The Guns of Navarone

In this WWII spectacle, British intelligence learns that two enormous guns have been installed on the Aegean island of Navarone. The long-range field pieces are capable of destroying any British fleet trying to sail to Kheros, near Turkey, where a large British force is facing annihilation unless it is evacuated. It’s the job of Captain Mallory and a handful of men to land secretly on Navarone and dismantle the guns.

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  1. The amount of adds here is ridiculous. 2 of the richest people on the planet own this company, & those greedy socialist bastards have to put so many adds on a 2 1/2 hour movie that it's not worth watching.

  2. Great movie One of the best movies I've seen I just like to know one thing when Miller is arming the bomb he has grease all over his hands attaching and hiding the wires next scene he's running hides the rat his hands are cleaned and then he goes down the rope where did he clean his hands at acquiring minds want to know

  3. Masterpiece with a all star cast rip Gregory Peck he was a class act and never disappointed. Cape Fear, the Omen, To Kill a Mockingbird,,Mobydick, The Sea wolves ,The Boys from Brazil 🇧🇷 also David Niven and Anthony Quinn all excellent. Old Hollywood is my absolute favorite

  4. This is one of the best. I've waited a long time for this one, I'm surprised that they put it on. One quickly gets tired of all of the junk on here. We got lucky this time everyone. ***

  5. This was great movie!
    But I still say that the "Rocky & Bullwinkle" title… "The GUNS of ABALONE!" has a better 'Ring' to it!

    Just listen to the "Rocky & Bullwinkle" 'narrator' say, "The GUNS of ABALONE!"

  6. I remember watching this in the 60s and it is still a darn good movie after all those years yep 61 years ago and for those around then and alive now we are told we are just old that may be but we are old and much wiser and think with better minds

  7. Me too, I'm sure the other Comment's have covered everything I could possibly say. What a Great Movie it was & still is even today. The Cast & everything was Outstanding.
    Thank You so much for the opportunity too View it Again.

  8. If I was that cop I would have closed the placed and reported them to city hall and the courts for advocating hunger and death of those in need. Popeyes better be training employees to be more sympathetic, if they give that guy a free meal the would be commended not condemned

  9. Great story told by an outstanding cast.
    Say all you want about this wonderful computer generated special effects in the movies of the past 3 or 4 decades, but, for me, the movies made before 1980 will always be the best.

  10. There are so many things ihat go into the maing of a great film. This one had it all, whether it was a terrfic cast, great script,, but don't forget the great score by Dimitri Tiomkin. In his long career in Hollywood, this was probably Tiomkin's best. It captured the tensenessm right up to the blowing up of the guns.

  11. #94 I like to comment on German Coastal Defense Guns. The Big Mounts were covered with Blast Shields, Adolph's Guns in Norway, Lindeman Battery at the Hook of Holland, etc. These were not German Guns! They were Italian 320 mm. Battleship Guns. A very accurate weapon and deadly, too!

  12. 'Guns of Navarone' made so much money in 1961 that a knock-off movie called 'Guns of Darkness' was made the following year with David Niven in the lead. Niven was a outwardly more expressive actor than Gregory Peck, but even the former's slyly curated line readings couldn't save 'Darkness' from being the ludicrous 'action-packed' bore that it was, even with ample shots of co-star Leslie Caron's sensational dancer-horned bare legs during the chase scene through the swamp.

  13. Always has been one of my favorite movies since I first saw it, in the early 1970's. I suppose in reality however, the troops on the island could have been rescued by a fleet of flying boats.

  14. Saw this as an 8 yr. old, at the Palace Theater, in Windsor, Ontario……just released, it was considered to be the gold std. of WW 2 movies, and remains at that level of moving war dramas…to this day.

    Its not the set-up, the arrest, the Guns falling out of the mountain…….its the sirens on those RMS ships hailing the good work of the commandos. When those blasts of thanks ring out, the team knows its an applause. This mission was truly a big deal…………………..

    6 decades later, this mission, is still a big deal for me.

  15. British and German moves, 1943

    The Guns of Navarone describes how, in the late summer and early fall of 1943, the United Kingdom sends missions to many of the Aegean islands. Much of the British effort is led by elements of the Long Range Desert Group and the Special Boat Service (SBS). By September, British troops hold most of the big islands, with some garrisons at or above battalion strength. However, the British bypass Navarone as too strongly held by the Germans. According to one character, Navarone has the reputation of being “a grim, impregnable iron fortress.”[21]

    In the novel, the Germans refuse to accept the British occupation of the islands. The Sporades have little strategic importance. However, neutral Turkey is close by, and Germany cannot afford to appear weak in the eyes of the Turks. Elite German parachutists and mountain troops attack the British garrisons, as German dive bombers harry the enemy — the German hold absolute air supremacy in the Aegean. The British lose over 10,000 men during the onslaught. The Germans retake every island, with one exception. A British garrison of 1,200 men still holds out on Kheros. In November, near Athens, the Germans assemble an invasion fleet of caïques and E-Boats for the capture of Kheros. German air units, based on Samos, will support the fleet. MacLean mixes fact with fiction by referring to the fictional island of Kheros and the real island of Samos and the real city of Athens.[22]

    This aspect of the novel closely resembles the real campaign in the Dodecanese. The British did indeed try to wrest control of the islands from the Germans in 1943. The campaign included several elements mentioned in the novel, such as the British use of the SBS and the German use of paratroops and dive bombers. At the height of the campaign, a German invasion force fought and won a pitched battle for the British-held island of Leros.[23]

