The Mysterious Stomach Issue that Kept Gordon Ryan From Competing for a Year

Taken from JRE MMA Show #129 w/Gordon Ryan & Mo Jassim:

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  1. For the last year I have been going through the same symptoms an my iron levels have not been staying up I am constantly getting iron injections weekly to keep me going which for a 33yo male is not right even after endoscopies colonoscippy multiple times being told my bowels are all clear no cancer no bleeding nothing out of the ordinary multiple blood tests for rare things found H. Pylori in my gut which is stopping me absorbing any iron or other nutrients. I constantly have no energy no immune system or anything an these antibiotics I have just taken have messed my guts up something crazy

  2. Mememememe I deal with it! I am oral antibacterial resistant now because of 10 years of chronic infections! I have been diagnosed with chronic gastritis and I am currently in an ulcer flare up. My doctor just prescribed me Domperidone for my nausea. I need to take 10 billion probiotics daily or I will begin being unable to function due to the symptoms. The pernicious anemia it causes is horrible, I need B 12 injections (also got one today) and easy to digest iron supplements, however my doctor agreed that I shouldn't take those daily because of the backups. I feel terrible when I eat with others because of my dietary restrictions but 99% of people understand its for actual health reasons and not because I'm just a picky bitch. This is seriously why bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance should be spoken more about, especially after all the errors we made with COVID!

  3. So…I haven't heard someone mention pretty much the exact same illness that I've had for the last 1.5 years…7 rounds of antibiotics, Recurring staph, fungal overgrowth, stomach issues. I've been feeling much better, and am glad this dude is too. We've also been doing almost the exact same treatments. It took forever to deal get this under control

  4. "I was eating 10 times less than I was supposed to and just not absorbing even half that" but I still have these ridiculous muscles and perfect manicured hair and beard, bro.

  5. I find myself asking questions sometimes that either I can’t find on the internet based on my keywords or lack of. When you said “lead doctors” are dumb you are correct the same dumb as the fact that I can’t Google how sex can change your DNA even though that is a fairly new study my point is that there is a lot of questions out there that science can’t answer so when it comes to life nobody really knows and those who pretend to can never be fully trusted without extensive studies and experiments

  6. I wonder if the steroid, P.E.D, Shit supplements and force feeding processed foods epidemic around the world has anything to do with all these peopl getting sick?
    Most people just want to LOOK good and don't even know what healthy is! I mean come on even Joe promotes Steroids, the hypocrisy is real people!

  7. I was misdiagnosed as having staph infections for a couple years, resulting of years of taking some very harsh antibiotics. Turns out I have HS (which requires a dermatologist to diagnose)

  8. I think everyone who has or had a chronic issue knows that most doctors are useless, they send you in circles, you get nowhere and they think you are an idiot. Take some meds and shut up style of treatment. It kills any hope you have, but you have to keep going to new docs because the issue persists and cripples you.

  9. I kinda know where he's coming from. I had vertigo 24 hours a day for 16 months straight. Terrible nausea. The only relief I got was when I slept. Went to many doctors and no one could figure it out. It finally went away on its own.

  10. Actually u don't want just any soap as it's gonna make those staph nodules harder. Believe it or not a cause ofnsuceptibility is keeping your skin cleansed lightly and not overkill. I used to get staph infections just like him. I got recurring staph on my flanks, thighs, and back of neck. The soaps that cured it were Cetaphil for oily skin and Cereve moisturizing cleanser on the parts of the body u get the staph. It maintains the barriers that keep staph out. Don't itch as that's how most open their skin to allergens which become imb upalanced. In general don't itch your skin, keep any cuts closed, and u don't need hibicleans.

  11. I am truly sick to my stomach everyday . I right now as I'm listening to this podcast. I wish anyone that this happens to the best of luck . I know how it feels to be 4 feet from my own children and not be able to get to them becaueim crippled throwing up or in stomach pain . My entire body feels weak. I do smoke Marijuana and cigarettes andim trying to quit cigarettes .
    That's just the first step for me tho . I understand entirely how others feel with these weird stomach diseases .

  12. Sounds very familiar to an experience I had in 2020. I got a parasite from food or water I am still not sure. I had extreme nausea for weeks and weeks and had extreme shaking and shuddering. It put me in the Emergency room, the hospital misdiagnosed it for a bacterial infection when it was a rare parasite that can be un treatable for some people. I was on antibiotics for a few weeks and I was in the small percentage where they are actually effective at killing the parasite. It took me months to regain my stomch and digestion back. I never recovered my original weight and my stomach has never been the same nor felt normal like it did prior. I have to be very mindful what I put into it and how much I eat. Man I feel for Gordon and anybody with similar things. My heart goes out to you all and I truly hope some healing and health finds you all.

