The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Reviewed!

Steve and Meg review the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire!


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Comment (703)

  1. They left one of my favorite parts from the book out of the movie. Haymitch is possibly my favorite character, and they skipped the part where Katniss and Peeta watch past Hunger Games recordings to prepare, and we get to see Haymitch be fuckin badass in the previous Quarter Quell!

  2. honestly felt the movie was rushed and basically was a repeat of the first with subtle differences and lame twist ending, no character develpoment and makes Katniss seem like heartless nieve bitch 😛 i did read the first book but decided to wait for the movie of the second one because i did like the first movie that much and wanted to be surprised in the second movie, to no avail, the story was very predictable and overall just bland :/ there wasnt even a feeling of survival in this movie, just felt like an action movie with bland scenes of unsurprising relation development :/ overall, bleh, wish i didnt see in XD and just waited to rent it

  3. The things that got me a lot was how much better the camerawork in the second one was so much better than the first, the camera shake was way too much in the first movie and it made parts of it unenjoyable to me. Also, the casting in the second is perfect, I don't think I would change any of the actors

  4. I think it's fake cause in the first hunger games haymitch said they love to see ppl in love from the same district. plus if the pregnancy was real the baby would have been dead cause katniss was running and jumping and falling in catching fire so it has to be fake

  5. Am I the only one that thinks Hunger Games would have been SO MUCH BETTER as an HBO series? The movies are amazing, but imagine if each book got like a full season minimum? Also, depressed that we did not get to see any of the Second Quarter Quell = (

  6. Only 7 and 8/10?? No totally 9/10. But I forgot all about that scene with the two girls running away. That would have been cool, but the movie would hv been 3 hrs long

    The biggest book-to-movie change that annoyed me was the omission of the past victors wins, especially Haymitch's. I feel like we barely know Haymitch as it is, and knowing he won by using something the Capitol made against them was awesome! That they didn't even mention it, that he was almost the original hg rebel, kind of upset me.

  8. You should do a review for my book series, "Kingdom of Abel." 🙂 It's similar in genre. I would be sooo appreciative if you did! I'd give you a free copy of the first book! Let me know!

  9. Haven't seen this yet, but the hunger games was terribly written. Why does everyone in district 12 look normal while there is a famine? why does Peeta work in a cake shop during a famine? How is she able to volunteer? couldn't a district have one guy build himself into a super soldier over a year and than volunteer so he is almost guaranteed to win? why did they release wolves at the end? Wouldn't they have been able to kill everyone, making it anticlimactic for the rich viewers? Hope this one is better.

  10. Fun fact: Katniss is not a made up name, it is the name of a type of plant which is also known as (get this) Arrowhead. Named so, because of the shape of the leaves… which resemble arrowheads. Cool little reference to her affinity for the bow, but more than that her sister is named Primrose, which is another type of real plant.
    Also, I totally agree with you both on this review.

  11. Josh is cute but he is kind of a jerk. I met him he came to my school and was pretty self absorbed, and also he is so short. He is only 5"6 and that is my height and Jennifer Lawrence is so much taller than him.

  12. What I didn't like about the book is what Meg mentioned; it was about 2/3 political drama and 1/3 action at the end. Sure the drama in the second book is way better than in the first and so is the action but the first book is structured way better. The first book is so good because there is little drama and a lot of action. Francis Lawrence knows this and thats why he made the movie half and half. He fixed the ratio without sacrificing much of the books original structure.

  13. The arena wasn't even half the movie. I know because an hour into the movie the bulb when out at my theater. Took a half hour to replace it, and then another hour to finish the movie. We hadn't got into the arena before the projector broke.

    Katniss wasn't sure about Gale in the beginning and Peeta during the games. It was just like the book where she just wanted to get her family out of D12 at the beginning and then thought Peeta deserved to live more than she did in the arena.

    Katniss is a plant. Edible for surviving in the wild.

  14. I agree and I'm disappointed as well that the major's daughter was not mentioned.

    The first book she gave Katniss that pin. 🙁 which is pretty symbolic.

    The second book like meg mentioned.

