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Comment (216)

  1. Harris, for as long as we have been staring at that bare basement.. you better have a levitating 6 monitor 4 PC setup. But for real, you better at least have a mini gaming setup with a bumpo seat somewhere in there for Lennon.

  2. Been watching Alpha Gaming here and there for a while. Why hasn't this channel blown up yet? Practical and insightful best practices to content creators out there.

    Liked, Subbed, and Bell on.

    Hope this supports the channel.

  3. I'd definitely be interested in hearing more of how to do this type of thing with gaming content. With the notion of "Have an idea before a stream for content", I have no idea how you could segue that into a gaming stream. Most clips/shorts I've ever gotten while streaming was just the random oops or funny moment, which are nearly impossible to plan. So, I'd love to see more ideas of how to do this type of thing with Gaming content.

  4. O.M.G. SO SPOT ON: "that's 20 hours you COULD HAVE been spending creating content…." I didn't even finish the video yet, and I can't emphasize how correct this is. Stop trying to be the .02% and start becoming a content creator. Anything else is just a solid waste of your time and efforts.

  5. I'm getting REALLY comfy with turning streams into good content. My problem is editing, and focusing on editing. I swear once I get medicated (ADHD) it's OVER. The biggest turnoff for me if TikTok's scaling for iPhone 11+ displays (zooms to fill screen, cutting off the left and right sides), and how it messes up my edited-in assets. I've begun just making my edited TikToks in 19.5:9 aspect ration for iPhones, which 16:9 devices will just zoom out a bit, or cut off the top and bottom a little.

    Jokes aside, I've begun gathering obscure VHS tapes and watching them on stream with everyone. There are tons of funny moments, but usually the content on said tapes stir up some really cool conversations.

    We watched a documentary on the 60's, full of firsthand video from major events in American history, with almost none of it happening through the lens of nationalism. It started a conversation about how many of the same issues plague America today, exactly as described, without the distortion of rampant nationalism atop it all. I don't avoid politics, and encourage discussion, so we all had a pretty decent time going over it.

  6. really appreciate this video & you for being so willing to share so much knowledge with us, while others gatekeeper/charge it. have been thinking of creating content for 8 years now, even made a at home tutorial back then from my ipod 💀 couldn’t pursue it since life hardships had been nonstop but i’m at a point in my life where mentally i feel capable of streaming! Money’s tight but I have an idea where to start and how to take it where i need to be, grateful 🙏🏼

  7. Because editing down a 5 hour live into "funny 1 minute reels" is such a quick and easy thing to do and won't at all require you to go through the entire stream maybe multiple times, and suddenly ONE stream turns into a 20 hour project. Just do that. YOURSELF. While you also keep streaming. And not get burnt out. EASY :DDD

  8. As in all professions, there are those who continue and those who leave .. the Covid speech has increased the number of streamers, now that we have entered "normality", grant me the term, many return to their former lives … I I'm betting a lot more on YT, Twitch is too saturated and no one will open your stream unless they accidentally fall for it

  9. I just started this gaming channel for Halo Infinite thank you so much for the advice on streaming etc brotha its much appreciated for us new comers to YT and Twitch!

  10. So what about if you stream on YouTube Gaming instead? I know a LOT of people are starting to move over in waves right now and streams on that platform never delete over time and your stream can very well get recommended on YouTube as well. I figure with keeping streams unlisted from the video tab and separate similar to CouRage and Valkyrae allows you to just milk all the content out of them afterwards anyways but I would love to hear these differences in a video like "how to make money on YouTube Gaming by optimizing content" or something👍

  11. This mirrors thoughts i’ve been havin recently; only problem is time. For me at least, time available to edit is waaaay less than content and ideas I wana put out. Full time+ job really makes it hard to put out content in more than 1 way.

    But the idea to pick 30min segments or topics to cut down editing time can help. Thanks Harris for always tryin to help all of us

  12. I wish there was a way to have groups or something.
    As in, I want to keep everything on one channel but have different kinds of content. Almost like 2 or more channels under one roof – except I don’t want to make multiple channels, yeah.