  13. Omg, I’m dealing with some shit like that now. Stomach issue, but doctors are worthless. About to give up and just let it get worse. That’s what they want anyway. They basically don’t want to diagnose or help you get better until you’re about to die.

  14. Oh shit I had a issue due to over training and picked up some virus, so my body took a hit and I couldn't recover having to eat bland food for 2 years. I only fully recovered after 4 years.

  15. Man this is some good insight. I got staff a while back, and never went to the doctor for it. It was all over my knee area back and front… so alone in my apt i boiled a big pot of water and stuck the area in it to pull the puss out… while sweating my ass off in pain while doing a 1 hand plank. Shit was nuts… Then i wrapped that shit up in a sheet… and not but a day later this stripper came over and we did a bunch of $$$ and fucked … i couldnt believe this fine as bitch was fucking me with a godamn shit wraped around my lagg all day from that staff shit….. she said she didnt care xD

    Fast several months and my celly freaks out at me when i show him the scars from the staff and told him i never went to the doctor… this big dude who curls 135 lbs was literally curled up against the wall in his bunk looking at me scared !! xD He told me to go to med and get rid of that shit in disgust. So, i go to med and they give me this big giant pills… from this big fat doctor covered in tatoos and a beard… and like within a month while doing over head standing shoulder lifts with 185lbs or something i fucken felt a TEAR IN MY NECK and i had to literally drop the weights, which is bad, and i couldnt move my fucken neck for like 3 weeks…

    Aint nothing like being hurt like that in prison… def. doesnt help with the stress… like a wounded animal around a pack of wolves.

    I never knew the side effects to those medications… joe on his shoe once said that you can get neck injurys while on staff medication and should be careful when working out…
    AND NOW I HEAR that the shit fucks with ur gut…. i couldnt brush my teeth because i would vommit, so i didnt brush my teeth for like 5 years+ and ive had stomach problems forever

  16. Maybe this is my answer … I have been in icu 15 times for this stuff , His baseline and problems mine are the same , lucky I didn’t have to train… I did the radiation test and it said my stomach was emptying slow so there only guess for me was gastro P…. I vomited 1200 times , lost 40lbs and spent 10 days in ICU last time… This is insane listening to this … I have had this for 4 years bad … bed ridden for 1 year almost from it …

  17. ” I went to all the best doctors in the country, and they’re all useless “
    It’s a hard reality to come to. I had a similar experience many years ago. I figured out with a simple Google search what took these doctors two weeks to figure out.

  18. Something similar happened to me about 7 years ago. My gut biome died as I quit drinking, smoking and changed my diet. There was an imbalance in my gulbladder from an infection that occurred and it flushed out and nearly killed me. Most of my organs got to "failed" state but I was luckily at a hospital. When it emptied out I folded over and couldn't stand as the pain got worse. Weighing around 165 at 6', I found myself 130 pounds after 3 days in the hospital from sweating and my body shivering as I slept for around 40 hours. I still don't feel 100% but it took about 2 years to get to a point where I can eat enough to go do things and not get wiped out

  19. B.A.D aka "bile acid malabsorption"
    Will give you these symptoms along with shitting more frequently and urgently. Easy to diagnose with questran light 4g oral Powder. Hope it helps some one as I lost 5years and most my friends family.

  20. Thanks for this video, thanks to Joe for keeping Gordon on the subject of his treatment towards the end there, and thanks to all the commenters sharing similar stories.
    In 2020 I was getting diarrhea frequently so I took psyllium husk fibre supplement and tried to improve my diet, I thought maybe I took too much because the next day I had constipation and got really bad pain in my lower-right gut, and since then I've had, especially after eating: recurring gut pain on my right side, alternating diarrhea & constipation, nausea, fever, bad reflux, lightheadedness & headaches, muscular soreness, weakness & poor coordination especially in hands & feet, hemorrhoids, burning in anus & urinary tract, mild anal incontinence, pressure & ringing in my ears, lowered immune system… not sure if it all stems from the lower-right gut directly, but sure feels like it. Colonoscopy found nothing; "oh, just increase fibre & water" they said. Have been prescribed antibiotics a few times but didn't do anything… by the sounds of it may have only made it worse. Pantoprazole hasn't done much for the reflux (a tight throat, difficulty breathing, belching, scorched tongue and sour taste), and a generally healthy diet hasn't helped gut much either.

