The New Land Rover DEFENDER – Country Pack

Unlock your inner pathfinder. The Country Pack equips your DEFENDER to embrace the elements and make every adventure memorable. Visit for more info.

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  1. So a video to tout the rear bumper skid plate appliqué and mud flaps, as well as some other accessories the mall moms will never use. Break over, approach, departure angles? Low gearing? Any of this necessary stuff for those that will actually use it for intended purposes? Maybe a .50 cal mount??
    Think I’ll wait to see what the Bronco provides. Or just fall upon a good ol Wrangler.

  2. I love landrovers!
    Unfortunately I think LR had to make a change, to be able to sell the defender across more markets, like Asia and America.
    The electronic bits are a worry, as LR has a chequered past and present history with electrics.

  3. This will not last down here in Africa..our pot holes and Bush will finish with the new defender..I wud be to scared to take that thing to the Bush too scared to even scratch it haha.. I'll rather keep my older defender much more rough and tough

  4. Let's bring in Madagascar this whatever they call this "soccer mom" thing.
    Bone stock…..let's overload this "whatever" like the real Land Rover 90 (wasn't called the Defender yet), make it run 1700 miles in the mud, 75% of the time with water up to the dashboard, let's put the same tires on (Michelin XLC) just to be fair…..let's ride a past real "Camel Trophy" and we shall see if they did a good job.
    Well…..I really doubt this whatever will endure the all hell….
    You think it will???
    Before answering, go, and enjoy some videos of "Camel Trophy" from 1978 to 1991.
    Then you shall talk.

  5. If you can afford £40k on a base model, why would you not buy and Evoque and get more kit and comfort for the same money. And if you can afford the £88k for a specked up 110, why would you not buy a Range Rover. I can’t help think that they have successfully introduced a model to directly compete with existing model and existing customers.

  6. All these groans about it not being right for farmers and being too posh i believe are from folks who live in the past. Sales volumes are everything and you guys are too small a segment of the market to hold the brand back. I believe the military is also moving towards more specialised vehicles such that even the Humvee is being ditched.

  7. Can we get some portal boxes please?!!!! That's the only way that defender can be modified for any kind of clearance, also, the plastic skids need to be replaced. I'm sure the aftermarket can make up for a little of it's shortcomings, but this is where we are headed, vehicles that cant really be modified!

  8. When l drove my 200 tdi in the 80s; everyone goes its to high tech . It lasted. And my 80 series landcruiser in the mid nineties through the Australian outback ; l got loads of; oh that thing is to high tech, it will never last, it lasted. Can’t wait to get my new 90 series and cop the same abuse, all you young and older people, the world moves on; maintain it will last.

  9. I like the design of it. They were never going to make an affordable version so this is tolerable for a couple of years.
    But what are those horrible, plastic looking panels on the windows about? Is that to stop the top half of the car looking like a mk1 BMW Mini Clubman?? They look like an afterthought.

  10. I don't get why people in the comments are soo angry with what land rover has done. There even hasn't been a real world review yet but you've all drawn conclusions as to its quality. This is a modern defender and it doesn't have to look like a beast to behave like one

  11. This is a Defender for the 21st century. It keeps the general shape of the original and then makes it more modern. They wanted to sell more so made it luxurious and fit into the new Landrover brand design pattern. This will appeal to posh townies rather than farmers, builders and die-hard Defender fans, and this is what they wanted, so don't think they'll get upset.
    The old Defender has become so iconic that now it is also a posh, elitist vehicle, and with Ford engines, also unreliable. There are 2014 examples with 60-100,000 kms going for over 40,000 euros for god's sake. And there are others from the early 2000s with 200,000kms for 25K€. I'd love one of these, but unless I win the lottery, I'll never have the pleasure. It's a posh model whichever one you get, the previous one is just more 'authentic'.

  12. I like it. I used to be a JLR technician, until a few years back. I appreciate LR/RR. I'm not an 8 billion year old dinosaur complaining about the "good ol days" so I'm right happy with this new DEFENDER. I'm want one to sit next to my daily, EVOQUE. I cant wait to get the DEFENDER. TEXAS is waiting.

  13. According to the title, it leads you to believe the Country Pack includes all that’s mentioned in the advert, I’ve just checked on the official Land Rover website, and this is simply not true….very misleading!


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