing happens the news won't shut up about (thanks, Will Smith). It's so unfunny, and a lot of the awards, especially for animation, they give out are complete bullshit. Animation is NOT just for kids, and everyone except these out-of-touch celebrities know that. It's growing more and more irrelevant, and while it is and should be a momentous occasion to get an Oscar, if it means no more bad skits with unfunny comedians, straight up sexual harassment, actual assault, and more, I'm all for it being cancelled permanently.

    But good on you for not referencing the Will Smith slap. I'm sick of hearing about it, we all know what happened and who was in the wrong. I'm just glad Samuel L. Jackson got an Oscar, finally.

  2. Schaff: "The Academy only gives out awards to whoever campaigns the hardest!"
    Also Schaff: "[INSERT FEMALE] should win because we haven't had a female winner in years!"

    How about we just pick the best ones as the winner, both of ya?

  3. The hatred I feel for the Oscars and Hollywood as a whole really just keeps growing. All the awards should be equal and the fact that they view some as lesser shows how disconnected Hollywood is not just from reality, but from the very people who make movies possible.

  4. I can't believe that I heard about the slap but not that equally appalling Regina Hall skit. NOT OKAY!!! Sexual harassment doesn't stop being a thing just because it's done by a woman to a man!!! Yeesh!!!! I'm so sad more people aren't speaking up for them! Thanks for calling her out!!!!

  5. I don’t think anyone should be this mad about the Oscar’s, they’re just a fashion show with million dollar advertisements. And to the editor, why would you even want recognition from the Oscar’s if you hate them so much. They probably have it better than the actors. They get the money but not the fans following them everywhere.

  6. The "we don't talk about bruno" performance made me so upset especially because they made it seem like the cast was gonna perform the whole song and it was completely changed it and only had the first half of the song and cut it off the rest especially the best parts of the song and it didn't even have the whole cast in the performance and replaced it with rap instead. they completely ruined a song that was already perfect on it's own and it doesn't need to be changed to some lame oscars remix version. They did the cast and the fans dirty.

  7. While quite alot of animation can be said that it's for kids, that doesn't mean all of Animation is.
    Hell, there's quite a ton of 'kids' shows that are still really enjoyable even for adults, not because it's 'childish' but because they're great goddamn shows. Take Gravity falls for example, there's alot of charm and jokes kids won't understand.
    on the flip side, take Demon slayer, Now that definitely isn't a kids animation. (the manga too, most likely.)

    but more importantly, who cares if it's "for kids" if it's good goddamn stuff, people will watch that good goddamn stuff.
    although there's still definitely a few shows that can be classified as "his mistake"…

  8. I remember watching these as a child and spending 15 minutes trying to go through it before switching the channel. Those acceptance speeches went on for so long.

  9. Animated movies ARE for kids. I love Animation… but to be fair… in terms of feature-length western movies there has simply NOT been a booming environment of mature content. Yes daring artists sometimes try to make mature animated films, but do these movies resonate with anyone outside of the intense artistic community? No, they don't. You can go ahead and name more cool dark animated movies that I've never heard of, but that's not helping your case that western animated film isn't predominantly family / kid content. It's true even when it comes to western TV, people like to point at adult cartoons, often forgetting that the reason why most adult tv shows cartoons is to parody kids content and family content for comedic effect. That's why so much of it is comedic family sitcom with edgy twists. Even mature animation is often only animation to mock family content.

    The Japanese animation world has broken from this mold, and if an Oscar's for Japanese media considered anime "for kids" I would be surprised. But when looking at western animated film, look at a list of box office for animated films and exclude anime, look how far you have to scroll to find anything outside of G-PG ratings. Can PG movies still have deep artistic messages that resonate with adults? Well, yes of course, though typically these messages are simplified, and it's not even true for the majority of big hitter 3D animation. Look at the top sellers of the last couple years, Boss Baby 2? Hotel Transylvania 2? The Adams Family 2? Raya and the Last Dragon? PAW Patrol the Movie? Even movies like Encanto that have an impactful albeit simplified message are the minority in the big hitter animated movies.

    Would I like to live in a world where western media treated animation like an artistic medium on par with live-action film? Yes. Do we live in that world? No. 3D western animated movies are either for kids or they flop financially, end of story. Oscars is NOT wrong when they say animated movies are for kids. They are.

  10. The fact that the animated feature category was introduced by three of the LIVE ACTION princesses makes that ridiculous introduction even more enraging. I’m so glad that a lot of people are on the same page about the Oscars absolutely being disrespectful to the animation category, though. There are actually people who think that animated media is for children and I literally can’t STAND it lmfao they really try to make you feel bad for liking cartoons 💀

  11. i agreed with most of what you were saying but what irked me is how exactly does megan thee stallion performing a rap verse with the cast a disrespect to the cast and movie the way you said it seemed very micro aggressive to me like rap is something to look down upon it really took me aback as a black subscriber who really enjoys your content