    MacLean uses his fictional version of the eastern Aegean to establish a premise of the novel, that the men on Kheros can be relieved only by going past Navarone. In order to save the Kheros garrison, the British Royal Navy organizes a squadron to steam north to Kheros. The ships have to reach the island and get back to base in a single night in order to avoid German air attack. As transport ships and tenders are too slow, the British can only use destroyers. Moving through the Lerades would be too dangerous because the Germans had mined the narrow passages, and going around the northern tip of the island group would take too much time. Hugging the Turkish coast would endanger diplomatic relations with Turkey. Because of these considerations, the British squadron can only take one passage, the clear channel between Maidos and Navarone.[24]

    The guns of Navarone

    However, the Germans had taken steps to ensure that such a move would be virtually suicidal. In the fortress cave overlooking the town of Navarone, they install two powerful artillery pieces. These are the “guns of Navarone,” the object of the raid that drives the plot of the novel. One character who sees them estimates that they are at least 12 inch guns. This artillery is radar-controlled, with the aid of two large scanners atop the fortress. The Germans enlarge the cave by blasting out volcanic rock from the rear of the formation. They install turntables for the guns and lift shafts for hoisting shells. In the fortress — the walls of which they topped with spikes and barbed wire — they build barrack blocks, a powerhouse, an ordnance depot, a garage, a water storage tank, magazines, senior officers quarters, and a ferro-concrete control tower for the guns. Twin rows of anti-aircraft guns protect the main battery. Searchlights and mortar and machine gun emplacements dominate each side of the harbor mouth. The heavy artillery battery dominates the Maidos channel. When the British 8-inch cruiser Sybaris tries to run the gauntlet in July, she is quickly sunk.[25]

    In addition to the installations in Navarone town, the novel has the Germans spread troops and set up checkpoints throughout the island. They maintain roadblocks on Navarone's only two roads. An important garrison holds Margaritha. The German compound includes a hut for the enlisted men and separate quarters for officers, and is surrounded by a barbed wire fence ten feet high. A guard post covers the head of the valley north of Margaritha.[26]

    Allied attacks on the guns

    The novel lists several British efforts to neutralize the guns. In September, commandos, including some from the Royal Marines, and SBS troops launch a large scale amphibious attack on Navarone. They are massacred. Twice in late October and early November, SBS teams parachute into the island. They are never heard from again. The Royal Air Force sends a squadron of Consolidated B-24 Liberator bombers to attack the guns, but the cave overhang thwarts the attempt.[27]

    These failures set the scene for the final attempt that is the subject of The Guns of Navarone. In November 1943, a small Allied unit of saboteurs launches a last-ditch attack on the guns, only a short time ahead of the German invasion of Kheros. Landing on the south coast, the Allied troops scale the high cliff, make their way to Navarone town, and demolish the German heavy guns with explosives. The coup leaves the way clear for the British naval squadron, led by the modern S-class destroyer H.M.S. Sirdar, to steam north and rescue the garrison on Kheros.[28]

  16. 12 Hundred Soldiers were evacuated from Kheros. They fought to the last man, and those who were put on the Destroyers, knew at once……..this isn't over. We've got to get out of here…..the book is a genuine bedside for a month.

  17. Back when movies told stories, these were the best. They would get top tier actors to play the role of the hero and villains both. No CGI was used it was done with models and the movies were great. Now days it is all about CGI and how much fantasy can be brought into them, or how much fiction can be used to make the movies "more interesting" . God how I miss these kind of movies today. People would not sitr in a theater for 2 hours plus now and it is very sad to see.

  18. Shades of the Ukrainian today. According to Mark:7, And when ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be;but the end shall not be yet”. It says that it shall come at a time that we won’t be expecting it. As it were a thief in the night.

  19. Oops 🙊 wrong 😑 move. They should have known that you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind 💨 you don’t rip the cape off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim. Doo, doo, doo doo, doo, doo. 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. One of the best Classic Heroic movie with All Star cast and Director and Tiomkin's music by London Symphony, Written screen play and Produced by Carl Foreman plus etc. All these extraordinary individuals made this great movie possible. This movie inspired me greatly at my youth to be focused on the matter in hand with all mighty you can and do not waste time. Thank You All very much.

  21. It is something I watched as a kid long ago. And continue to watch now and again more than 50 years on. It was then and still is now a very good movie. It does have it's whoopsies and some theatrical stuff however its held up all these years. I think they did not have a functioning battleship that could put that place out of order in a short time. But eh.

  22. Born in 1960, I had met many WW2 combat vets through our family and friends, I loved talking with these guys and even met a vet who was at Battle of the Bulge.. to hear there stories especially when a great film like was on and being so young, their stories always brought out the bravery, patriotism, ingenuity and the integrity of the men and women who served. Our family has had at least one person serve every generation from WW1 to Present day, including myself with 10 years active duty….

  23. why wouldnt they have just rammed the door with a Tiger tank or have a secret passage in Reminds me of Where Eagles dare get out the sledge hammers and pound Im sure they have an alarm to let them know the door is locked what kind of Hogans Heros mentality is that

  24. The Germans were stumblebums, the British were adept and cool, Peck was in shape for a vertical cliff climb after five years of inactivity, the six destroyers, their fastest warship, could not have run by two cannons that had to fire and reload and realign before they could make it through the strait. A little short on suspension of disbelief except it was a 1961 film after the novel was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in the Fifties'. The usual crisply delivered Gregory Peck role with the usual stumblebum Germans who fought an impossible war against impossible odds for five years and some months with nutcase Hitler in charge. (Peck's Academy Award from 'Mockingbird' was a fix because it was a statement movie.)


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