‘The most beautiful metro in the world’ – BBC News

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St Petersburg-born photographer Alexander Dragunov took the BBC on a tour of Stockholm’s metro system, and showed off some of his favourite stations on the network.

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Comment (189)

  1. the first one looking like hell is not that beautiful, sure stylish. The rock finishing  ones look creative but probably requires a panic attack button installed every 10 meters as it really looks realistic and unstable for a raw rock finishing. Although it's pleasing eyes. He should have shown more of his work.

  2. Stockholm's subways are a pretty good metaphor for its people – cold, empty, and  buried deep. I commuted through many of the stations showed in this video, they don't bring back many happy memories. Glad to be out!

  3. OMFG! I stopped here just because I have had reoccurring dream for a few years of black pyramids with a red sun on the horizon with a white road going as far as you can see. Almost identical to that mans pic of the subway cave at the very beginning! I shit you not, that's got me wigged out a little now…I'm speechless….WTF does it mean?!!! WOW.

  4. I like in Moscow, we have a lot of beautiful stations here as well. But this blew up my mind! I want to visit every station in Stockholm to see that!

  5. I love how empty they can be, silence and isolation in a place usually crowded and noisy.
    Being alone in a place you expect to be so busy must give the feeling of being the only one in the world, for a brief moment.

  6. Stockholm metro is pretty good. Most of these stations exist on the blue line, however, the red and green lines don't have quite the same number of attractive stations (most are far more utilitarian). The worst station of all is T-Centralen at the Green and Red line platforms. It certainly doesn't seem unique, clean or attractive then. The other bad side about the subway system here is that you often get a lot of water leakage in the cave stations that make them feel damp (and result in water damage of the surface). Couple that with the poorer lighting on these cave stations and sometimes they can feel a little unsafe. 

  7. Looks empty on this film, but I did some counting. Last year, Stockholm had 328 million passengers on a 105 km network. London Underground had 1.23 billion passengers on 402 km. Giving just above 3 million passengers per km and year in both systems.

  8. So beautiful and majestic metro system ,at the level of Wonderful
    Stockholm and the civilized Swedish people . I wish to find the same
    system in Paris and the other French cities .

  9. For all of to know, the Metro of Stockholm is the biggest art gallery in the world. In Sweden we have this thing. If we would expand the Metro (which we R doing right now), while the planers is doing their job to build more, the artistes is planing how the stations will look like and what art, and type of art they will show in every station. They work hand in hand. Every station has a theme that correlates with what is happening around the area of the station.

  10. BLUE
    Solna centrum
    Solna strand
    Sundbybergs centrum metro


    Tekniska högskolan

  11. I mean to be fair, only some of the stations look like this, mainly on the ''blue'' line (COUGH GHETTO COUGH) were as the ''red'' and ''green'' lines are more above ground with pretty simple stations.

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  13. You opened my eye´s. Have always looked at the subway as something necessary evil to take me from point A to point B. I have never looked at the subway as a art exhibition.

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