  13. This is information I've heard a million times before, but for some reason, Harris just makes it "click." I have a plethora of hobbies and skills that I love to use, but business stuff/marketing/distro, it flies over my head. I wish Harris could make a series on getting into the nitty gritty of turning your stuff into a business, ie. how to apply for business license, what tax things to watch out for, legal things that need to be done, etc.

  14. 3:30 nothing in my life can go viral. In fact 90% of the content creators content never go viral so they never grow. And my luck is also a virus. My luck suck. Anyways will try to take the advices

  15. 100% some of the best advice most streamers need.

    I went the exact opposite direction though – I started with videos, and my perfectionist brain makes 5x more speaking mistakes when recording a video than when live.

    So, I converted the topics I'd make videos about into streamed-essays and discussions – IE. Reviewing an Ocarina, discussing a topic about creativity, and then gaming. One stream would typically have 2 planned 30-minute topics, and I would get 2 10-20 minute videos + 3-5 shorts per 2-hour stream just by optimizing planning AND execution.

    And each video's performance is just as good (if not better) compared to when I didn't stream at all

  16. I love watching your videos and I like the new contact I hope your new home is great and you can keep producing amazing contact and run successful businesses

  17. I keep hearing different things so I thought I'd ask. Does youtube shorts mess up the algorithm for ur normal videos on your channel or is it best to have a separate channel for youtube shorts?

  18. Literally when I hear social media and live stream in the same sentence I become highly disinterested. I seriously want a gamer’s market back or I don’t care.

  19. Can confirm the shorts / clips do work.

    I pay someone robux to manage my clip channel. He’s an active viewer of my stream and gets the best twitch clips through the stream.

    I want to expand on it and start making my main and second channel into shorts so I can post on more platforms but been swamped with school to actually do it 😔

  20. Great video! 👏

    Sadly for me though, I created a second YouTube channel dedicated to shorts (84 of them since September) and didn’t really see any growth. All the clips where good/badass moments from streams but, it didn’t get anywhere (even with editing/tags/etc), and I would put hours into editing all of them…

    I’ve since deleted the second channel & put all of my shorts on my main channel, but it seems like everything I do doesn’t help. I create content, I have a streaming schedule, I engage with the few viewers that come in and I don’t see any growth.

    Probably wasn’t meant to do this then 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. This resonated and was right on time for me. Although I do not stream, I make youtube videos and I have been thinking about ways to integrate shortform content into my strategy.

  22. An awesome video as per usual, Harris 😁👍👍 as ever, I appreciate you for offering actionable advice alongside useful ideas, tips & tricks. 😄👌

    Cheers to you, my man! 🥃🥃

  23. But what about those of us that don't want the same content on all platforms? I've started a YT channel with very different vibes to my twitch. People always talk about "diversifying content" but reposting the same content doesn't seem very diverse to me. Of course it's all different for what each individual wants out of each platform but I hope stuff like that will be covered more in the future. Like how to do that more time effectively.

    Love what you do Harris. Even if you hate cats 😉

  24. Hey Harris, can you do an in depth video on setting up multiple channels on youtube?
    I wonder how hard that would be. Would that require me to hit the monetization threshold on each individual channel?

  25. Harris can you answer me this question please? My son and I built a PC together and I can’t figure out how to swap between my monitor and camera to his monitor and camera so when we are live we can do back and forth answering questions or different view points. I really appreciate the help

  26. Fortunately my streams have structured around on what im doing and subtle progression storytelling(it helps with the idea) using video chapters on my streams, with some shorts and 5-10 minute clips in between, but i still feel inadequate. a bunch of what ifs and such. i also feel splitting my channels when im still microscopic would be a terrible idea lol.

  27. How many editors do you have? What is the best way to go about finding one? At what subscriber count would you recommend looking for one? Is it a good investment when you're making under 1k a month from ad revenue? Thanks!

  28. Harris brilliant little video thank you so much I really appreciate it quick question. Do you have any videos or could you do a video on some of the topics you just spoke about how do you stream how do you cut up a video how do you break it down in the little bits being that I'm going to be new to streaming I want to try I have no clue on how to edit that you know where can you throw a little tidbits for recommendations of that thank you again you're doing a great job and congrats on the new setup happy holidays


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