The New Land Rover DEFENDER – Explorer Pack

The Explorer Pack is designed to equip your vehicle to defy conventions and conquer the most remote landscapes. Visit for more info.

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  1. I heard a lot of negative comments and criticism from other review. Some are insulting and funny, It’s happened human pretending smart by saying negative things. Respect for the designer and years of preparation. It’s ok and not bad. I like the explorer pack 110 model. Really nice….

  2. This is totally going into my garage next to my Silverado Z71 Trail Boss. It's probably more capable aside from storage space. If only they were V8s. There's just something about an off-roader roaring as it climbs a hill.

  3. Enter the King Cobra. That front looks like the head and eyes of a King Cobra. The design will grow on Landy fans and only time will tell if it will be as iconic as the Series and Defenders. To the next 70 years!

  4. How much extra is the explorer pack with the upgrades of a ladder, side steps, A-frame and under protection?
    Also, disappointed that the wheel protector only comes in silver and not the colour of the car! Looks shit

  5. Спасибо ! Провёл тест – драйв на Land Rover Defender 110 (2020)! Моё мнение – это самый лучший автомобиль в своём классе, англичане здесь опередили и немцев и японцев ! Хочу такой авто !

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