  12. When Schaff talked about the omission of best editing, it made my blood boil more than I could have possibly imagine (that and music, like wow really doing Hanz Zimmer like that), these cornerstones of film being absolutely snubbed from the awards show is actually black magic frickery, and it hits home to because when I have to boot up Adobe Premiere and put a school video together in a night, I can only begin to imagine how much time and effort is spent by the guys behind the scenes taking hundreds of assets and not only putting them together so that they seem cohesive, but matching them up in such a visually pleasing way that speaks to the soul and is absolutely deserving of recognition, and hearing editing getting snubbed reminds me of the experience me and another fellow student go through as people really don't take editing seriously enough. I remember working on a comedic history project one of my team members demeaned the role of editing in the process, and I was ready to fight him then and there (I roast him unprompted on occasion now, but whatever he's fine). Being able to relate with that other student who works on similar technical work like me, the blood sweat and tears in getting a job done right is such a stark reminder of what kind of work others with skills beyond my wildest dreams go through is something that just cannot be understated.

    That was a rant…good night internet.

  13. Always remember… society's negative views of animation is because illumination has saturated the animation market with endless hollow shallow garbage. Blame illumination.

  14. It’s just Hollywood praising themselves and insulting the rest of America 90% of the time. When they shout out to groups who are in the minority or struggling it feels more patronizing than anything… Like ah thank you white rich lady now I feel heard 😌 I can literally smell the privilege. Plus them insulting animation was beyond low. Some people deserve to win for sure I mean there is some incredible dedication and talent. Even though I want to cheer those individuals on I don’t want to watch a show filled with egotistical rich people and sexual abusers.

  15. I know this probably sounds crazy, but as a society should make our own award shows, have them be completely transparent with who is on the board, fund them through crowd funding and actually recognize the best movies of the year.

  16. I already hate The Oscar since other category are got small Times to show. I remember every category are long due to the host for that category explain the meaning and important of that category to the movies. This is felt like more to the Talk show or stand up Comedy than The Oscars.

  17. To be honest I enjoyed Cruella and I'm glad it received recognition in costume design instead of the same generic baroque or tudor fashion historical drama that wins every year.
    And Dune was awesome as well.

  18. "Why hello, Little Timmy. What's your favorite Animated Superhero Movie of 2020 ???" [3:11]
    "Why it's the animated series "Invincible", duh. Filled with Blood, Gore, and Sexual Themes. Because Animation is always for kids like me"

  19. Plus: In the Heights didn’t get A SINGLE WIN?! WHAT?! How did west side story win some when in the heights was better in almost every possible way

  20. Thank you! The Samples Choir was absolutely transcendent and wonderful during the In Memoriam sequence, BUT whomever was in charge of the camerawork and editing did not understand the assignment. "Let's honor the dead by having the actual montage of their names and images be tiny and blurry, so that everybody can watch the choir groove in the foreground. That's what this sequence is all about!"

  21. One of those moments you talked about for me should have been wills win. He’s been a HUGE inspiration to alot of young black men since fresh Prince and to finally be recognized should have been an amazing moment at the Oscar’s and that speech could have been amazing if not for the actions he made at the show, but aye one of the only truly funny and entertaining things that’s happened off script at the Oscar’s so at least we can say that

  22. The biggest disappointment this year is the lack of recognition for Tick Tick Boom. Andrew Garfield did such a good job for his first musical film, and I think it would’ve been a great way to honor the late Jonathan Larson

  23. The Academy should've kept Amy Schumer's Alec Baldwin Joke. Finally we can have The Female James Corden get cancelled in every social media platform that exists and we can see another celebrity try to make another shallow apology video to try and save their reputation. But alas, it was never meant to be…

  24. 2:02
    I guarantee that if The Host was anyone other than Regina Hall or anyone else that's a female actor. That person would absolutely be cancelled to all hell for even attempting to make that joke. Let alone successfully doing it in live media. But because this is woman instead of man. She gets off the bit scott free with just another cringe moment added to her belt.

  25. I'm not gonna lie I was kinda hoping you'd have some witty take on what happened with Will Smith and Chris Rock even if it was a quick gag but I'm also impressed you went the whole video without talking about it.

  26. Why do they hate all the people who actually make media possible? Because the Oscars is laterally a "Let's Stroke our own Ego until it's raw" contest. That's all it is and all it will ever be.

  27. Really rude to animation making fun of them like that, especially when they are working on unionizing and getting better wages and work conditions. Of what was nominated for Animation, a LOT should have taken Raya’s and Luca’s spots (I love Luca, but compared to Encanto, Michells vs the Machines, and Flee, it didn’t have a chance especially how Oscars vote) like Wish Dragon or an anime film like Belle.

  28. Don’t you love how sometimes they can ruin the handing out of the award to the one who deserves by having it feel dirty and lack the love it deserved by doing horrible skits and segments that just feel dirty with how cringey they are.

  29. About Dos Oruguitas being picked as the song nominated. So the people who make the film can only select one song to submit for consideration, not the Academy picking and choosing. Lin Manuel Miranda said they went with Dos Oruguitas, knowing it wasn’t a guaranteed win, but because of the significance of if it won it would be first fully Spanish original song to win, plus a Colombian singer winning.


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