  15. Josh Hutcherson is an amazing guy and an amazing actor! Catching fire was amazing! as a film it was so close to the book, and so well filmed. I really can't wait to watch it again!

  16. I finally just saw the movie an I was not disappointed I thought it was great. In the group of 6 that I went with, I was one of 4 that read the book and I thought it was amazing. The order two who haven't read the books also liked it (one of which didn't even know about the first one lol)

  17. If they could make the entire series into an anime, that would be THE BEST way to portray everything!  You could put in all of the little things from the book, have enough time to actually feel, and see all the cool action.  It really bugged me how the sky in the arena was never pink because that what stood out to me the most in the book when thinking about the scenery, but they could do that in anime.  I would pay serious money to see that happen.

  18. @Michael Duddy Actually I loved CF and MJ due to the political drama hahaXD. But then it is personal preference hehe. I think the political drama is really what makes the action part cause a bigger impact on readers and movie hehe. I mean like there are parts due to the political drama before that really hit me and made me feel very extreme like anger and sadness. But then again like I said personal preference matters ^^^

  19. I totally agree wif Meg ALOT of parts were missing which I dunnoe kindda 'ruined' so called the movie for me. I mean like the book was VERY VERY VERY descriptive and there was a movie playing in my head and I was REALLY looking forward to the film. But I was kindda disappointed with it. I mean the hobby part oso was missing n it wldnt explain why Peeta painted Rue. And I read it a yr ago but I still noticed a lot of missing stuff haha ^^ great review though hehe love u guys ^^^

  20. As much as I enjoy SourceFedNerd I must say that I find these reviews are very weak. There is very little criticism or analysis of the films. They simply recite the plot and discuss whether or not they like the acting/performances. 

  21. The part they missed out that really annoyed me was that they never even mentioned the peacekeeper Darius who got turned into an avox because he went to the Hob, and how they never mentioned the fence being electrified so they couldn't go hunting anymore.

  22. I WANTED THEM TO TELL HAYMITCH'S STORY! Also I wish they cut to black right after the second to last line because that's how I read it in the book (no spoils). And also they could have made a LOT of good jokes about the baby but that was never brought up again. But all in all I think they did a pretty good job of making the book a movie. Definitely a million times better than the first movie! However, I feel like if you really love the books this may be one you want to watch at home or with some hard core fans because I feel like some people were laughing when I was crying (I cried a total of 3 times).

  23. My biggest gripe with the movie is that they didn't really show Katniss and Peeta progress in their relationship. This is the book where it really progressed, and you don't really get why you should care about him in the movie. In the third book (spoiler alert), you don't see much of Peeta, so their relationship should really have been built up more in this movie (I had the same complaint for the first movie). I totally get that you have to cut things out, but I think the relationship stuff (especially on the train) was lacking.

  24. I degree with Meg with the 20% being the lead up and the rest of the movie is the arena thing. The Hunger Games didn't actually start until like 1 hour 15 minutes into the movie. Also one of my complains about this video is that, review the movie irrespective of how you felt about the book. I mean most of the review was like 'This scene was better in the movie and not that good in the books' or 'This part was missing from the movie which was an important part of the book'. So yeah that's just the only complaint I have with this video.  

  25. I wouldn't say they go straight into the area in this movie like Meg was saying.  A good half of the movie is everything leading up to the area and the last half is the area itself.  Right about 50/50 in my opinion.  Regardless, I loved the book and loved the movie.  

  26. My biggest pet peeve was the fact the timeline was changed prior to the games. Snow makes the twist of the Quell announcement weeks before the reaping, giving time for Katniss and Peeta and Haymitch to train and act like careers. Particularly what I missed was the fact they watched videos of the prior games and introduced the other victors/tributes at the same time. Readers get so much more backstory than what was provided in the movie. Also, they watch Haymitch's Quarter Quell, and you get to see why he's such a badass/tragic character. I feel that since he's a main character, you need that kind of foundation. 
    Also Meg, I'm totally in love with you, but the District 13-bound girls were from District 8, because they escaped in Peacekeeper outfits they made. 

