The New C-Class Sedan: Enter the Comfort Zone

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class is your retreat to recharge. A true comfort zone. Packed with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, it helps you stay relaxed. Comfort in every single detail. More information about the new C-Class:

That’s what the new C-Class is all about.

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  1. I own Mercedes Benz S-class 2020, The interior and exterior are amazing and impressive, but i was disappointed when i saw the exterior of all new Mercedes Benz series. The interior is amazing but the exterior i found it ugly and not prestige. I Missed oldest Mercedes. I think Mercedes legacy was gone with Ceo Dieter Zetsche.

  2. Ich mag die Karosserie – I do like the bodywork
    Den Innenraum mag ich nicht – I don't like the interior
    Würde ich ihn kaufen? – Would I buy it?
    Nein – No
    Weil während der Fahrt sitzt man ja drinnen – cause while driving you have to be inside

  3. Well made car! But it's a pity for this "Swedish" four-cylinder style. Let's hope that at least they won't put up a small misunderstanding "engine" from Renault…

  4. I think Mercedes has made changes that will only harm its sales! There is no more difference between a c-class and an s-class which will disappoint many customers now. I m one of them that will not go for Mercedes anymore as it has lost its strength. BMW still keeping the strong look of its 7 series and will rock on sales compare to Mercedes s-class. Very sad how a powerful German brand like Mercedes went on a suicide mission like this!

  5. Red & Zen Garden.. And the cheapest from the sedan class.. This car is for the middle class Mainland Chinese who are benefitting from the Communist Party of the PRC.

  6. Great car, especially the interieur ist next level and the best i saw so far… but when it comes to the exterieur and design, i still prefer the coupe line of the CLA more… sad that there wont be a new c-coupe.. Looking forward for the CLE though…


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