  21. This worries me as to what may be going on in my own gut; but I’m also poor and distrusting of monetarily incentivized doctors/medical staff.
    Can relate to him saying he remembered nothing the last time he was on the podcast; my pain and nausea make it almost impossible to work anymore let alone focus on things that aren’t merely muscle memory tasks….low-key, I wanna be in better health so I can give more love to my family rather than the bitter pain im in 90% of the time..

  22. I've been suffering from acid reflux now for about three years – waking up in the morning is super shit – chest pains and stomach pains from the acid – doctors here in the uk keep prescribing medicine to slow down the acid but more of a masking solution and hasn't sorted the problem – if anyone has had a similar problem would love to know if you have any advice

  23. My 8 year old has chronic tummy problems and his dad is super sick with ulcers and liver issues. I’m so angry that we are being hurt by food and water and lack of information about how to really be healthy.

  24. No way! WTF is it? What medications, are you putting in your body… as antifungals and to support the gut and immune system? What did you use to treat the h pylori? I thought that was a hard one to get rid of. Why is it so hard to get this information???

    You’ll pay x amount of dollars on how many experimental appointments for somewhat of a quack in many situations.

    How much money it costs to get any information about a treatment from these doctors. How often they change their opinion. And how many people don’t know what they’re putting in their bodies is unbelievable.

    I’m not convinced that the soap isn’t selecting for or contributing to any type of bacterial resistance in the body. Any medication, drug, antidepressant etc. Is probably creating some adaptation, and so the use of it may result in some resistance.

    Given that the soap has the intelligence of whole cloves or whatever and whole plant compounds, probably less so. And if it works, or appears to work that’s good.

    But for the love of God, what is it!? Cyclic oregano oil? Olive leaf? Spore forming probiotics and gelatin?


  25. I’ve had Staph twice. Cephalexin worked. Bactrim did not. I took very high levels of Zinc (100+ mg a day) in 25 mg doses (any more will make you want to throw up). I used Hibeclens in the shower also. Do not get it in your ears or eyes it can cause deafness/blindness. Staph will remain in your nostrils. Use triple antibiotic ointment in your nostrils 2x a day for 30 days. If you dont you will remain a carrier. You will see red acne ish spots on your arms and chest if you are a carrier.

    If you experience Rhinophyma (enlargement of the nose) or acne on the nose and around that has a dry crusty residue you are likely suffering from Demodex mites. You need to get Ivermectin online. Accutane will reverse Rhinophyma and hpv warts. Everything I am saying here is at your own risk. I am not a doctor. I went to three different doctors about all these issues – 9 out of 10 of them are absolutely worthless just completely worthless.

    This johnny bravo looking guy in the jre podcast is a carrier for staph. If he does not do the triple antibiotic ointment in the nostrils 2x a day for 30 days and run high levels of zinc for a couple weeks he will be a carrier for life. Everything ive said here is at your own risk. I am not a doctor again they are worthless. If you are dealing with other conditions research witch hazel, tea tree oil and green tea ointment. This guy said he gets staph every 6 months – he is a carrier. That is not normal even for athletes.

  26. I feel like, if a group of doctors misdiagnose a patient, and then another doctor gets it right, they should immediately receive a breakdown of the corrected charts so they can learn and improve. But those doctors probably have no idea they were wrong, and are just going to continue messing people up.

  27. I have been suffering from similar issues for like 2 years because of antibiotics. I got more information from this than any doctor I have asked. It is definitely a really serious issue that just gets misdiagnosed or undiagnosed.

  28. this reminds me of that time i kept getting ass rashes so i kept washing my ass trying to make it go away
    stopped washing my ass and the rash went away
    my ass smells now but at least it doesnt hurt

  29. My doctors crashed my whole gut health with antibiotics. Large intestines, ulcer, stomach crashed. Lost 50lbs in 5 months.
    Naturopathic doctor is a good start to clarity to personal health, the rest is up to you.
    I'm 80% better.

  30. Do those soaps mentioned kill mat herpes too? I can never forget when I learned that you can catch mat herpes on your skin from wrestling and rolling on those mats. Sooo nasty.

  31. So tablet form anabolic steroids ruined my boys stomach he had to have parts removed….just saying Gordon no doubt juiced to bulk 40lbs of muscle in a years time gtfooh

  32. my stomach problems started around 4 years ago. it was bad! i would wake up every night sick. the symptoms were endless also. long story short about two years ago i bought kefir, and drank that every day, with a combination of gasx and it worked. although not back 100% im certainly a whole lot better now.


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