  27. Steve how the hell did u not know he was in on it. I hadn't read the books yet finally sitting down and reading them and I knew from the second they danced together and he was introduced as the new game master.

  28. Spoilers. I didnt read the books and dont get me wrong I loved the movie they just gave too much of it away I think I could go on amd on but the girl jumping out to save peeta and him saying it looks like she sacrificed her self for me. Johanna cutting katniss on the arm was like duh. Heck katniss dance maybe I came back for you or what ever they were very bad at hiding alot in this movie but I really enjoyed it I hope the next ones really good as well

  29. I think many people also fail to realize this series is a critique on American culture. District one is a representation of privileged America, how convoluted and self absorbed we are while other, poorer country's are exploited to the point of slavery to sustain our wants. Just a thought.

  30. I can't recall if the prep team were in catching fire, I only say this because for me they play an important roll in the third book by showing the imperfection of the rebels, and shows that neither side is morally just in the war.

  31. SPOILER ALERT: why is nobody talking about peeta's leg?!?!? WTF?!?! In the book he had his leg amputated after the infection in the first one, that is why they fell at the beginning of the movie when peeta and katniss kiss, and that is why he ran slower than the rest of them in the arena. I read the book 4 years ago and still remember, and it still bothers me, a lot. plus, katniss was named after an edible flower her father used to find in the woods.

  32. I think Catching Fire did better than the first one simply because of perspective. When the first movie was released many people were basically clueless and wanted to immediately jump on the "oh it's just kids fighting to the death, it's another 'Battle Royal' type movie, how boring" bandwagon.   
    In this second movie, there is more focus on the "Districts vs The Capital" and the oppression under which the Districts live.  Plus this time the battle involves adults as well, so people have finally stopped trying to compare it to Battle Royal.

  33. Meg, you forgot to mention the part in the book where they watched past hunger game video's when they were getting ready and studying their opponents and stumbled across Haymitch's hunger game, which would have given more insight about him as well.  But yes, very good movie…7/8 out of 10.

  34. When I went to see it I had finished the second book the day before a lot of the conversations that took place where word for word in the book and though they left a few things out they hit on the major points I couldn't have asked for a better movie I think it should have gotten a better rating just saying -NAGR

  35. they didn't escape from distrist 11, they escaped from district 8 that's why they had the cloths of peaceceepers, because they make them in district 8

  36. This movie is stupid.  The first movie is stupid.  They're at the intellectual level of a 12 year old.  The author doesn't know what a human being is.  In real life there would be unstoppable outrage at the powers that be long before things ever got to this stupid comic-booky level

    The Roman gladiators were full-grown men; slaves and prisoners of war.  Not little girls, old grandmas, and a bunch of teenagers.  That's just stupid.  Humanity has some heart left

  37. I finally saw the film the other day. 
    It was honestly really good. Far better than the first. 
    Seeing PSH made me kind of sad. 

  38. I read the books and I give it a 4 out of 10. Maybe a 3. If you havent read the books, you easily could give it a higher number, as you have nothing to base your opinions from. The acting and the emotion wasnt there from Katnis. The first one was a 9! Yet, while watching Cathing Fire, I have thought many times how anyone who has NOT read the books could follow along with all the missing, rather important plot information. In a normal movie they obviously leave stuff out, what we are talking about is MORE than normal leave outs. Along with that slow first 30 minutes. It was lazy filming and lazy acting!! Pick up the books is my advice. I am surprised at how brainwashed everyone is in saying good things about this movie. It was lazy!!! Put down your smart phones and read once and awhile kids.

  39. Katniss didn't kill anyone, I think she portrayed so overreacted that she wins by killing but she wins cause loved but …… i think this movie is just plain….just like the 1st movie and for comparing with the books, movie stands alone and this movie just like hunger games, i mean i didn't knoww anything i didn't know before except the last scene

  40. I know I'm going to sound like a dweeb by saying this but the name Katniss comes from the name of a root that Katniss and her father would pick outside the district borders, after her father died she continued to hunt and gather food for her family, including the Katniss roots… I'm such a dork… 🙂


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