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Manhattan’s West Fourth Street basketball courts are where former NBA stars like Stephon Marbury, Rod Strickland and Jayson Williams played. Even if you don’t see these players here now, you’ll still witness some of the best street ball in the city on these courts, known as the Cage. It earned its nickname because it’s fenced in on all sides. “If you can’t master this court, you really can’t play nowhere else,” local high school coach Gregory Hillman told The Washington Post on a steamy July night. No matter what time of day you pass the Cage, you can easily spend hours mesmerized by the energy of local players hustling during a game of pickup basketball. And if you ever have the urge to prove your skills, in the words of one longtime tournament organizer, just put your name up on the list and shout, “I got next!” The courts are open year-round, but the best games are seen between May and August when the West Fourth tournament takes place. Read more:

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  1. On these courts I have seen fist fights following hard fouls, with punches landed in faces, and minutes later the ball is back in play with both parties still on the floor and guarding each other. If you're nostalgic for pro basketball 1980/90s style, it's not to be missed. Every tourist who is a bball fan should put it on their itinerary.


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