The lion, tiger and bear family – Animal Odd Couples: Episode 1 Preview – BBC One

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 More about this programme: Liz Bonnin is amazed by the displays of affection she witnesses between a Black Bear named Baloo and his best friends Leo the lion and Shere-Khan, a 12 year old Bengal Tiger.

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  1. As cubs, they belonged to a drug dealer who did not properly care for the animals. Eventually, they were rescued by Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia. The three boys had experienced great neglect early in life and had become very dependent on one another as a result. When the staff at Noah’s Ark separated them, due to concerns that they would fight, the three became moody and uncooperative. The staff reunited them, and they have been living happily together for the last 12 years.

  2. A male tiger would probably kill the bear with the lion then kill the lion or kill the lion and then kill the bear either way the male tiger would be eating good twice.

  3. One can see how tiger looked small (don't know if it was female) against the bear, while the lion (definite female, no mane) looked quite large against the bear. Lion is really the king of beast.

  4. i think if you raise animals together, they can become friends, just like humans. keeping in mind animals have different personality's and some may not get along with others, just like humans too

  5. "The bear is the boss, Leo the lion falls in the second then Shere-Khan's a little….you know..he's a little wild child"

    Sounds like my erotic furry novel.

  6. Wow its like a glimpse into the beginning, when everything lived in perfect harmony.  That is until Lucifer became Satan and arrived on the scene.  Now everyone's under the curse and following the dark one.  But soon all things will be restored; my Master has a plan that takes all of history to play out and this generation won't last, it'll be cut short. Then things will again be as they once were.

  7. There is nothing surprising about this. If you put babies of almost any species (even humans) together and raised them into adulthood they tend to get along. Separation and environment helps creates boundaries and misunderstandings.

  8. I don't wanna see it happen because it would get bloody in a second, but I wonder who would win if they went at it!? I would put money on the tiger. Pretty much every video online of tigers fighting with lions, the tiger is whoopin that ass. The bear though, I don't know. Both have freakish strength but the tiger is more agile and faster.

  9. I love these animals, very happy go lucky, cute, cuddly and friendly, what a powerful friendship inside an invincible brotherhood with proof of a story resulting being rescued from an evil drug dealer by the buisness department and brought into a Zoo for their newest home for life.
    Baloo Bear: Older sibling
    Shere Khan Tiger: middle sibling
    Leo Lion: Younger sibling


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