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Bob Bretall has read every single one of his over 129,000 comic books. He currently has the largest collection of unique comic books in the world, and he continues to grow this collection every week. Bretall started collecting a child, and he doesn’t just look for comic books. He had art, figurines and everything else to do with the comic world. In this episode of The Vault, Bretall explains where he got his passion for all things superhero and comic strip.

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Comment (220)

  1. THIS is how you establish a great collection… purchase what you love. Read the books and enjoy the hobby. Forget all the stupid speculation, and remember why comics were so great in the first place.

  2. Wow! You have a wonderful collection. I could spend days looking over your collection . I would eat my Saturday morning sugar loaded cereals and have the tv playing all my favorite 60's cartoons! 😇🥰

  3. I mostly have hero comics but I also have obscure comics people never heard of at comic shop I go to araknis , widow, some horror comics jason Freddy chainsaw like fine like Myers comic

  4. Awesome!!! I started reading comics when I was 15, to this day I love going to the comic shop every Wednesday and buying my new issues, I'm 42 now. I've introduced the hobby to my friends and cousins and their kids.

  5. BTW, it looks like BB might have many of his books lingering in old school poly bags, which are non-archival and not oil resistant. He really needs to make the upgrade to strictly mylar bags, pronto!

  6. i really need to get all my collection set up in one place, have ot in 5 buildings, over 400 screen used props from marvel movies, and just about everything seen here, minus the statues, love it all, bit all these collections lack movie props, which would really add to the wonder of it

  7. Now THIS is awesome!!!! I have about 400 in my collection. Still, I sincerely doubt I could collect as many as you have (not as much money 😅.) Good luck with the continued collecting.

  8. I got married under age at 9 years well that's married to comic books 😁👍 back in the seventies the Stan the man Lee era where Marvel surely was and shall remain still the house of ideas 😊😉👍

  9. Some years ago a man had his gigantic collection of original MAD magazine art on display at a museum in Orange County, California. A few years later he died and his family auctioned off all of the art so it is now scattered to the four winds. The same thing happened when Ray Bradbury died and his 60 year collection of original art (much of it from his own stories published over the years) was auctioned off by his family. Put in a museum? Not when there's money to be made!!!

  10. There are various things i look for when considering buying a comic, one of the strongest ones for me is cover art I love and the good asian variant cover we got a glimpse of in this video instantly made me want that particular book and see what else the series has to offer. I really enjoy those love at first sight moments.

  11. Nice to see someone who ENJOYS the medium for the LOVE and not just
    Market reports and investment. Imagine buying 30 to 40 new comics a week,
    Hope he gets a decent discount….

  12. I think a comic book dealer does not qualify for the Guinness book record.
    Also I believe the only true personal books that Chuck had were the SPIRITS
    From the 40s and Red Raven #1, both of which he sold to fund his giant
    Warehouse. Not sure how many new comics Chuck still reads if any.
    This guy sold venture to Mike High and meet Chuck, would make a nice

  13. if mile high comics has over ten million comics in one store, how can a collection of only 129,000 be referred to as the largest collection of comics in the world???

  14. Si tiene una colección que solo le queden dos rompa un sólo de los dos y haga lo público al hacer lo con cámaras en vivo con perioditas me gustaria ayudarlo pero soy una loca

    Like him having all those comics, action figures, Replica's is so amazing
    Its like my room on steroids

  16. Dang. I had to stop buying comics when I ran out of room to store them. I only have about 48,000. (Approximately 160 jam-packed longboxes.)
    Of course I also have a near-complete collection of DC Archives and Marvel Masterworks hardcovers. And about 300 omnibuses. No more room!

  17. Hopefully he's using a phone app like CLZ to track all of this. I've used it for my collection for about 5 years and it's WONDERFUL. There's dozens of features that make tracking your metrics for personal and insurance purposes really easy (such as CGC/CBCS grade) AND it links to a desktop version of the app for tracking under any circumstances. I use their game, comic and movie apps and I've always been HIGHLY satisficed. They also have others for books and music if you have passions for them as well. I constantly recommend the CLZ apps to other collectors, but nobody ever takes my advice because I'm not a big YouTube name with a following in the thousands…

  18. Just my 2 cents but, if you didnt cut up a comic when you were a kid, that you now regret, then you weren´t really living your childhood with comic books. 🥰

  19. Pretty sure dude that owns mile high comics has over 12 million comics. This guy's collection is like one row in his 65k sq ft warehouse in denver.


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