The Last Escape

An American officer joins British soldiers trying to rescue a German scientist from the Nazis.

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  1. I'm against abortion but I still understand bad breeding is a bad thing to complete idiots do not create a stable child Joe Biden and Nancy Pulaski are living proof of that talk about parents they should have had an abortion don't get me wrong I just know what I'm seeing and I've been seeing that a lot many times even back when I was in first grade I said God please don't let that person breed you ever notice stupid people breed faster than intelligent people

  2. This movie is so much b***** English never did daylight bombing enable if they did the English were not that accurate I give this movie 9 thumbs down I always have entertainment purposes only

  3. Total B.S. & Malarky!

    von Braun CAME to us!

    On his BICYCLE

    50 miles from Peenuemunde!

    Pomeranian Coast

    On the Baltic Sea

    Operation PaperClip was our search for

    Reich scientists and engineers of all kinds

    Rockets, Jets, Submarines, Nukes..



  4. 4:53 .. with guns blazing he really broke into a Swan Dive 😳 guess that’s what it do without stunt men.. actors can’t afford to ge hurt.. but makes for a terrible scene 🤷‍♂️

  5. 🌟🌟🌟Pretty animated war movie. Lots of action and a frustrated nazi Obersturmbannfhürer always a step behind of the sabotaging allied paratroopers, rescuing a rocket scientist 🚀.


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